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Marmaris where has seaside along centrum and you can swim in fresh sea, has a popularity all around the world when we say summer tourism. Region is also popular in Yacht and Sailboat Charter maritime sector. There are beautiful and with green pine trees mountains around Marmaris. City is almost a blue cruise paradise when we say Marmaris bareboat charter and yacht charter. Dalaman Airport is only 1 hour far away from region. You can go to Rhodes where is only 45 minutes away with the boat you rented or ferryboat.

Marmaris Sailboat Charter – Detailed Information About Region

Marmaris bays which between high mountains and full of forest have much depth. Coasts are safe to anchoring. In winter time or under heavy weather conditions bays are safety to take shelter. Bays get North winds but sailor must be careful specially in heavy rainy days in Marmaris Harbour. You can also go to the bays by car. There are a lot of restaurants, cafes, shoping centers, diving clubs, maintenance services which can meet the demands of sail lovers and appropriate for any budget. Regions where you can dive in summer and winter time;

Sarı Mehmet Burnu, Abdi Reis Bay, Yazih Kaya, Baca Cave, Aksu Bay, Kütük Burnu, Kadırga Bay, Keçi Adası Lighthouse, İnce Burun Lighthouse and Hayıtlı Burun.

We can call Marmaris also as harbour city. City has unique bays. Region has a sufficient situation for sailboat charteryacht charter and yacht tourism.  Enables for sailors to anchor in different bays everynight with naturel Turquaz waters which are almost like a natural pool. In maritime sector,  the paradise of Mediterranean Marmaris is one of the most popular yacht tourism centers. Some of the marinas in Marmaris where there are world class service mentality, professional management, shoping centers, hotels. You can find detailed informations from link. You can click for Fethiye bareboat charter prices;

Marmaris Netsel Marina

Central location of the marina makes it most popular marina in Marmaris. Located in the North side of Marmaris and enables huge possibilities with gren environment.

Marmaris Yacht Marina

Located in Yalancı Bogaz where located in the South side of Marmaris an done of the biggest marinas in Turkey. Hosts many international yacht shows.

Albatros Marina

Marina is in the West side of Yalancı Bogaz and there are a lot of charter companies in there. There are restaurants and bars around the marina.

Martı Marina & Yacht Club – Orhaniye

About 300 boats can mooring and 100 boats can be lifted for wintering.

Belediye Harbour

Cheaper than others. Marmaris also hosts for a lot of international boat shows and sailing races. For 20 years every November Marmaris International Race Week is organized by Marmaris International Yacht Club. The Club also hosts Marmaris International Yacht Show in May. Show is organized in Marmaris Marina and has enough places for any kind of boat. Also Marmaris International Yacht Club organizes  International Marmaris “Yacht Charter Show”

Hisarönü or Orhaniye can be an option for you for sailboat charter. Simi, Rodos, Tilos, Halki and Nisiros Islands are very close to the region. If you think a route to Greek Islands, it would be a another option to start your holiday from here. For detailed informations about Marmaris Bays you can check the link.

Baba Island, Aşı İçi Harbour, Delik Ada /Dalyan, Ekincik Harbour, Kargı ve Semizce Bays, İçmeler, Turunç, Amos (Asarcık) Bay, Kumlubük, Kadırga Bay, Abdi Reis Bay, Yıldız Island – Bedir Island – Boğaz Bays.

Marmaris Sailboat Charter Price
Marmaris Sailboat Charter Price - Albatros Marina
Marmaris Marti Marina