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Gocek catamaran charter

Gocek Catamaran Charter

Enjoy a holiday experience in Gocek with advantageous discount prices of our Gocek catamaran charter fleet where takes a place in Turkey’s new season blue cruise center. You can contact our experienced team of catamaran s 24/7 to get information about catamaran charter models with 3-4 cabins, with or without a skipper, suitable for your budget. It is especially useful to book early to take advantage of discounted prices. For more options, this could be a reason for preference.

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You do not need to go to the Caribbean, which is farther away, to reach the deep blue and clear seas that are like a natural pool. Much closer to your home, Gocek is located in the Aegean Sea between Fethiye and Dalyan. Gocek is one of the best charter sailing destinations in the world with its turquoise sea and numerous coves covered with pine forests. In addition to their beauty, Gocek bays are considered to be one of the most important rental/charter catamaran destinations because they are quite sheltered for rental/charter catamaran s against natural conditions such as wind, storm and the like. Sailors who prefer a Gocek catamaran charter holiday, who are experienced in the region very well, add Gocek to their routes every year.

Gocek catamaran charter
Gocek catamaran charter

The 12 Fethiye Islands surrounding Gocek are also an extraordinary catamaran charter destination where you can anchor for a few hours and snorkel or dive. In addition to its natural beauties and sheltered bays, Gocek is a very important region for seafarers with its charter catamaran , catamaran maintenance, marina, repair and spare parts service capacity. Gocek is only 25 minutes from Dalaman Airport and 20 minutes from Fethiye. We can say that the only income of the region, which is quite small, is the charter catamaran , sailboat and catamaran sector. Since the local people are only engaged in this sector, their boating culture is highly developed. This development makes the region one of the world’s important maritime destinations. Skopea Marina is at the first entrance to the city. It is one of the 3 largest marinas in the region.

The marina is located in the middle of the Gocek city, just behind the market center with restaurants. There are mostly mega yachts and catamaran s for private use. It is not a marina preferred by charter / rental catamaran s. Parking for your vehicle is also available around the marina. There is a restaurant, resting places and swimming pool within the facility. Founded in 1989, Turkey’s first private marina marina carries the title. It is one of the 2 marinas that can serve mega yachts in Gocek. The other two marinas are more important for our guests who will reach the region with the charter catamaran s in our Gocek catamaran charter fleet. Now let’s give some information about these Gocek marinas.

Gocek Catamaran Charter – Marinas In The Area

Marintürk Gocek Village is located in Büngüş Bay to the west of Port Skopea Marina. It is a marina frequented by charter and private catamaran s and chartered catamarans in summer. The boats of some charter companies are located in this marina like our fleet. You can get information about which catamaran s are in this marina by taking a look at our fleet. The marina also has a large capacity land park and boatyard. Hotel, swimming pool, tennis court and restaurant services are also provided for charter boat sailors.

Gocek D Marin is right at the entrance of Gocek city if you reach the area from Fethiye. It is one of the most modern and luxurious marinas in the region and even in the world. It provides mooring, electricity and water services to mega yachts as well as charter n private catamaran boats. There is also a paid beach in the marina. The beach has become a brand in the world with its sand brought from Egypt. It is a popular marina that European and Istanbul high society add to their route plans every year. Some of the catamarans in our Gocek catamaran charter fleet are located in this marina. If you want a luxurious and comfortable catamaran holiday, our expert team will be at your service. You can also browse our page for Bodrum catamaran charter options and find the most suitable catamaran charter.

Why Is Gocek the Best Catamaran Destination?

Gocek is one of the most important charter destinations with an average temperature of 24-30 ° C and the long season between March and November. While the charter catamaran season in Croatia and Greece has closed, Gocek still welcomes its catamaran charter guests who take a charter catamaran holiday with its warm weather and sea. All of its bays are protected from weather conditions. Almost in most of the bays, mooring, electricity, water n restaurant services can be provided for charter and private catamaran s. While the area is sailing, it generously offers wonderful calm seas, beautiful sunshine and gentle winds that are perfect for any sailing ability.

About Gocek Route

Based on the experiences of both our own n our charter Gocek catamaran charter guests, a 1-week catamaran charter in Gocek is never enough. At the end of the tour, we must have heard that many sailors said “I wish we had a tour for 2 weeks”. It is useful to take a look at an exemplary route in order to get to know the region better n create routes for sailors who are inexperienced in charter catamaran s. Do not make a Gocek catamaran charter plan without checking the routes on our page. Otherwise, you might miss the hidden beauty. For a 1-week charter ed catamaran tour, Gocek bays alone are sufficient. The coves surrounding Gocek, located in the Gulf of Fethiye, form a lace-like structure, each uniting with the harmony of unique Gocek nature. There is no place in the world where you can find many different shades of green and blue other than Gocek bays. You can click for our other page, Fethiye catamaran charter fleet page.