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bodrum yacht charter prices

Bodrum Yacht Charter Prices

You will have the opportunity to discover the beauties of Bodrum with our yacht models that we offer with the most suitable Bodrum yacht charter prices. Book2sailing team, which has great experience in the yacht charter sector, provides you with the most professional service throughout the reservation process and tour. Our company, which provides yacht charter services with its own fleet and as the official agency of other fleets, offers you fully commercial licensed yachts. After we send you the most suitable yacht models for your request, you can request options from us for the yacht you have chosen. If you decide to rent within the option period, all necessary documents prepared on your behalf will be sent to you. With Book2sailing, your payments are guaranteed. During the tour, our technical team in the region is ready for all your requests.

Bodrum is one of the most popular tourism and sailing destinations not only in Turkey but also in the world. Bodrum has become a brand in luxury tourism with its luxury hotels, tourism establishments, marinas and many similar facilities. You can name this luxury holiday with our luxury and modern yacht models in Bodrum and the most suitable Bodrum yacht charter prices. If you have a license and experience to operate a yacht, you can rent yachts without a skipper, or yachts with crews. Choose from our sailboat, catamaran, motor yacht and gulet models that best suit your budget and number of people and have an unforgettable blue cruise experience.

Bodrum yacht charter prices
Bodrum yacht charter prices

Bodrum Yacht Charter Prices – Bodrum Peninsula and Sailing Routes

It is useful to examine the Bodrum peninsula as the South and West sides due to its size. These south-facing shorelines are unprotected against South winds and sheltered against North winds. For this reason, it is beneficial for sailors to take these factors into account in the spring and autumn periods in terms of safe navigation. Unfortunately, the Southern side of the Bodrum peninsula has been greatly affected by the concreting process in Turkey. The construction of hotels and houses on the shaved mountain slopes continues rapidly. These constructions constitute the white Bodrum structures, which have become the symbol of Bodrum. Luxury hotels, villas, touristic facilities are located on this coastline. Despite the concrete, the sea is extremely clean and the weather is very nice. The South coast, which is full of daily tour yachts, is an attractive stopping point due to its tourism facilities, restaurants and entertainment centers. In order to reach the colorful nightlife, you can direct the route of your yacht you have chosen with Bodrum yacht charter prices.

Since the South side of the Bodrum peninsula is the center of the establishment, the yacht industry is located here as well. There are many yachtyards, shelters, piers and marinas. There are businesses that provide all kinds of yacht equipment that yachters may need. Due to the windy nature of the region, Bodrum is the place where sailing races are organized. The western coast of the Bodrum Peninsula consists of the coastline between İnce Cape in the North and Hüseyin Cape in the South. The mountains extend steeply and sharply towards the coastline. Due to the strong winds, the seas are quite choppy. If you do not have enough yachting and sailing experience, we recommend that you do not go to this region. Since it is a region that requires a lot of attention and experience in terms of navigation, it would be appropriate for experienced sailors to go.

Bodrum is also an important blue cruise destination. For this reason, it is one of the most important regions on the routes of gulets. Motor yacht opportunities are also quite plentiful. Renting a motor yacht would be the most logical way to explore the great Bodrum peninsula in the fastest way. Our crew, who provide VIP service on our luxury motor yachts, will offer you luxury and comfort. Motor yacht prices are higher than other yacht models. It would be appropriate to make an early reservation to benefit from the most suitable Bodrum yacht charter prices for motor yachts.

Marinas in Bodrum

3 marinas in Bodrum serve yacht owners and holidaymakers who cruise with charter yachts. Milta Bodrum Marina, Turgutreis D-Marin Marina and Yalıkavak Marina, located in Bodrum city center, are among the popular marinas in the yacht industry in Turkey, thanks to their technical infrastructure and modern facilities. Milta Bodrum Marina is located in the heart of the city, right across the Bodrum Castle. Just like Marmaris Netsel Marina, it is a city marina. Therefore, transportation is easy and opportunities are many. It has a capacity of 425 yachts at sea and 30 yachts on land. Yachts of all sizes, from the smallest to super yachts, can be safely accommodated at Milta Bodrum Marina, which is an inner city marina with the colorful world of Bodrum on one side and the paradise coves of the Aegean on the other. Milta Bodrum Marina is also the winner of the Blue Flag and 5 Golden Anchor awards. It has the capacity to provide the most professional and modern service for our guests and yacht owners with the most affordable Bodrum charter yacht prices.

D-Marin Marina in Turgutreis and Yalıkavak Marina in Yalikavak offer very luxurious services to sailors with yacht clubs, beach clubs, duty-free shopping centers, helipads, stylish boutiques, galleries, restaurants and hotels. They are among the marinas that have become a brand in the world. As Book2sailing company, some yachts belonging to our fleet are located in Milta Bodrum Marina. Our crewed Lagoon 45 and 62 yachts are moored here. Yachts in the fleets of other companies that we are the agency of are also moored to these 3 marinas. For a yacht tour that you will start from Bodrum, our teams in our regional offices will welcome you and provide the best service in all kinds of transactions such as check-in-check-out.

All you need to do is to reach our expert team to choose the most suitable yacht with or without a captain, get information about the route, get information about Bodrum yacht charter prices and have a happy yacht holiday. Leave yourself to our expert team and enjoy your holiday. If you want to explore Bodrum with our luxury catamarans, you can get all the necessary information from our Bodrum catamaran charter article.