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bodrum motor yacht charter

Bodrum Motor Yacht Charter

Discover the beauties of Bodrum with our Bodrum motor yacht charter models suitable for every budget. Bodrum is one of the world-famous holiday centers where the magnificent blue of the Aegean Sea and its lush nature meet. It amazes those who see it with its beautiful bays, beaches, whitewashed houses with indigo blue doors and historical structures that have survived from ancient times. It is a pleasure to watch these magnificent beauties from the sea. For those who want to enjoy this pleasure, go on a blue cruise and go to the Greek Islands, tourism and yachting companies offer motor yacht charter services in Bodrum.

It is possible to explore hidden coves, islands, underwater paradises without land access, and to enjoy swimming in the open sea at the same time by sailing with a Bodrum motor yacht charter. Spending peaceful hours with the magnificent view, chatting with friends to the fullest, eating delicious meals of master chefs serving on the yacht, sunbathing and swimming are indispensable for those who prefer Bodrum motor yacht charter.

Bodrum motor yacht charter
Bodrum motor yacht charter

Why to Choose Bodrum Motor Yacht Charter

A motor yacht holiday is the most ideal option for those who want to spend their holiday in the comfort of a hotel, away from the public, and instead of sharing the same environment with strangers, in their own private world or with a group they are in close contact with. Of course, it is indisputably the only option for sea lovers. Prestigious people, especially those who prefer deluxe standards, go on a Blue Cruise by renting or buying a yacht. World famous rich people usually add Monaco and Nice in France, Sardinia and Capri Islands in Italy, Mykonos and Santorini bays in Greece and Bodrum Peninsula in Turkey to their luxury motor yacht tours. In our country, Bodrum motor yacht charter holidays in Bodrum and its surroundings are in high demand. Charter motor yachts offer deluxe vacation opportunities with their comfortable, comfortable, modern designed interior and exterior spaces, as well as motor yacht options with more economical standards. Therefore, they offer a holiday opportunity that is preferred not only by the wealthy but also by people and groups with medium income. People with limited vacation time prefer to rent motor yachts to visit many places during their holidays. The fact that motor yachts are faster than gulets and sailyachts brings motoryachts to the fore in yacht trips.

It is much more advantageous to get Bodrum motor yacht charter service for those who want to have a peaceful sea holiday and run their business remotely. Having internet connection and GSM equipment in motor yachts provides this opportunity. How else could a vacation be like jumping into the sea and swimming to the fullest while following your work? Yacht Harbors in Bodrum are marinas that serve at contemporary and international standards. Considered as the center of yacht tourism, Bodrum also provides services to yachts with foreign flags, with the cleanliness of its marinas, service for sea travel needs, all kinds of shopping and fuel opportunities. Bodrum marinas are close to the Greek islands, making them the most preferred center for blue cruises including Rhodes, Symi, Patmos, Kos, Leros, Mykonos and Santorini Islands.

Among the reasons why motor yachts are more preferred during sea holidays are that they are faster than sailyachts, they offer the opportunity to see more places in a short time, they are wider, they do not give the feeling of jolting, as well as the experienced captain and crew. It is obligatory to have a captain and crew in Bodrum motor yacht charter. Those who have a captain’s license and those who want to take the helm themselves have to choose sailyachts and catamarans. Having a captain and crew means much more comfort, of course. It is much more comfortable to rent a motor yacht in terms of cleaning the yacht, preparing food, serving, and following a safe route. Our Bodrum yacht charter article contains the necessary information for our guests who are looking for daily and hourly yachts.

Advantages of Motoryachts

Motor yachts for rent have large sundecks, lowerable swimming platforms and fully equipped galley areas, spacious cabins, and large indoor and outdoor seating areas. Maneuverability is quite good. This makes it easier to approach coves and ports. They are also more advantageous in terms of security in potentially dangerous situations.

Our expert crew do their best for you to have the safest and happiest yacht holiday. While our cooks will present you the tastes of world cuisines, our captains will draw the best routes and bring you to unique beauties. We recommend Bodrum motor yacht charter service especially for those who have seasickness problems. While sailing yachts experience swaying problems and catamarans sway back and forth, it is possible to travel without jolting in motor yachts. It is possible to make a reservation by going to the offices of travel agencies in Bodrum center and ports to get charter motor yacht service. In addition, these companies can be contacted via their websites. It is also possible to choose the right motor yacht according to the number of people and demands by requesting consultancy service.