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athens catamaran charter

Athens Catamaran Charter

With the assurance of Book2sailing, discover the beautiful capital of Greece with the best Athens catamaran charter models for your demand. Explore the bays of Greece with catamaran models with or without a captain and collect unforgettable holiday memories. Our expert reservation team will offer you the most suitable models. You just contact us and leave everything to us.

You can go on a unique journey with the Athens catamaran charter in Athens, one of the regions where the pulse of the blue voyage beats, surrounded by the Aegean Sea. One of the best options for an unforgettable holiday and to get to know the uniquely beautiful coves and coasts is to charter a catamaran. Many companies maintain more than a hundred catamarans. At the same time, companies that provide catamaran services that care about the customer listen to your wishes and help you to provide the ideal environment for a holiday you will never forget with your loved ones. First of all, if you do not have experience or knowledge about yachts, it would be more logical to ask what is a catamaran. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that catamarans consist of two boats connected to each other, in this respect, catamarans have two floors. In this way, catamaran trips are much more stable than other boats. It is a very logical choice to rent a catamaran to travel to the route you want in the blue seas.

In addition, catamarans offer more living space than sailboats. On the other hand, this type of boat is extremely light. Indeed, knowing that catamarans are highly maneuverable will increase your chances of choosing a catamaran. Promising travel comfort with their fully equipped sails, catamarans are one of the only sea vehicles that will accompany you throughout your journey. You can turn your holidays into unforgettable memories by taking advantage of the Athens charter catamaran service.

Athens catamaran charter
Athens catamaran charter

Athens Catamaran Charter Advantages

Athens catamaran charter services are one of the most preferred services. When it comes to a unique cruise in Athens, you can choose from many yacht charter options. Many catamaran companies have a large fleet and all needs are met. At this point, it should be emphasized that the Athens charter catamaran has different features compared to other options. In this direction, it is possible to list the advantages you can get by using catamaran charter options as follows:

  • Compared to other vehicles, catamarans are lighter and therefore faster. This spreads your vacation along a wider route and allows you to stop at many coves and ports.
  • In addition to the satisfactory performance in terms of speed, catamaran charter options are very economical.
  • Additionally, the catamaran charter service allows you to plan your Athens cruise itinerary.
  • If you want to realize your dream holiday at an extremely affordable price, you can take advantage of catamaran charter options. In addition, most of the catamarans are quite luxurious and comfortable. This, of course, varies according to the contracted company.
  • If you have sufficient experience, you can also charter catamarans without a crew.
  • Catamaran charter is the only key to a wonderful holiday you will spend with your family and loved ones.
  • Catamarans provide you with hotel comfort on the sea, thanks to their wide living spaces. The kitchen and living room are completely separate from the cabins. It offers guests much more private living spaces. Walking and sunbathing areas on the deck are quite a lot compared to a monohull boat. The nets on the foredeck offer a fun cruise on the waves.

Catamaran Fees

The price scale in Athens catamaran charter options may vary from company to company and according to the charter period. One of the rising trends in the marine tourism sector in recent years has been catamaran charter. At this point, large and luxurious catamaran fleets can offer you a professional service. The professional staff offered by the companies are specially trained to serve you so that you can enjoy your holiday in the best way possible. While renting, it should be checked whether the maintenance of the vehicles is done regularly. It is recommended that you research the companies thoroughly before renting a catamaran, as it will cause a bad experience in case of possible mishaps, interrupting your holiday and losing your time.

We offer you the best prices for the boats in our fleet. For the boats of other companies that I am the agency of, we get the best agency prices and send them to you. Prices vary according to boat type, age and type of service. Luxury catamarans can also serve as an all-inclusive system. Athens catamaran charter prices are weekly for most companies, and companies’ insurance, ports of entry and exit for the catamarans and all other expenses are included. For this reason, since the size of the catamaran you choose, the number of cabins and similar variables are highly effective on the charter price, you can examine various charter options and contact the companies to get accurate information about the prices.

However, at this point, it is useful to remind: catamarans do not sail at high speeds, so they can travel with lower fuel consumption than other boats, so we can say that the charter prices of catamarans are relatively lower than other boats. This allows them to move with great maneuverability. It is also a more economical option as it will minimize fuel consumption. You can talk to the companies to get information about catamaran charter prices and other details. Before taking advantage of the Athens catamaran charter service, you need to plan well. Weekly charters or longer charters will be more affordable. Therefore, you should set your time from the very beginning. If you do not have a license, companies will provide site captain and crew services. This also incurs an additional charge. Company selection should not be rushed and everything should be planned in detail. For different information about Greece, you can check our Athens sailboat charter article. Our expert reservation team and technical team in the tour area are at your service every hour of the day for you to have the happiest boat holiday. You can contact us for all your questions and problems during your tour.