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Crete Sailboat Charter

Crete is one of the must-see places with its history and culture as well as its natural beauties. With its clear blue sea, white beaches, palm groves and olive trees, Crete’s unique architectural structures fascinate those who see it. The ruins and historical structures of ancient cities, which have been carefully preserved until today, attract the attention of tourists. Crete sailboat charter is one of the most preferred options in order to see all these beauties of Crete Island, to live and to have enough of the sea.

It is inevitable to rent a sailboat in Crete, to visit the beautiful bays and beaches of the Aegean, to drop anchor in the fishing villages, to taste the world-famous Cretan cuisine, to have fun in its taverns until the morning, to swim and to do water sports. It is possible to immortalize the holiday by taking unique photos during the boat ride, each moment of which has a different pleasure and beauty. What you need to do for this is to make a reservation for Crete sailboat charter and set off. Chartering a sailboat in Crete is a holiday preferred by sailboat enthusiasts. Depending on the number of people who will participate in the trip, sailboats of different sizes and models can be rented. There is no obligation to be a captain when renting a sailing boat. Anyone with a sailing license can rent it.

One of the advantages of chartering a sailboat is to feel the calmness of the sea. It is quite enjoyable to listen to the sound of nature instead of the sound of the engine. It is also much more economical for long trips. It is possible to sunbathe, swim, fish and do water sports by anchoring in the desired bays. One of the most enjoyable ways to discover the magnificent bays of Crete is to charter a sailboat on the island of Crete. Crete, the largest island in the Eastern Mediterranean, consists of four regions. Crete sailboat charter is an ideal choice to spend time in all of the beautiful regions of Chania, Rethimno, Heraklion and Lasithi, to explore their historical and natural beauties, and to taste different flavors of the world-famous Cretan Cuisine. Instead of looking for a hotel with suitcases in hand, it is inevitable to stay on the boat and visit a new bay every day and enjoy it.

Crete sailboat charter
Crete sailboat charter

Crete Sailboat Charter Fees

Boat rental prices vary according to the type, size and model of the boat. Companies that provide boat rental services provide consultancy services to their customers on what type of boats are more suitable. If you want to get Crete sailboat charter service, you must first determine your needs and demands and choose the most suitable boat. One of the important points is to find out what is included in the price while doing research. This is very important in order not to experience any problems later on. Services included in the sailboat charter fee; Use of equipment on the boat, personnel and services, utility water, towels, sheets, bed linen, cleaning services, use of air conditioning, tax and marina fees in Turkish territorial waters and Yacht insurance. Services that are not included in the Crete island sailboat rental price; Crete Island port costs, food and beverages, cook and captain on request, wild boat fuel costs, personal insurance.

Sailing boats also have an engine. Motors are used at the port entrances and exits to be able to cruise on windless days. Although the fuel usage differs according to the companies, usually 4 hours of fuel usage per day is included in the price. Sailing boats are very suitable for traveling in all weather conditions. Cabins are convenient, indoor and outdoor areas are comfortable. High fuel costs are not in question since sailing is made with power. The comfort during the journey is valid in marinas. It is easier to berth in shallow waters than other types of boats. This provides the opportunity to go to the shore easily. It is possible to visit the beaches of the island of Crete and have a pleasant time on the shore by chartering a sailboat in Crete.

Indispensable for sea lovers, boat vacation has become the choice of more and more people today. The impact of the covid 19 pandemic is great in this. Now everyone prefers to have a more isolated holiday, and the ideal of this is a boat holiday. You can stay in the desired bay or marina, swim wherever you want, do water sports and have an isolated holiday away from strangers. Especially for those who know how to sail, this holiday is both very enjoyable and more economical. There is no pleasure in discovering new places with sailboat charter in the Greek Islands and especially Crete. With its historical riches, nature and entertainment life, Crete offers its visitors a wonderful holiday. Also take a look at Crete catamaran charter models.