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mykonos catamaran charter prices

Mykonos Catamaran Charter Prices

Domestic and foreign tourists, who frequently benefit from the affordable Mykonos catamaran charter prices and catamaran charter service, have a pleasant time in the wonderful sea of ​​the Aegean. The catamaran, which consists of two hulls among sailyachts, is the most preferred marine vehicle by large families, thanks to its large area. There are three types of sailyachts. Classification is made according to the number of hulls of the sailyacht. Catamaran is a double hull marine vehicle. Monohull sailyachts are not suitable for large groups as they consist of a single hull. Finally, sailyachts such as trimarans can be given as an example of the most preferred marine vehicles due to their three hulls. Mykonos is generally preferred by newly married couples and families. The island of Mykonos, also known as a honeymoon and holiday destination, is frequently visited. Mykonos is a region within the borders of Greece. The language spoken on the island of Mykonos is Greek. It has an Orthodox and Greek Christian population in general. Tourists need translators to communicate. You can visit historical places with Italian, French and Turkish translators. Translators provide services for your family and loved ones to have a pleasant time.

There are certain points to be considered in the process of researching Mykonos catamaran charter prices. The age of the vehicle and the authority of the person who will use it have an important place. Tourists can use vehicles. This operation is permitted at the discretion of the document showing that it is known. However, there is also captain service among the services. Attention should be paid to the number of bathrooms, toilets and cabins inside the catamaran sailyacht. You need to make sure that the daily, weekly and monthly chartered sailyachts meet your needs. The catamaran, where local and foreign tourists can explore the surroundings of Mykonos Island, will give you pleasant moments. You should also pay attention to the speed limit and engine power when choosing a Mykonos or Greece catamaran charter. Makes sure you ensure your safety. Request a one-on-one meeting if you have the opportunity during the procedures. If you cannot do this, ask for the introduction of the sailyacht via video chat.

Mykonos catamaran charter prices
Mykonos catamaran charter prices

Mykonos Catamaran Charter Prices – Mykonos Beaches

The clean and clear water of the Aegean attracts the attention of tourists. The most convenient place in terms of transportation and entertainment is Mykonos. The region, which is connected to the Greek islands, attracts attention thanks to its white houses. Especially the city of Khora offers a unique view for its visitors with its bougainvillea houses. Get ready to say hello to a white world with its narrow magnificent streets. In addition to its friendly people, the island of Mykonos, where social activities are abundant, offers suitable areas for water sports. White houses with bougainvillea will take you to different worlds with their arrangement on narrow streets. These streets are designed mainly in blue and white. In addition to being clean and luxurious, it serves you at affordable prices. There is a situation that restaurants and cafes apply to their customers. For example, you ordered food. You can get up without eating the high-priced food. There is no additional charge for this. Mykonos catamaran charter prices.

Sights of Mykonos

The municipal library is an 18th-century building. Over 8,000 volumes attract the attention of many tourists. There are 18th and 19th century memories in the area with photo archives. In addition to the documents and works of the Cycladic American artist, it attracts attention with its personal library. Historical coins are exhibited in e-items. The library is located in the center of Chori district. This is Ayia Kyriaki Square. Petros The Pelican, on the other hand, “Petros”, one of the former inhabitants of the island, is actually a pelican. Petros, who became the mascot of the island in a period of 60 years, caused the locals on the island to make monuments after his death.

Windmills of Mykonos Windmills located in the Chora region of Mykonos city have become the symbol of the island. It offers a unique view due to its white and cute structures. Most domestic and foreign tourists prefer this area. The windmills, which are affected by strong north winds, are lined up on the sea-facing area. With affordable Mykonos catamaran charter prices, you can view the windmills from afar during your trip. The purpose of the windmills, which are covered with wood and straw, is different when they were first built. Windmills built by the Venetians were used to grind flour. The windmills, which were used from the 16th century to the 20th century, are still standing today in their restored form. Windmills, which are among the places where historical documents are preserved, are the places where the local people stay.

Mikri Venetia (Little Venice) In addition to rows of fishermen’s houses, it is the center of attention of tourists with its balconies overlooking the sea. The first of the houses was built in the 18th century. These houses, which belonged to wealthy merchants and families in the early days, could provide access to the sea and underground warehouses. It was believed that the original owners of the houses with small basement doors were pirates.

As a result, charter prices vary according to catamaran type and services. You can have an unforgettable sea holiday experience with charter prices suitable for your budget. You can reach our expert team and get information about charter prices. Mykonos catamaran charter prices are also written under each yacht on our website. Catamarans are offered with or without a captain. In some catamarans, the captain, cook and hostess prices are extra. It is not included in the charter prices.