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volos sailing yacht charter

Volos Sailing Yacht Charter

Volos, one of the oldest settlements in Greece, attracts attention with its historical structure and port city. The most enjoyable way to explore this city in the ancient Magnesia region is sailing yachts. You can enjoy both the sea and the city by choosing Volos sailing yacht charter tours. Get ready to leave yourself to the wind in Volos. You will also have the opportunity to see all the structures with ancient architecture from afar in Volos, where you can explore every part of the city by watching. The city, which offers a great visual, makes Volos even more unique with the traces of the past. The beauty of the city, where old residential areas and modern architecture coexist, is not limited to this. The city, which has the distinction of being the oldest settlement in Greece, is also a port city. Therefore, with Volos sailing yacht charter services, you will be able to witness the visual feast of the city from the sea.

Volos, which has a different beauty at every moment of the year regardless of the season, also hosts museums, a cathedral and many historical buildings. We would like to make some suggestions about the activities you can do in Volos, whether you are traveling with a tour or individually. First of all, it is possible to see different insects, butterflies and dragonflies in Volos, which hosts the Entomology Museum, which is rare in places like it. Besides, St. Nicholas Metropolitan Cathedral is also located in the city, you will see the religious and historical building features.

Volos sailing yacht charter
Volos sailing yacht charter

Enjoy the City with Volos Sailing Yacht Charter Tour

The most fun and enjoyable way to relieve the tiredness of the whole year is undoubtedly the holiday. Especially if you go on a blue cruise, it is certain that you will return with high efficiency. Blue cruises, which are indispensable in the summer months, guarantee both a vacation and seeing new places. Greece, which is one of the places that everyone should see with its blue sea, white houses and unique cuisine, also welcomes its guests in the best way with sailing yacht charter services. Volos, which is one of the places where you can both vacation and visit, also provides the opportunity to watch the city from the sea with Volos sailing yacht charter. Commercial transport, yachts and cargo ships are located together in the port of Volos, which provides comprehensive marina service. Volos marina, which has a capacity of 133 sailing yachts and yachts up to 60 meters, offers yachtsmen the opportunity to moor, as well as electricity, drinking water, showers and security services. In addition, there are companies in the port where you can rent sailyachts.

Volos and Entertainment

Standing out with its close location to Greece, Volos also provides many opportunities for those who want to travel by sea. Having a very large marina, Volos also helps travelers easily meet their daily needs with ATM, wi-fi, electricity, cloth station, toilet, bathroom, restaurant and markets located in the marina. The marina hosts numerous chartered or private yachts. You can reach this marina in Volos, where you can also get sailing yacht service for rent, from the city center of Greece in 10 minutes, and you can easily complete your charter process.

Yacht tours, where you will experience the excitement of an unforgettable blue cruise, will make both you and your loved ones happy. You will also have the opportunity to find a sailing yacht for your needs in Volos, one of the most important and easiest yacht charter points in the world. You should definitely make a reservation and enjoy every part of the city before you take a vacation in Volos, which allows its visitors to have a pleasant holiday with its lush nature, unique bay and gulf. More comfort and living space on the sea with Volos catamaran charter. Chartered sailing yachts have all the safety equipment required by law. It also has commercial licenses for chartered sailing yachts. On the day of check-in, our team at the marina will fully introduce and deliver the chartered sailing yacht to you. You can reach us for support in all matters during your Volos sailing yacht charter cruise.