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Bodrum motor yacht charter prices

Bodrum Motor Yacht Charter Prices

By determining our Bodrum motor yacht charter prices policy in the most ideal way, we try to give all our guests the opportunity to have a happy motor yacht holiday. Book2sailing was established by a team with many years of experience in the charter industry. It is one of the leading yacht charter platforms in Europe and Turkey. We offer you commercial licensed motor yacht models suitable for all kinds of budgets. Our reservation team will give you complete information about the route, price, yacht, service and similar information. All your payments are safe thanks to the contracted banks. During your tour, our team will be at your service 24/7 in the region where the motor yacht you rented is connected. While our captains cruise safely, our cooks and hostesses will try to provide you with the most luxurious comfort. Contact us, leave everything to us. You just enjoy the fun during the holiday.

The cooks have world-class cuisine and experience in hotels and luxury boats. Other crew members such as seaman and hostess have vip service experience. As Book2sailing company, we determine our Bodrum motor yacht charter prices policy in the most ideal way for you to experience a luxury yacht holiday with these opportunities.

Three important marinas in Bodrum serve motor yacht owners and sailors cruising with rental motor yachts. Milta Bodrum Marina, Turgutreis D-Marin Marina and Yalıkavak Marina, which are city marinas, are among the popular marinas in the motor yacht and other boat models sector in the world with their professional services.

Motor Yacht Rental – Advantages of Motor Yachts

Speed ​​is the biggest advantage of motor yachts over other boat models. Thanks to their speed, you can see more places than a sailing or catamaran tour, even if your tour day is short. Maneuvering and docking abilities are extremely high.

Motor yachts do not have a sail system. For this reason, their decks are more barrier-free and offer more living spaces. They are very fast thanks to their powerful engines. They offer the opportunity to see or change much more places in a short time. They do not have underwater keel systems like sailboats. Therefore, they can approach very shallow waters and bays. Although very fast, they are extremely stable and safe on the sea. Its cabins and similar sections such as the saloon have luxury equipment. With their facilities, they provide holidaymakers with a luxury hotel atmosphere on the sea. This atmosphere reaches the maximum level with professional crew services. We offer the opportunity of a luxury holiday on the sea with the most affordable Bodrum motor yacht charter prices.

Bodrum motor yacht charter prices
Bodrum motor yacht charter prices

In some countries in Europe, motor yachts can be chartered as bareboat. There is no such service in Turkey and Bodrum. Thanks to the crew, you will only have to rest on the motor yachts and enjoy the holiday. The crew will take care of the rest in the safest and most comfortable way. Motor yachts have amusement equipment such as water ski, jet ski and ringo.

Book2sailing offers a large number of motor yachts of different sizes located in Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Seychelles and many other popular destinations.

Motor Yacht Rental – Popular Bays in Bodrum

Bodrum, the center of luxury yacht holidays, welcomes many local and foreign tourists from Turkey and the world. With its luxury restaurants and marinas in the city center and its bays, Bodrum motor yacht charter prices, accommodation, food and beverage and similar prices are higher than other regions. Coves will be the best choice to escape the city’s crowds and high prices. The bays have deep blue waters and hills covered with pine forests. The most popular bays are:

Kargicak Bay is far from Bodrum city center and is difficult to access. It is the ideal choice for those seeking silence. Mazı Bay is an alternative to Kargicak Bay with its small pensions and quiet nature.

Aspat Bay is one of the bays in Bodrum where you can swim with pleasure with its turquoise sea. Due to its proximity to the center, it is also frequented by day-trippers. In addition, the Venetian Castle will be an alternative travel route for history lovers.

We are working to bring you to all the beauties of Bodrum with the best Bodrum motor yacht charter prices. All you have to do is reach our expert team. We will send you the most ideal motor yacht models as a list according to your wishes and rental period. We will meet with the boat owners and get the best agency prices. Our team at the marina will welcome you on the check-in day. Your extra requests, such as shopping, will be made available on the boat before you arrive. Our chefs will prepare the dishes according to your shopping list. You can also request a menu if you wish.

For a tour starting from Bodrum, the surrounding Greek Islands and Marmaris bays will be the best destination. As an alternative to motor yachts, you can also take a look at our crewed catamaran models. You can get information from our Bodrum or Marmaris catamaran charter articles.