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Fethiye Catamaran Charter

Fethiye Catamaran Charter

For Fethiye catamaran charter models, you can take a look at our page. We add new catamarans to our charter models every new season and offer them to you. Most important difference of our catamaran charter models compared to sailboats is that they are more innovative and have a larger area. Number of cabins are 3,4 and 5. There is also a cabin for crew. While there is a large sunbathing area in the front well deck, there is a lounge at the stern side. Another advantage of catamaran s is that cabins are further away from each other. This also offers you your own space and private life style.

Galley is located in saloon side of Fethiye catamaran charter models. However, you can have your meal either in lounge or in open area at back of our Fethiye catamaran charter models, which we call well-deck. Our models are mainly provided with skippers. You can request images of latest models for Gocek catamaran charter models by calling us. In Fethiye, charter or rental catamaran s are located in two marinas. Ece marina and Yacht Classic marina are located in Karagozler. At the end of road connecting city center to Karagözler district, there is a concrete marina belonging to the municipality. More gulets are attached to the concrete marina. Rhodes ferry also departs from this marina. If you have an international departure or entry operation with your private or charter ed catamaran, your boat must come to this marina. Fethiye customs police and fethiye port authority buildings are located right in front of this marina. Agent who carries out your Transitlog transactions will wait for you here for your entry and exit transactions. Passport and face checks take 15 minutes depending on the number of people. You can go to pontoon where your catamaran is attached while your agency officer continues process. Concrete pier and car park of Ece marina are adjacent to each other. Parking is quite busy in high season. When you come to marina for your Fethiye catamaran charter holiday in Fethiye, you cannot park your car here. Park is only available for agency employees and owners.


Ece marina consists of two parts. The first entrance to the marina is the second entrance to the hotel. There is an opet fuel station at the entrance of the marina. On the day of check out, your fuel transactions will be done here. The first pontoon, the F pontoon, is located right in front of fuel station. H pontoon joins here and forms the outermost part of marina. While there are charter boats & catamaran s on first 3-4 pontoons, A and other pontoons extending towards hotel have motor yachts and private boat catamarans. Some of boats in our Fethiye charter catamaran fleet are connected to pontoons where charter catamaran boats are available. Opposite marina, there is a road leading to bays like white reeds & small haylofts. Across the road, agencies, small cafes, and hotels on hills are located along the way. As you return to the marina at the end of your fethiye catamaran charter tour, buildings and hotels on the hill offer a magnificent view with pine forests. Before your fethiye catamaran charter tour, you can meet some of your missing supplies for catamaran fridge or boxes from stores here. There are boat owner agencies and a mod cafe in marina. Mod cafe offers service to seafarers at any time they want. Showers in marina are free of charge and very clean and convenient. Hotel section is located right next to yacht classic marina. It is one of big & important hotels of the Fethiye catamaran charter region.

Fethiye Catamaran Charter – Yacht Classic Hotel and Marina

If you are looking for a boutique and luxurious hotel away from noise of city, Yat Classic Hotel is for you. One of  most popular hotels in Fethiye bay. Only 10 minutes walk from the city center. The hotel also includes a small marina with a mooring capacity of 30 charter yachts. There is a pool, sauna, restaurant and bar between the marina and hotel. Taste of sipping your wine with boat & sea views at sunset is another taste. Some catamaran s in our Fethiye catamaran charter fleet also in this marina. There are only two charter companies here.

There are 3 charter marinas where our Fethiye catamaran charter models are based. World class service can meet all demands of sailors. Service infrastructure develops with every passing day. For Fethiye yacht charter models Fethiye Ece Marina, Belediye Marina & Fethiye Yat Classic Hotel Marina service.

Bays Around Region

Gemiler, Kızıl Ada and Ölüdeniz Bays you can have unforgetable memories with your family or friends. Restaurants which are located in the islands services you as 7/24. Specially Mediterranean is an important destination for sail lovers who prefer Fethiye catamaran charter.

Close areas to the coast are more safety to anchor. When you are coming near the bays, the pine and olive trees will present a great view to you. Fethiye is also famous with historical places in it. While you sailing you will be also in beautiful historical places. Mediterranean climate is effective in area and lowest temperature is 16 degree in year. You also must be careful while offshore sailing because of rocks in deep waters. Catamaran charter. The charter bases and charter marinas  for Fethiye yacht charter prices  are Ece Marina, Belediye Marina, Yat Classic Hotel. With affordable Fethiye catamaran models your Fethiye catamaran cruise will be unforgettable. Our base team will do their best to provide most safety Fethiye catamaran holiday. You just choice your Fethiye catamaran model and enjoy the beauties of Fethiye.