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salamina catamaran charter

Salamina Catamaran Charter

Salamina, one of the Greek islands, is among the favorite places of local and foreign tourists. The island, where various activities are held with its coast, cathedral, church and beaches, welcomes you with its unique beauty. Thanks to the Salamina catamaran charter service, you can travel around the island and experience unforgettable moments with your loved ones. The catamaran provides service with two types of vehicles. It offers a variety of experiences to tourists who come to the island with or without sails. Since the mentioned marine vehicles have two hulls, they are often preferred by crowded families. Being comfortable and convenient has also led to an increase in catamaran charter service on Salamina Island.

Agiou Nikola Peristeria beach is one of the regions that can be visited by catamaran as well as being liked by tourists. Its clean beach and nature are among the unforgettable memories of your tour. In addition, Panagias Faneromenis, known as the Orthodox church on Salamina Island, is one of the places where the beliefs of the island are gathered together. Besides its historical atmosphere, it has a deep-rooted past.

Salamina Catamaran Charter – Salamina Marinas

Salamina has several marinas for catamaran charter yachts. In addition, services provided by catamarans or sailing yachts are available at the marina. Leof Salaminos marina, which is in the first row, serves charter or private yachts throughout the day. Marina guarantees the maintenance and safety of your vehicle at affordable prices. Many marinas such as Afeteria and Salamis Yachting Club provide shuttle services on the island. Peristeria, located in the south of Salamina island, attracts the attention of tourists thanks to its beach as well as its marina service. You can have a pleasant time with your family on the beach with sun loungers and umbrellas. Being open 24 hours guarantees security. The mentioned marina is located right next to the village on the island. Therefore, there is no transportation problem.

We serve sea lovers from all over the world with the Salamina catamaran charter service. Vehicles where you can spend time with your family leave very pleasant memories with the service of Greek dishes. The most famous is the Greek kebab. Souvlaki is served with authentic Mediterranean greens. Greek salad, which is indispensable alongside meat dishes, prioritizes onion and feta (sheep and goat’s milk) cheese. On the island of Salamina, cookies belonging to the Greek cuisine are distributed on New Year’s Eve. The aforementioned sweet cookie symbolizes the winter days with its white appearance. In addition, mussel rice, which is indispensable for those who love seafood, serves with its unique taste. Meticulously sorted mussels are blended with pepper and tomato. Then it becomes ready for presentation by combining it with rice.

Salamina catamaran charter
Salamina catamaran charter

Salamina Attractions

Salamina catamaran charter service allows you to experience the undiscovered natural beauty of the island. In addition to the standard tours, you can determine the routes you will go specifically. This service, which is frequently preferred by newly married couples as well as crowded families, offers romantic moments. The best time for vacation starts in May. The number of tourists in July and August is at its peak on the island. If you want to spend a quiet Salamina catamaran charter holiday, you can choose May.

You can fish in Giala, one of the marinas of Salamina island. You can also visit the island’s churches. One of the old churches, the Mother of Lord Faneromeni Holy Concvent, draws you in with its wonderful view. Its distinctive aura enlivens visitors with the atmosphere of the 17th century. The church, which was built on the area where the Virgin Mary symbol is located, greets tourists with pine and olive trees in the east of the island. Anciet Port of Salamis is an ancient port that is best suited for a nice afternoon stroll. It is one of the areas where Greek soldiers gathered in the struggle against the Persians. One of the interesting areas of the island is the Euripides cave. Located in the southern part of Salamina, the cave contains structures similar to a labyrinth. Its ten small rooms are among the refuges of contemporary writers. Its mysterious and brutal appearance adds different emotions to the wonderful view of the Aegean Sea. Experience more sailing performance with the Salamina sailing yacht charter. You can contact us for all kinds of problems and support during your Salamina catamaran charter tour. Our catamaran charter models have all kinds of security equipments and the necessary commercial licenses. The skipper and our cooks will serve you in the most professional way during your crewed catamaran vacations.