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salamina sailing yacht charter

Salamina Sailing Yacht Charter

Sailing yachts, which are very easy to use, are frequently used as a means of travel and transportation in the Greek islands. One of these islands is Salamina. Salamina, the largest island in the Saronic Gulf, is under the lens of tourists. Being close to Piraeus and Athens, the island is more preferred, and Salamina is also one of the regions where Salamina sailing yacht charter services are made the most.

Buildings from the Roman and Byzantine periods add a mysterious atmosphere to the island. You will have the opportunity to see such structures during your tours with sailing yachts. You can also explore the islands of Greece by determining the routes. If you want, you can join the tours that are organized frequently and vary between six and eleven people, or you can rent these sailing vehicles for a certain period of time and have a fun holiday alone with your loved ones. Safety is prioritized on yachts that provide service at the most affordable prices. Salamina was the candidate responsible for the port security of Athens, which was the first capital city, in ancient times. The crescent-shaped island has a strategic location. Its proximity to Piraeus and Athens is among its important features. The fact that there is no problem in transportation today depends on this. The port of Paloukia, located on the island, is called the second largest port in Greece, except for Piraeus. Its total population is over 39 thousand. The island, which is crowded in the summer months, is among the favorite places of tourists. During your Salamina sailing yacht charter tour, historical ruins will offer you unique views.

Salamina sailing yacht charter
Salamina sailing yacht charter

Salamina Sailing Yacht Charter – Salamina Marinas

Since the island is a port area, there are many marinas. In addition to the tour service in the marinas, the safety of the sea vehicles is provided. Marinas with maintenance and repair services are open 24 hours a day. It is home to many chartered or private yachts. During your charter yacht tour, you can meet all your needs at the marinas. One of the mentioned marinas is Salaminas. It is a place where you can have fun with the service team and sea tours. You can stop by the marina, which has heavy traffic, for a walk.

Pireaus harbor, where Salamina sailing yacht charter service is available, is home to a charming landscape. In addition, there are clubs in the ports. Salamis Yatching Club is one such example. You can go anywhere you want by renting a sailing yacht. But remember, you need a skipper’s license for this. The charter process varies on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. The price range, which varies according to the company you deal with, is prepared for every budget. Marina Patitiri is a small port compared to others. Those who come here have fun in the clean water of the Aegean. Small excursions are also organized. You can safely leave your yacht at the marina, which is open 24 hours a day. Another port is Galia. Besides walking on the beach, it acts as a shelter for many yachts. Salamina sailing yacht charter.

Places to Visit in Salamina

Salamina Archaeological Museum, which houses important remains from tools used during the liberation of the island to historical artifacts, attracts frequent visitors. The museum, which provides information about Greek soldiers, attracts great attention from locals and foreigners. Besides the museum, the monuments of Salamina island also arouse curiosity. Although transportation is a bit of a problem, seeing the abandoned monument will create different feelings.

You can visit Psili Ammos beach with Salamina sailing yacht charter. Its sandy beach and clean water greet visitors with its unique view. The smell of the pine forest on its left side combines with the natural wonder of the sea, creating a unique image. If you move a little further on the right part of the beach, you will encounter the temple of Faneromenis. Some areas of the beach are shallow. Ideal for families with children, this situation is one of the places preferred by those who want to relax. You can also fish in this region. You will witness the unique beauties of Kanakia beach with its pine forest and sunset. It is located in a small restaurant serving snack food and meals. But if you are returning for the day, you can take small snacks with you. It is a good idea to go to the beach early, which is quite crowded.

With Salamina catamaran charter options, you can have more private and spacious living spaces during your holiday. If you have the necessary license or sea experience, you can choose a sailing yacht for rent without a skipper. On the day of check-in, our technical team will introduce and deliver the yacht to you completely. Our Salamina sailing yacht charter models have all the necessary commercial licenses and safety equipment in full.