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mykonos catamaran charter

Mykonos Catamaran Charter

Mykonos is located in the Aegean Sea and is from the Greek islands. Mykonos Island, which is 175 km away from Greece, resembles a fairy tale land. With its white-washed houses with blue doors and windows and the geraniums hanging from the balconies, Mykonos creates a true Mediterranean breeze. This unique holiday region awaits you with Mykonos catamaran charter models. This cute little islet in the Aegean Sea is like a fairy tale land where white and sea blue are blended. Many people come here for sightseeing. Air and sea routes are generally used to come to Mykonos Island. The most preferred option of people who will pass through Turkey is sea transportation. For this reason, our guests prefer the Mykonos catamaran charter holiday. The journey, which starts over Turkey with catamarans, takes approximately 6-7 hours.

About Mykonos Catamaran Charter Holiday

Catamarans provide a different holiday experience for you. These holiday boats, which have a high comfort area, are in a structure that allows a high person capacity and does not compromise on their comfortable style at the same time. It has many cabins and each cabin has a toilet and a bathroom. There are also enough nightstands and cabinets to be needed in each cabin. The equipment in it meets all your needs during the holiday. Fridge TV etc. In addition, the captain and staff cabins are located away from our guests’ cabins.

Thus, our guests on the Mykonos charter catamaran holiday will not be disturbed. Because of this feature, catamarans provide the opportunity to have a crowded holiday with friends and family. Honeymooning against Greece and Turkey on the turquoise sea of ​​Mykonos Island, a beautiful marriage proposal or celebrating your wedding anniversary will be a very different option. Mykonos catamaran charter holiday offers you a safe holiday as well as comfort. There are life jackets, lifeboats, fire extinguishers, gsm operators, radios, etc. in our catamarans. are also available.

Mykonos catamaran charter
Mykonos catamaran charter

Route in Mykonos, the Fairytale Land

It will make you feel very good to walk on the streets adorned with colorful flowers and where windmills complete the white houses. Little Venice will be our first route in Mykonos catamaran charter holiday. It got this name because it resembles Venice. Afterwards, we set out for Aro Mera Village, which is famous for its windmills away from the crowd. Here you can enjoy a great cup of coffee against the white houses and the deep blue sea. Folklore Museum is another place you should definitely stop by on a Mykonos charter catamaran vacation. This place is famous for the Pelican statue of Peter. In addition, when we come to Mykonos Island, there are other places that we cannot go without seeing, including the Archaeological Museum and the Maritime Museum. The most striking building on the island is the Parapotani Church. This is in the highest part of the island and overlooks the island. It has a different architecture consisting of the merging of five small churches. For this reason, those who come to the island especially want to see this place and take lots of photos.

In addition to all these, thanks to the Mykonos catamaran charter holiday, a wonderful swimming pleasure awaits you in the warm waters of the island. Tourlos Beach, Malalianose Beach, Paradise Beach, Ella Beach, Super Paradise Beach, Agrari Beaches are the most famous beaches of Mykonos Island. Thanks to the Mykonos catamaran holiday, you can swim in these beautiful beaches, you can anchor wherever you want in the sea, pause as long as you want and even fish. On your catamaran holiday, you can enjoy breakfast while meeting the sun wherever you want, or you can have your meal in the evening under the red of the sun, accompanied by the gentle wind in the sea. Mykonos catamaran charter holiday option is a holiday option that can be preferred by those who want to relax and escape from the crowded blue cruises. It is a holiday option that you can attend with your family, friends or can be very original for your special days.

The general design of the catamarans is large, the number of cabins is high, and the interior and exterior design are holiday boats that are produced with comfort in the center. If you want to get out of the classical holiday styles and open the doors of this comfortable holiday for yourself, it will be enough to contact our professional team and tell the person you will join. Our team will present the most suitable catamaran models for you. We have catamaran options suitable for every budget. In addition, if you make the charter transactions before the summer period, you can also benefit from discounted prices. You can contact us at 0538 211 45 67 for all your questions and reservations about Mykonos charter catamaran vacation. You can look at Greece charter catamaran models to experience catamaran pleasure in other parts of Greece. You can have a catamaran charter holiday in Mykonos with or without a captain. If you have sufficient license, you can use the charter catamaran models. If you do not have the experience and license to use a chartered catamaran, you can request a captain from us. If your budget is more, you can choose a crewed catamaran for charter. With Mykonos sailboat charter models, you can discover this beautiful island from another way.