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bodrum catamaran charter models

Bodrum Catamaran Charter Models

Experience an unique holiday with our Bodrum catamaran charter models suitable for every budget. Bodrum district of Muğla province is a peninsula located between Güllük and Gökova Bays. Surrounded by the Aegean Sea on 3 sides, Bodrum’s beautiful holiday resorts have become famous around the world. Every season of the year is flooded by local and foreign tourists. This magnificently beautiful peninsula with a temperate climate is located at the beginning of the important tourism centers of our country. Most of the tourists who spend their holidays in Bodrum rent a yacht and enjoy the beauties of Bodrum’s immediate surroundings. Bodrum catamaran preference is in the foreground. With Bodrum catamarans, it is possible to explore Bodrum from the sea and make a perfect blue cruise.

The main reasons why Bodrum catamaran charter models are preferred are that they are cheaper than gulets and motor yachts, and that there is no tremor in the sea. Catamarans are yachts designed as two interconnected hulls. They are faster than other yacht types. However, since they are more affected by weight than other yachts, their speed decreases when it comes to weight above normal. For this reason, we do not recommend those who prefer the charter catamaran service to fill the yacht with more material than necessary. We are at your service with our bareyacht and captain catamaran models. Our crewed Lagoon 62 model was prepared for our guests who want to experience the comfort of a luxury hotel on the sea. We are at your service with luxury equipment and cabin equipment and our VIP crew. You can look at our Bodrum gulet charter models to choose a luxury gulet instead of a catamaran.

Bodrum catamaran charter models
Bodrum catamaran charter models

Bodrum Catamaran Charter Models – Advantages of Catamarans

Another reason for choosing Bodrum catamaran charter models is that they dock at ports much more easily than other yachts. They are more maneuverable due to their dual motors. Since most of their hulls are above the sea surface, they can approach shallow shores much more. If we think in terms of comfort, catamarans are in the first place. The most obvious reason for this is the absence of shaking. Catamaran charter is the most ideal option, especially for those who have seasickness problems. Since they are double hulls, they have wider deck and interior areas compared to other yachts. Bodrum catamaran charter is definitely the right choice for those who want to experience the comfort of a hotel and a sea voyage together.

Safety has an important place among the reasons for choosing a chartered catamaran. If a hole is drilled in the body of the catamarans, there is no danger of sinking. They are produced with this feature. It is more difficult for them to return to normal in case of capsizing compared to monohull yachts. Knowing these details, it is much more beneficial to go on a charter catamaran journey. In addition, there are radio and GSM telephone navigation device equipment in terms of security. Tourism agencies that provide catamaran charter services also provide consultancy services to their customers. They give detailed information about which catamaran yacht model is more suitable according to the number of passengers and the expectations of the customers, and they recommend the most correct option.

Catamarans can be rented without a captain for those who have a captain’s license. There are experienced crew in charter catamaran service. From master cooks to service personnel, from technical personnel to cleaning personnel, everyone is competent. The spacious cabins of the chartered catamarans have been designed with the comfort of the customers in mind. Spacious indoor and outdoor dining, sunbathing and sitting areas are available. There are shower, WC, TV, music systems in the cabins, DVD, LCD TV, music systems in the saloons, every detail has been carefully chosen for a pleasant and peaceful sea voyage.Customers who prefer Bodrum charter catamaran models can request canoes and similar equipment for water sports.

Chartering Procedures

It is inevitable to make a pleasant blue cruise with Bodrum catamaran charter models departing from Bodrum and the ports of Bodrum’s towns. In addition, passengers who do not have passport and visa problems can also visit the Greek Islands. They can swim in untouched virgin bays and enjoy the magnificent view. They can easily land by approaching the world-famous beaches of Bodrum and its surroundings. It is inevitable to enjoy a fun and peaceful holiday with the happiness, excitement and energy of discovering new places and being intertwined with the sea. You can contact the tourism agencies in Bodrum Port to book a charter catamaran. Many sea lovers make reservations during the winter months and guarantee a pleasant sea voyage for the summer months.

There is a great increase in the demand for charter catamarans during the Covid 19 pandemic we are in. The reason for this is that it is possible to have a risk-free holiday without contacting foreign people. You can have an independent holiday with your family, group of friends or as a couple by taking a charter catamaran service. You can determine your own route, anchor wherever you want, and go to the coasts and ports you want. It is possible to get price offers from the websites of tourism companies that provide Bodrum charter catamaran models.

You can contact our expert reservation team and get information about catamaran options suitable for all kinds of budgets. We are at your service with our wide fleet for your yacht requests between Fethiye and Bodrum. An unforgettable sea holiday experience awaits you in Turkey’s uniquely beautiful bays with our captained catamarans and crews’ VIP services that offer the comfort of a luxury hotel on the sea.