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Crete catamaran charter prices

Crete Catamaran Charter Prices

Are you planning to get away from the tempo of the city or to spend a special day in a different way? We think an island trip would not be bad for those who want to experience different places or do different activities instead of ordinary holidays. Especially if this island is one of the islands in the Mediterranean.Crete will be a great option for your island holiday. How would you like to tour this island by renting a catamaran? You can find the opportunity to have a special and boutique holiday with your family, friends or loved ones with the boat holiday option with Crete catamaran charter prices suitable for every budget. Especially after covid, the interest in such holiday options has increased. Because you can have a comfortable holiday with a catamaran charter holiday instead of joining a classic tour and vacationing on a fixed route and being stuck among crowded groups.

About Crete Catamaran Charter Prices

Crete has developed in the field of tourism. Throughout the year, many tourists come to visit Crete and discover its beautiful beaches and coves. Crete is an island made up of three cities. Chania Rethymno and Heraklion. Heraklion is the largest city in Crete. Every city in Crete has beautiful places to visit, but first of all, let’s take a look at the routes that those who choose a boat holiday with affordable Crete catamaran charter prices. Efalonissi Beach… This is the beach of Crete that attracts attention with its turquoise waters and pink sands. The pleasure of walking on the soft sands and swimming in a clear water fascinates those who come. Then we set out for Balos Beach, the most distinctive feature of these places is that they have shallow and calm waters. When you come here, you can feel as if you are inside a postcard.

Voulisma Beach is another nice stop. When you come to this beach, which is a wide and untouched bay, you will have a view against the mountains of Crete. Our next route is Vai Beach, which hosts the largest palm gardens in Europe. Our next stop is Preveli beach, located against two hills. This is the gate with palm trees, as if it were a lush oasis formed in a dry field, where the sea makes a way in. Boat vacation is an unmissable opportunity to enjoy swimming and sunbathing at Preveli Beach, which has a very warm water, with affordable Crete charter catamaran prices. Another beach located in the mountainous parts of Crete is Matala Beach. If you want to have a swimming experience against the caves of Crete when you come here, you can also visit these caves. We recommend that you take comfortable shoes with you just in case. The beaches of Crete are generally calm and serene. Our next quiet beach is Souda Beach. This is one of the largest bays in Crete. Our Crete tour ends with Ammaudara Beach, which has a long sandy beach for those who love to walk. As you can see, the coves and beaches of Crete, each more beautiful than the other, untouched and waiting to be discovered, are waiting to offer their beauty to those who choose the option of a catamaran charter Crete holiday.

Crete catamaran charter prices
Crete catamaran charter prices

What Kind of Vacation Do Catamarans Offer?

Catamarans are holiday boats with very long lengths and high capacity. They are known for their appearance and wide structures, resembling the joining of two boats. Catamaran charters are very comfortable for Crete holidays. So much so that you can spend your holiday in a comfortable environment by renting a catamaran with your family or friends. With the support of the captain and staff provided by our company, a comfortable Cretan catamaran holiday awaits you. Our captains will draw the most suitable route for your Crete holiday; however, you can make any changes you want on the route. With a catamaran charter Crete holiday, you will explore the untouched coves of the Mediterranean, and you will experience a sea, sand and sun experience that you have never experienced before on the beautiful beaches of Crete. So much so that, thanks to your catamaran charter Crete holiday, you can anchor at the stop of your route and sunbathe against the view you want or have your meal. This is exactly why Crete Island catamaran charter holidays offer a personalized and boutique holiday opportunity away from the crowds.

Our company has a fleet of catamarans and sailboats for every taste and budget. All you have to do is specify the number of people who will attend the holiday and make a reservation for your holiday in advance. By making an early reservation, you will benefit from discounted prices. For your holiday with Crete catamaran charter models, you can contact us at 0538 211 45 67 and ask all your questions or make a reservation. We will offer you the best Crete catamaran charter prices.