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Bodrum sailboat charter prices

Bodrum Sailboat Charter Prices

As Book2sailing company, we serve you with the most affordable Bodrum sailboat charter prices. While we offer the best prices for the sailboats in our own fleet, we get the best agency prices for the other sailboats that we are the agency of. Our experienced office and regional staff will be at your service during your reservation and tour. As a company, we offer boats with commercial licenses with all legally required licenses. Thanks to the systems of the banks we work with, all your payments are secure. The contract and necessary documents prepared on your behalf will be sent to you by mail or whatsapp. On the day of the tour, our base managers will greet you and assist you in all check-in procedures.

The number of sailing boats for rent in Bodrum is much lower than in other regions. There are more motor yachts and gulets in Bodrum. It is difficult to find available boats in high season as the number of sailboats is low. Therefore, it is important to make an early reservation in order to find the most suitable sailing boat. You can benefit from special discounts by booking early. If you are planning a luxurious and comfortable holiday in Bodrum, which is known as a luxury holiday resort, all you have to do is reach our expert team. We will offer you the most suitable Bodrum sailboat charter prices.

Bodrum Sailboat Charter Prices – Popular Marinas in Bodrum

Bodrum is one of the most developed places of Turkey in terms of boat tourism. There are marinas around the world offering modern service for private or charter boats. Just like Marmaris, Bodrum has a geographical structure in the form of a peninsula. There are bays and marinas around this peninsula. Milta Bodrum Marina in Bodrum city center, D-Marin Marina in Turgutreis and Yalikavak Marina in Yalikavak are among the most popular Bodrum marinas. All three marinas meet the needs of sailors during their holidays with their modern facilities. The boats we offer with the most affordable Bodrum sailboat charter prices are located in these marinas.

Bodrum sailboat charter prices
Bodrum sailboat charter prices

Milta Bodrum Marina is a very popular marina with its location in the city center. The marina is within walking distance of the city centre. You can leave the marina right away and join the lively life of Bodrum. The marina provides a very modern and professional service with its technically flawless infrastructure. Its employees are experts and educated people in their field. The marina serves a total of 475 yachts at sea and on land. With its services and modernity, Milta Bodrum Marina was awarded with the Blue Flag and 5 Gold Anchors.

Some of the sailboat models in our fleet or in the fleets of other companies that we are the agency of are also found in Turgutreis D Marin. Located 20 kilometers from the city center, the marina has a mooring capacity of 550 boats. It is frequented by private or chartered sailing boat owners with its restaurants, bars and similar luxury services. Yalikavak Marina is 18 kilometers from the city center. It draws attention with its 620 yacht capacity. Like other marinas, it hosts many races and boating organizations. We operate in all these marinas with the most affordable Bodrum sailboat charter prices.

Ideal Bays for Bodrum Sailing Boat Tour

As we mentioned above, Bodrum has a geographical structure in the form of a peninsula. Thanks to the bays around the peninsula, the boat industry in the region is quite developed. The businesses in the bays do not only serve sailors. Since it is possible to reach by road, they are also visited by the local people on a daily basis.

Kargicak Bay: With its admirable beauty, it is possible to reach Kargicak Bay by road, but the road is quite bad. Therefore, the bay is not crowded during the high summer season. Sailors seeking peace and quiet during their holidays should definitely visit this bay. The business located in the bay offers sunbed rental service and food and beverage service. Since the sea floor is stony, we recommend that you bring your sea shoes with you. If you have not done a tour of Bodrum by boat before, you can request a route from us. Our captains will prepare the best route. Our reservation team will offer the most suitable Bodrum sailboat charter prices. If you want to explore Bodrum by catamaran, you can look at our Bodrum catamaran charter models.

Karaincir Bay: Another of beautiful bays in Bodrum. Karaincir bay is among the most popular bays. The reason for this is the sea, which is smooth all summer. There is also a public beach in the bay. The beach is operated by the municipality and the umbrellas are free. The beach, which also has hotels and restaurants, is one of the places preferred by families with children.

Bardakçı Bay: It is one of the closest bays to Bodrum city center. There is a shuttle service from the city center to Bardakçı Bay by boats throughout the day. The bay is full of hotels. If you want to swim in the sea, you have to be careful with the sea urchins.

Aspat Bay: There is both a free public beach and a paid Aspat Beach business beach in the bay. Palm trees line the beach. Palm trees cast cool shadows. For this reason, the bay is one of the most favorite bays of local and foreign tourists. The beach has a restaurant, parking lot, showers, toilets and cabins.

Orak Island: It is a place that our guests who rent a boat with the most affordable Bodrum sailboat charter prices should definitely visit. The island has the cleanest and turquoise sea of ​​Bodrum. Therefore it is quite popular. It is full of tour boats making daily tours during the summer season. Sailors seeking tranquility can visit the island early in the morning and towards the evening.

Bodrum is a popular sailing destination where the sailing boat industry such as monohull, catamaran and gulet is very developed. You can rent our monohull and catamaran models as bareboat. Our crew will give you the happiest blue cruise experience on our crewed catamarans and gulets. Our captains will safely transport you to the most beautiful Bodrum bays. When you reach the marina, our base managers will greet you. Our technical team will assist you in all check-in procedures. If there is a breakdown on the boat during the tour, it is enough to contact us. Our team will reach your boat immediately and try to fix the problem as soon as possible.