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rhodes yacht charter

Rhodes Yacht Charter

Experience an unforgettable blue cruise holiday with Rhodes charter yacht options. Rhodes is located in the Aegean Sea and is the largest of the Dodecanese islands. It is the easternmost island of the Aegean after Meis Island. Therefore, it is located very close to Turkey. Our guests who want to go on holiday to this island from Turkey use this proximity feature. Generally, the first departure from Marmaris or Fethiye is provided for charter catamarans, sailboats and yachts. It takes approximately 3-7 hours depending on the speed of the yacht. Afterwards, the holiday begins on the island of Rhodes, which has an ambiance as if it has just come out of history. If you want to visit this island, which has a unique environment, and have a different holiday experience, you can contact our company and choose a Rhodes yacht charter. Our company will offer you the most suitable yacht model for every budget.

Rhodes Holiday Advantages

Having a free holiday, diving, swimming and sunbathing as you wish; At the same time, the most suitable holiday form to explore the shores of a mysterious island is charter boat tours. You can sail to the blues according to your taste by renting wooden yachts, catamarans, gulets, motor yachts according to your taste. It must be a good choice to take advantage of Rhodes yacht charter to explore Rhodes.

Rhodes yacht charter and a comfortable environment combined with the nostalgic atmosphere of wood will give you a wonderful holiday pleasure. The modern design in the interior and exterior design of the yachts and the comfort environment it provides are extremely eye-catching. It is possible to come across many ancient structures in Rhodes. Castles, palaces, old streets and more… Choosing a Rhodes yacht charter would be a great choice to explore the culturally rich Rhodes. If we are going to create a small roadmap, let’s see what routes we will come across about Rhodes.

Rhodes charter yacht
Rhodes charter yacht

Which Routes Are Available in Rhodes Yacht Charter?

When you come to Rhodes, you should definitely go to Rhodes Old City and Rhodes Castle. Old City Built inside a medieval castle, this city attracts the attention of visitors. Rhodes Castle, on the other hand, is one of the examples of Gothic architecture and was used as a palace, inn, headquarters, etc. in the past. used for multiple purposes. Rhodes is famous for its knights. The Palace of the Masters is also the most famous site from this period and is located in the highest part of the Old City. With a yacht charter in Rhodes, you can visit these and more original places of Rhodes that have survived to the present day. With a yacht charter holiday, the medieval atmosphere in Rhodes will attract you. You can easily feel this, especially while walking around the Knights Street. Then you should definitely visit the Rhodes Acropolis. Although a few columns remain here today, it has a wonderful view as it is located on the highest point of the island. In addition to all these, you should definitely include Hippocrates Square, Rhodes Aquarium and Archeology Museum on your route.

Well, let’s take a look at which beaches or coves can be visited with a yacht charter in Rhodes. Kallithea Beach, Tsambika Beach, Ladiko beach, Ixia Beach, Lindos Beach, Faliraki Beach, Antony Quinn Beaches and bays are the most famous and beautiful beaches and coves our yachts visit. So, after visiting these places, you can sip your tea and coffee against these coves. Our guests who choose the Rhodes yacht charter holiday option should know that a yacht holiday is more than the comfort of a hotel, carried over the sea. While providing the desired freedom, people can enjoy diving, swimming, sunbathing and even fishing as they wish as a result of the comfortable environment it provides.

If you are thinking of choosing a yacht charter in Rhodes, it is sufficient to contact our company as soon as possible and inform us about the number of people who will attend. Our officials will offer you the most suitable yacht models. Yacht holidays get rid of the crowded and cramped blue cruises and offer more special and comfortable cruise holidays to your service. You can choose it with your family or with your group of friends. The width and number of its decks and cabins are such that those who want to have a boutique holiday can be comfortable. Apart from this, it is highly preferred to celebrate your special days and for a beautiful honeymoon holiday. If you want to make your holiday different and special and enjoy the blues freely, you can evaluate the yacht charter service in Rhodes. You can also take a look at Rhodes catamaran charter models. During your charter holiday, our charter crew will be at your service 24/7. Charter yacht crews are highly experienced people. They will offer you a luxury sea holiday during your charter yacht holiday. You can find yacht charter models in our fleet for any budget. Rhodes catamaran charter models give you the chance to visit more places with their speed.