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mykonos sailboat charter

Mykonos Sailboat Charter

For Mykonos sailboat charter, first of all, it should be noted that it is a travel vehicle that you can choose without much effort. In this process, make sure that a sailboat to be chartered before the season starts and that sailboat is crewed. The best quality sailboats are usually crewed vessels. First of all, you should determine whether you are renting for a vacation or a corporate meeting. You must notify the person or institution that is renting while making the transaction. You should choose your yacht type well and determine whether you want a large and luxurious sailboat or a gulet. You should arrange the places you will go on the island of Mykonos. You must inform the company how many tours you will take or how many days you will travel in the region you are going to.

For Mykonos sailboat charter, you must first determine how many people will go. You can have pleasant moments on the island of Mykonos by specifying the food and drinks you want or your extra requests. You can rent sailboats and yachts at a very good price. Weekly and daily excursions can be arranged. You can join the tours with your family and loved ones. The most popular of the Greek islands is Mykonos. Since it has 15 beaches, it is among the favorite places of domestic and foreign tourists. Most of the beaches are unique and refreshingly beautiful. Going to the beaches of Mykonos with high quality sailboats will double your holiday pleasure. One factor influencing prices is the age of the ship. The young age of the sea vehicles is one of the factors that increase the price. If you do not want the price to increase, it would be the most logical decision to turn to slightly older ships. While talking about Mykonos, the most magnificent of the Greek islands, you should not leave without seeing its white and box-like houses. Get ready for a fascinating adventure with its architecture and natural beauty.

Mykonos sailboat charter
Mykonos sailboat charter

Mykonos Sailboat Charter – Things to Consider

There are certain points to be considered in the Mykonos sailboat charter process. The first is how many tours you will take around the island of Mykonos. Then, you should tell your company in detail that you want to make a round trip to other regions or to other islands. The most important consideration is the age, length, number of cabins and galley features of the ships. In addition, attention should be paid to the areas reserved for bathroom and toilet needs. On long trips, you should make sure that the sailboat meets all your needs. If you are coming with your family, four cabins will suffice. But if you are going to have a business dinner with a large number of people, the number of cabins you should choose first is twelve cabins and above. Another factor you need to research is how many guests it will receive. It is important that the sailboat you will hire, how many personnel are in, where the ship is produced and the quality of the company you rent. Be sure to guarantee the safety of the agent you are dealing with. If you are renting from the internet, it should be a double protection application for security purposes. Mykonos, the apple of the eye of Greece, is one of the regions that receive the most tourists, and it is one of the places where the most sailboats are rented.

Places to Visit in Mykonos

You can explore many regions with Mykonos sailboat charter in Greece. Mykonos region, which is preferred by tourists going on vacation for the first time, is in an advantageous position compared to other cities with the availability of sailboat charters. Among the reasons why Mykonos is preferred in holiday areas, sailboat prices have a great impact. As with all kinds of charter transactions, you should perform your one-to-one transaction in these charters. If you do not have the opportunity to meet in person, you can communicate live. You can also make your charter with the video and photos of the watercraft. You should also look at the document of the vehicle in the Mykonos sailboat charter process. You can travel by charter with the most beautiful sailboats of Mykonos. The sailboats, which do not disappoint the tourists in terms of quality and durability, help you to have a pleasant time. You can find and rent beautiful sailboats from marinas in Mykonos. Although it has a separate area for yachts, it can also be rented from within the port. You can sail around the magnificent island of Mykonos as much as you want.

Mykonos Bars and Cafes

You had fun and you want to have a pleasant dinner with your family. Cafes and restaurants in Mykonos are designed just for you. You can also try street delicacies such as Gyros. The resemblance to Turkish doner shows how good it tastes. Alefkandra restaurant is an ideal place for your family at affordable prices. Veranda Cafe Bar, located by the sea, serves you at the most reasonable prices. Offering dessert and beverage service, this place appeals to all tastes. In addition to these, you can do the essentials of your holiday, such as swimming and sunbathing on the Paradise beach. Its clean water and sunbeds and umbrella service allow you to have a pleasant time with your family and loved ones. Get a more luxurious sea holiday opportunity with Mykonos catamaran charter prices. During your sailboat charter holiday in Mykonos, our captains will take you to the most beautiful bays on crewed tours. During the sailing charter tour, our cooks will prepare the most delicious menus for you. Discover this famous Greek destination in an unforgettable way with sailboat charters for every budget. Our team will be at your service 24/7 during the sailboat charter. All you have to do during your sailboat charter holiday in Mykonos is to enjoy the sea and the sun. Our team will take care of everything else. If you have enough license, you can go on a Mykonos sailboat charter tour yourself and use the boat yourself.