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gocek bareboat charter

About Gocek Bareboat Charter and Prices

Cold, rainy and even snowy days and intense work at the end of time you dreamed of the Gocek bareboat charter time came. Whether your charter date is in April or October The sun is ready to welcome you in Gocek while you are still living in Europe in Europe.

Gocek Bareboat Charter
Gocek Bareboat Charter

I already know that you say you already know these things but at the same time I am aware that your beautiful memories will come alive. It is not surprising that those who are going to Göcek for the first time, and even those who will experience the first captain, will be thrilled to reach the warm seas as soon as we read the article. Already our goal for the first time to come to that excitement and to come to know what to experience some unforgettable beauty.

Oceanis, Bavaria, Jeanneaui, Dufour or Hanse, you have already chosen your boat which you have already booked. Captain’s license was also taken, the passenger list is ready, the payments are okay, here it is time to get on the plane to get to the dalaman airport which is only 20 minutes away from Göcek. When you arrive at Dalaman, you can either ask for a taxi to get to the marina where the craft you are renting is bound to, or you can request a transfer from us earlier. After a short journey you will reach the marina.

Göcek is quite small as the center and population structure, but it has a quite big name in the world with the possibility of yacht tourism. Gocek houses many secluded villages for renting sailboats. Although it has many facilities such as accommodation, hotel and luxury restaurant, it attracts attention with its calmness. The Göcek Tunnel, located between Dalaman Airport, offers a very short access. Göcek Bay, Kaunos, Telmessos, Fethiye Museum, Tlos, Pınara, Letoon, Xanthos and Patara.

Yacht and boat tourism in Turkey, known first from Gocek, with hardware facilities and professional management has a world-class marina. The number of the marina is six. While the Göcek center has four beaches in the center, the other two are located in Göcek Büngüş bay. You can find detailed information about the coaches from the related links

Gocek Village Port (Marinturk) and Gocek Exclusive (Marinturk)

Both marinas belonging to the same company are located in northwest direction of Göcek.

Gocek Bareboat Charter – D-Marin Marina (Port Göcek Marina)

Approximately 200 on the land and about 370 in the marina can be connected to the marina, the world’s 3rd largest wave is located. One of the Göcek beaches belongs to D-Resort Gocek and has the possibility to use with daily price payment.

Gocek Bareboat Charter – Skopea Marina

Skopea Marina is located in the center of Gocek and is in close proximity with all the business and social facilities that yacht tourism needs on land.

Gocek Municipality Marina

The marina with wooden and concrete scaffolding can serve up to 150 boats. Boat-owned agency offices to meet you are already in the marina. You arrive at the marina and the agency official arrives to meet you in a few small steps. You can pay the transitlog and the end cleaning payment to the agency under the service pack name, except for the charter fee that you pre-paid with our broker. A formal release document containing names of those to be found on the boat taken from the Transitlog port headquarters. If you are an agency officer, your captain’s license will require your passports and will be ready within an hour if you are going to go abroad. Once you are ready, you will deliver the documents to you and you will have to carry these documents with you during your stay. Check-in time is usually 17.00 but it may be earlier if the boat is ready. You can complete your shopping by this time. Payments have been made, official transactions and check-in are complete, as you can see on the map of Gocek to reach the unique coasts of Göcek with the blue waters and lush pine forests, it is almost like a cove paradise. We have created a route from these paradise banks.

Eğri Çam Koyu

It is a fairly small bay just north of İnceburun. Access by land is possible.


There is a pebble beach just behind the water supply facility.


Up to 20 boats can be connected to the boat with the possibility of water supply, 220 v electricity can be provided. There is a road connection to Dalaman.

Taskaya Bay (Bedir Rahmi Bay)

It offers a magnificent view from the top of the rocky tombs and remains of the Lycian period.

Bedir Rahmi takes this name because of EYÜPOĞLU’s fish painting on a rock during a tour.

Göcek Sailboat Charter – Sarsala Bay

The bay, which is accessible even by taxi waiting on the shore, is 16 km away from Dalaman Airport.

There are beaches and cafés run by the Dalaman municipality. The summer is quite crowded.


Door Bay

At the exit from the marina, you can first stop at Kapi Bay, one of the monasteries located on the southwest corner of Göcek Bay. (The other bay is known as Hamam bay). One of the biggest advantages of Gocek land is the connection and restaurant service just like marinade. At Door Bay, we offer Wall Bay resorant with unique tastes. You can have a nice meal and you can spend the night here after dinner.

Kalevezi Bay Soğuksu Harbor

While 17 nautical miles it is possible to sail in the 20-25 knot wind in this direction while heading to Kalevez. When you get out of the gate of the pig island, you will meet with the wind and a little waves. When you have cold water, you can swim in cold water as you can make it a bit of an ass and if you have the courage. The water coming from the rocks is quite cold and it mixes with the sea and also the place where the daily gulets are frequented. For that reason, it is useful to come out in the evening after leaving the gulets and leave before they arrive in the morning. In the evening you can have a nice meal in the restaurant

Gobun Koyu

Gocek is the most protected structure among the koyll. The bay, which is protected against all kinds of weather conditions, is one of the places that pass the winter for the boats. The restaurant is also a unique feast.

Gocek Bareboat Charter – Shipyard Bay

Situated on the north-west of Tersane Island, the largest island of Gocek Bay, the bay is quite narrow and has a kind of channel. It is the place where the daily boat is frequented.

Yassıca Islands

It is a region of large and small islands with a very sheltered structure that fascinates with day and night atmosphere.

Gocek Island Great Bay

It is as if the sun was created to taste the sunset in the presence of silence.

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