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Gocek sailboat charter prices

Gocek Sailboat Charter Prices

We determine our Gocek sailboat charter prices policy at the most reasonable level according to the market, and offer sailors the opportunity to experience the best boat holiday. As Book2sailing company, we are the leading online sailboat rental platform in Turkey, Russia and Ukraine. We provide sailing boat rental service with a team with many years of experience in the sailboat rental industry. We send you the most suitable boats for your request with all their details and photos. When you decide to make a reservation, all the documents prepared on your behalf will be sent as soon as possible. On the day of check-in, our base managers in the region will welcome you and assist you in all matters. In your chartered sailing boat tours with a captain, our captains will transport you to the most beautiful bays of Gocek in the safest way.

Gocek, located between Dalaman and Fethiye, is one of the most important sailing destinations in Turkey and in the world. It is a complete sailing boat tour center with its natural beauties, marinas, modern infrastructure and transportation opportunities for the boat industry. It is approximately 25 minutes away from Dalaman Airport. It welcomes sailors from all over the world. Charter companies are located in Marintürk and D Marin marinas. The sailing boat models we offer with affordable Gocek sailboat charter prices are in the fleet of these companies. As a company, some of the boats belonging to our own fleet are also located in these marinas.

Gocek Sailboat Charter Prices – Marinas in Gocek

Skopea Marina: It is located right in the city center, in the middle of Marintürk and D Marin marinas. Skopea Marina, which started its operations in 1989, is Turkey’s first private marina and has a mooring capacity of 80 yachts.

Along with D Marin marina, it is one of the two marinas in Gocek that can provide mooring services to mega yachts. With its restaurants, cafes, bars and swimming pools, it can meet all kinds of demands of holidaymakers in a modern way. There are no charter companies or fleets providing sailboat rental services at the marina. Of course, our guests who take a sailing boat tour with Gocek sailboat charter prices can approach Skopea Marina for their fuel and similar needs.

Gocek sailboat charter prices - interior
Gocek sailboat charter prices – interior

Marintürk and D Marin marinas are marinas where charter boats are located. Both marinas are marinas that have become a brand in the world boat industry thanks to their equipment. Charter companies have offices, restaurants, swimming pools, cafes, bars, hotels, technical service companies, wintering services, facilities and services such as electricity and water. D Marin is quite famous for its specially arranged beach with sand brought from Egypt. There is an entrance fee to the beach.

Gocek Sailboat Charter Prices – Most Popular Bays of Gocek

Gocek has numerous coves that are sheltered from natural conditions, wind and storms. The bays are unique thanks to their natural beauties and are visited by countless local and foreign tourists. In high season they are full of day trip boats, private boats and charter boats.

Sarsala Bay: The bay that can be reached by road is located 15 kilometers from Dalaman. Since it can be reached by car, it is visited by the local people on a daily basis. For this reason, the beach is very crowded, especially on weekends. Our guests who take a sailing boat tour can anchor in the bay. The sea is calm and waveless.

Yassıca Islands: The Yassıca Islands, consisting of 12 islands, are an archipelago. It is possible to reach only by sea. Thanks to its shallow waters, it is a safe place for children and non-swimmers to swim. It is a frequent destination for blue cruise boats. Yassıca Islands, which are world-famous for their natural beauties, should definitely be added to their routes by our guests who take a boat tour with the most affordable Gocek sailboat charter prices.

Cleopatra Bath Cove: The cove is named after the ruins of baths from the ancient Lycian period. The bay can only be reached by boat. Those who want to swim should be careful as the parts of the bay close to the land are quite deep. Like other Gocek bays, it is a bay where daily boats frequent.

Merdivenli Bay: This name was given to the bay because of the historical staircase ruins on the beach. If you follow the valley inside, you will reach a small village on the hill at the end of the road. Here you can buy souvenirs and natural food products produced by the villagers. In addition, the view of the bay from the top is unmatched. Covered with olive trees, the bay is one of the places frequented by sailors seeking peace and quiet.

Gocek SailBoat Options

Gocek is one of the regions with the most rental sailboats in Turkey. With the popularity of catamarans recently, companies have added catamarans to their fleets, but the number of sailing boats is considerably higher than the number of catamarans. All sailing charter boats in Gocek can be chartered without a captain as bareboat. Very few sailing boats are available with only a captain or crew. If you want to explore Gocek with catamarans, you can look at our Gocek catamaran charter models.

There are 2,3,4 and 5 cabin sailboat models between 30-50 ft. If you have an ADB or IYT-like license and experience, you can use all these sailboat models yourself. It will be enough to contact us to reach the most suitable sailing boat model with the most suitable Gocek sailboat charter prices. All sailing boat models have cabin, toilet, shower, kitchen and kitchen equipment.

If you do not have enough experience or license, you can request a captain from us. Our captains are experienced, helpful and friendly people in charter. Their top priority is to provide you with a safe and happy sailing boat holiday. If you want to take sailing training, our captains will help you in this regard. They will provide all necessary training on sailing, berthing, leaving from marina and use of equipment. You can also request a cook or a hostess from us. Sailing boats do not have very large living spaces like catamarans. It is useful to consider the total number of people in your captain, cook and hostess requests. We are trying to offer you the best in all model and Gocek sailboat charter prices. We get the best agency price for the boats of other companies that we are the agency of.