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nikiti catamaran charter

Nikiti Catamaran Charter

Nikiti, which was known as a residential area in the past, now stands out with its seaside resort. It is considered among the places where those who love yacht holidays will find peace. With Nikiti catamaran charter, you can go to the places of Greece where you can enjoy delicious food, visit the village of stone houses and see the architecture of St. Sofronius, the ancient Christian basilica with mosaic floors. Nikiti will give you unforgettable moments with its exquisite view.

Nikiti is divided into two parts and offers many sightseeing opportunities in the city. In the first part it is called Old, in the second part it is called New, Touristic Nikiti. Nikiti, which stands out with its geographical location, wins people’s appreciation with its sandy beaches. In the north, there are pine trees and olive groves. Nikiti provides a peaceful holiday with the harmony of blue and green in the south and north. It appeals to many people with its different landscapes, beaches, ancient structures and architecture. Standing out with its touristic places, Nikiti teaches a culture with its deep-rooted past. Those places and activities that you can put on your route while on a Nikiti catamaran charter vacation!

Nikiti Catamaran Charter – Places to Visit in Nikiti

Agios Nikitas Church: If you are one of those who want to learn the history of the place while on vacation, you should definitely see this church. Built in 1870, Agios Nikitas is located on a hill. Just below the hill, there is a school belonging to the church. The school has now been renovated and turned into the Nikiti History and Folklore Museum.

Sofronions Basilica: Another touristic place you can visit in Nikiti. It is one of the archaeological sites from Sithonia. Sofronions Basilica has a history of 1600 years. This church is protected by a fence and is not always open to the public. The main attraction in the Basilica of Sofronions is the mosaic floor. If the architecture catches your attention, you can add it to your holiday route. Masterful works of art from the early Christian period of the Roman Empire are also located here. It is a very interesting and informative place for a cultural and historical trip. We recommend you to visit these historical places during your Nikiti catamaran charter tour.

Diving centers: If you enjoy spending time with the water during your vacation, this is the place for you! With the increase in diving activities in Greece, diving centers were opened in Nikiti. You can go diving with your loved ones and collect unforgettable memories by going to these centers built for tourists.

September 15 Events: On September 15, which is considered the feast day of St. Nikitas, a parade is held in the streets of the village. On this day where celebrations and entertainment are plentiful, the streets of Nikiti offer unforgettable hours to their visitors with their exquisite views.

Nikiti catamaran charter
Nikiti catamaran charter

Nikiti Cuisine

If you want to experience the local dishes of the places you go, you will love Nikiti’s delicious cuisine! It gains the appreciation of its visitors with its different dishes, desserts and local flavors obtained from seafood. We have listed a few dishes that you can enjoy on your Nikiti catamaran charter vacation! The lobster dish, which is flavored with local flavors in Astakomakarona, is served as a main dish with pasta. The dish includes lobster added to pasta cooked with cinnamon, olive oil, onions, cloves, tomatoes, parsley and wine. This taste, which is a combination of carbohydrates and seafood, is one of the flavors you should definitely taste when you come here, thanks to its special local spices.

Bakaliaros is one of the famous local flavors made on special occasions. The main ingredient of the dish is fresh cod, which is in season. The Island Restaurant manages to be one of the best options to try Bakaliaros. Olive ice cream Greece’s olive oil production and olive trees have influenced the ice cream shops here. Olive ice cream, which is made from the natural olive oils of the region, is appreciated in hot weather with its refreshing structure and local taste. This ice cream, where the dose of sugar is not much and organic milk is used, is a very famous dessert. During your Nikiti catamaran charter holiday, spice up your tour with Mediterranean cuisine!

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