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Fethiye gulet charter prices

Fethiye Gulet Charter Prices

With the best Fethiye gulet charter prices, would you like to watch the unique nature of Fethiye from its turquoise sea, explore its untouched coves, and reach its magnificent beaches from the sea? Who can say no to this question? If you are one of those who say yes, you can take a Fethiye gulet charter service to witness all these extraordinary beauties of Fethiye and have a yacht holiday as you wish. There are many Fethiye gulet charter options in Fethiye and its surrounding regions. Our company provides consultancy services on choosing a suitable gulet boat according to the expectations and demands of our guests from their boat holiday and the number of people who will participate in the trip.

Fethiye gulet charter prices include the fees of the skipper and crew serving on the blue cruise voyage. The crew cabins are completely separate from the guest cabins. Private boat rental service is generally preferred for blue cruise programs. In private tours, the boat belongs entirely to the groups and individuals it serves. Although the customer decides on the route, the skipper can change the route when necessary in terms of safety. The food list and the ingredient list are determined by the customer. On request, the cook can accompany the trip for an extra fee. Decisions such as going to the desired bay and beaches, anchoring in the open sea, staying overnight in the desired port are entirely up to the customer. Generally, groups of friends, couples and families prefer the private Fethiye Gulet Charter service.

Fethiye Gulet Charter Prices – What is Gulet?

We seem to hear why you specifically say Gulet. For this, let’s give some information about gulets. Gulet boats are wooden, motor and sailing boats built in traditional architecture and technique. It is the most preferred boat type, both close to the coastline and on long sea voyages. It is inevitable to have a smooth blue cruise with very comfortable and reliable gulets.

Today, gulet boats are mostly preferred for blue cruise cruises. Standard gulet boats have round sterns. Cabins and sundeck are located at the front of the boat. In the indoor area, there is a lounge that opens to cabins and there is a dining table in this lounge. The technical rooms of the boat are located at the stern. Gulet boats are between 15 and 55 meters in size. It is available in gulets with 6-8 cabins for 25 – 30 persons, from gulets with a single cabin for 2 persons.

Fethiye gulet charter prices
Fethiye gulet charter prices

For the gulets we offer with the best Fethiye gulet charter prices, apart from standard gulets, Aynakıç and Tirhandil design style are used in gulets. The stern of Aynakıç gulets is high and angular. There is a suite cabin at the stern. The difference between motorized and sailing chainring gulets is their design. It is generally preferred by people who want to spend an ultra-luxury journey. Tirhandil gulet boats have different sterns. Their average length is 15. 20 meters and they are often preferred by sailing enthusiasts. Although not as long as other gulet types, the cabins have the same size and comfort.

With Fethiye gulet charter prices, there is equipment to meet all kinds of needs for those who will go on a blue cruise with the most ideal boat. Gulet boats designed in different designs such as ultra-luxury modern gulets and economical gulets offer options according to the preferences of the customers. In a standard gulet, all cabins have WC, shower, bed, wardrobe, dresser. In addition to the dining table, sofa set, TV, music system, extra luxury equipment and equipment can be added upon request in the living room.

Charter Prices

Another option for those who prefer Fethiye gulet charter is to charter a cabin. It is a much more economical option and a pleasant holiday can be made no matter how much a certain program is adhered to. Although it is a risky option for the covid 19 pandemic we are in, it is one of the preferred options in normal times.

Fethiye gulet charter is an ideal option for a comfortable and safe blue cruise. Gulet boats have safety equipment such as radio system, mobile phone, fire extinguisher, life jacket, boat, first aid materials, navigation system.

In the light of all this information, we think that you will not hesitate about Fethiye gulet charter. If you are ready to see the beautiful bays and beaches of Fethiye, and the magnificent landscapes created by the intertwining of green and blue, we recommend you to book a Fethiye gulet charter immediately. You can also add the Greek Islands to your cruise itinerary. As long as you have a passport and visa, you can dock at the ports of the country you want, and enjoy seeing new places by going ashore.

Fethiye gets very crowded in the summer months. The number of people who prefer a boat holiday as much as a hotel holiday is also quite high. Therefore, the sooner you plan your holiday program, you will not have any problems with Fethiye gulet charter prices. To discover Fethiye with other boat types, you can take a look at Fethiye yacht charter article.