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rhodes catamaran charter

Rhodes Catamaran Charter

Get the chance to explore this popular island from the sea with our Rhodes catamaran charter models. Are you one of those who start making your holiday plans months in advance? If you are looking for a different option or a different place for your holiday plan due to the tiredness of working all year, have you ever thought of the idea of ​​going on holiday by renting a catamaran? If you don’t mind, we can offer you an alternative place. Rhodes… Yes, if you spend your Rhodes holiday by renting a catamaran, you will have an unforgettable holiday experience.

Rhodes is perhaps the most famous island in Greece. With its historical and natural beauties, this island is 7-8 hours away from Fethiye and Göcek by boat. It hosts many catamaran and sailboat owners. It has a lot of beauty in a small island. Rhodes is the place where maritime and boating started in prehistoric times. The ancestors of many people engaged in boating in Göcek or Fethiye are also of Rhodes origin. Now let’s look at the details of the Rhodes catamaran charter holiday together.

Rhodes catamaran charter
Rhodes catamaran charter

About Rhodes Catamaran Charter Holiday

Rodes is located very close to Marmaris and Fethiye. Due to this proximity, your holiday starts with the catamarans departing from here. As a result of a journey that takes approximately 6-7 hours, we can reach Rhodes Island. Rhodes Island welcomes many guests throughout the year. Visitors who come here mostly prefer the catamaran charter option. Rhodes presents its guests with a very rich cultural history and wonderful nature as if it were an exhibition. For this reason, those who come here leave the island of Rhodes satisfied. Those who prefer a charter catamaran holiday in Rhodes will see the reflections and traces of the Middle Ages everywhere while walking around the streets of Rhodes. Due to the structures found, it is impossible not to feel this way. Masters Palace and Rhodes Old City, Rhodes Castle are just a few of these structures. Most of the buildings have survived to the present day with their originality. You will be able to easily realize this when you choose a Rhodes catamaran charter holiday. When you go to the island, you will see that it has preserved its texture until today while passing through the Knight Street. In addition, Rhodes Square, which is located at the highest point of the city, will be one of the most original places you will see, even though it consists of a few ruins at the moment.

Another place you will definitely want to see on your charter catamaran holiday in Rhodes is Hippocrates Square. This place is full of birds chirping day and night. When you choose a Rhodes catamaran charter holiday, we recommend that you do not leave Rhodes without visiting the Rhodes Aquarium and the Archaeological Museum. In addition to all these, of course, it would not be possible to choose a charter catamaran holiday and return without enjoying swimming to the fullest without swimming in the sea. Rhodes has beautiful beaches. The most popular ones include Kalithea Beach, Tsambika Beach, Ladiko Beach, Ixiz Beach, Lindos Beach, Faliraki Beach, and Anthony Quinn Beach and are among the most popular beaches. If you want to experience a completely different swimming pleasure in these beaches, you can pamper yourself by choosing a Rhodes catamaran charter holiday.

In addition to the pleasure of swimming in the sparkling waters of Rhodes under the sun, you will be able to watch Greece and the Aegean islands from a completely different window with the Rhodes charter catamaran holiday option. For this reason, the catamaran holiday opens the doors of untouched coves, so you can sunbathe and take walks on the warm sands under the sun while having a calm and serene holiday away from the crowds. Well, what is the difference of Rhodes charter catamaran holiday from other tours and what kind of opportunities it offers you, let’s take a look at them.

Taking a Vacation in Rhodes

Give yourself the opportunity for a different and comfortable charter catamaran holiday experience. For this, Rhodes catamaran charter holidays are like a perfect fit. Because the holiday boats we call catamarans have a high person capacity and a high comfort area. How can the comfort zone be so high while allowing so many people to have a holiday at the same time? Because there are many cabins in chartered catamarans and each cabin has its own sink and bathroom. In addition, there are cabinets and drawers that will be needed. It is a highly preferred option especially for those who want to enjoy a boutique holiday and spend a holiday with their family or friends. Thus, it offers a special holiday option just for you, leaving the holiday form offered by foreigners and cramped tours. With the Rhodes catamaran charter option, you can celebrate your special days and create a beautiful honeymoon route as well as having a holiday.

Changing lifestyles due to the epidemic caused a change in holiday styles and increased the demand for charter catamaran holidays. You should definitely evaluate the Rhodes charter catamaran holiday option in order to experience a completely different charter catamaran holiday experience with your family or friends, away from the crowd. You can contact our company for any questions, charter catamaran price information and reservation procedures. Our authorized friends will offer you the best types of catamarans. You can contact us at 0538 211 45 67. You can also reach Rhodes by renting a boat from Göcek and Fethiye. For alternatives, you can refer to our Rhodes sailboat charter article.

You can experience a comfortable holiday with spacious living spaces on the sea with a charter catamaran holiday. Charter catamaran models are shaped according to every budget. You can also experience an unforgettable charter catamaran tour in Rhodes by choosing the charter catamaran model that suits your budget. Charter catamarans can be with or without a captain. If you have a license and experience, you can use a charter catamaran yourself. If not, you can choose a chartered catamaran with a captain. In some charter catamaran options, the captain is included in the price, and in some charter catamaran options, it is not included in the price. This boat model for rent is available in 38-80 ft. options.