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gocek yacht charter

Gocek Yacht Charter

With our modern Gocek yacht charter models you will have an unforgetable cruise holiday in the most popular bays of the world. You can rent a private yacht for 2 hours, 4 hours or more while doing yacht tours throughout day. Yacht prices for 2 hours in Göcek vary according to yacht models and time you charter. Average Gocek yacht charter prices start from 800 TL for 2 hours. You can contact us for early reservation. You can find other yacht models from Fethiye, Marmaris and Bodrum yacht charter pages.

gocek yacht charter
gocek yacht charter

When we say yacht holiday in Turkey, Gocek comes to mind firstly. A place where green forests draw magnificent views with turquoise waters. A paradise considered the best yacht destination in the world with its bays, nature and touristic facilities. You can choose suitable Gocek yacht charter model for you from Gocek yacht charter section and experience a unique Gocek yacht charter holiday in these magnificent views.

Gocek fascinates visitors from all over world with its beauty. You can see historical ruins of the Lycian period and the rock tombs carved into the slopes in the bays. Due to its geographical location, which can be regarded as center of Marmaris and Bodrum, Fethiye draws attention as first destination for seafarers. The most important feature that provides advantage over other sea tourism regions such as Croatia and Greece is structure of its bays. Gocek bays are sheltered from natural conditions. It is possible to reach services such as restaurants, clean water and electricity in almost every bay. Seas are almost like a natural pool. In addition to all these factors, the long season period from March to end of October also makes the region popular. We can say that the most written sentence of sea lovers looking for charter yacht while searching on internet is Gocek yacht charter.

Gocek Yacht Charter – Marinas

Since Gocek is a region where yacht tourism is predominant in addition to hotel tourism, it has world-class facilities and marinas that can meet needs of marina sector in the most professional way. Four of the most luxurious marinas in Turkey are located here. Gocek D Marin Marina can accommodate up to 180 yacht on land and 365 on sea. In addition, there are many leasing and broker offices as in other marinas. Gocek Belediye Marina has a capacity of 150 yacht s and has a concrete and wooden pier. Daily touring gulets are usually mooring here. Marintürk Gocek Village is located in Port Büngüş Bay. It is 5 minutes from town center and 20 minutes from Dalaman Airport.

Club Marina Gocek is also very close to center and is 5 minutes away. It is an excellent recreation and tourism center with its facilities and facilities. Founded in 1990, it is Turkey’s first natural marina and a private marina. Gocek will be a convenient stopover for our guests who choose their Gocek yacht charter models.

Gocek Skopea and D Marin marinas are among the most sheltered yacht charter marinas. It is covered with green pine forests. It is among favorite marinas thanks to its luxurious restaurants and accommodation facilities. Marintürk Gocek Exclusive Marina has only natural beach of the town. On covered floating pier, yacht owners and tenants can spend a peaceful time and meet their food and beverage needs from cafe-bistros located on sea. There are also services such as land parking, towing and launching. Yacht disembarkation, antifouling painting, etc. maintenance can be done in wide land area within marina. All of these Gocek marinas have facilities and facilities to serve in many areas such as electricity, water, fuel, parking areas and restaurants.

Gocek Yacht Charter – Gocek Bays and Destinations

Gocek is a magnificent yacht charter tourism destination adorned with many bays and islands. It is preferred with its marinas only 20 minutes away from Dalaman Airport. Bays are very close to marinas. It is possible to reach magnificent bays and beauties with a cruise of about 30 minutes. Gocek Yassica Islands were formed by many large and small islands located side by side. There is no facility and it is completely naturally preserved. You can even swim to each island covered with pine trees.

Bedir Rahmi Bay is named after the famous painter Bedir Rahmi. Bedir Rahmi, who visited Gocek in 1974, paints a fish on the rock. After that day, bay gains a great reputation and becomes an indispensable place for yacht s. Very cute bay is covered with olive trees. There is a small restaurant at the end of wooden pier inside. You can find unique Mediterranean cuisine and seafood taste here. Our guests who prefer Gocek yacht charter should not end their yacht charter holiday before visiting this bay.

There are Byzantine monastery ruins in Cleopatra Bay. If you go to hill where the sheep rests, you can take a half-hour beautiful nature walk among ancient ruins. Tersane Island is the largest of the islands in Gocek. The bay, which has historical ruins from Ottoman period, is quite remarkable with its natural beauty. The inhabitants of the bay, which were used by seafarers as shelter during Byzantine period, left the island and migrated to Greece in accordance with the famous Lausanne Treaty.

Göbün Bay, on other hand, is located on the left when bays come from Fethiye. It is one of the most popular haunts. Bay surrounded on three sides is completely protected against natural conditions. Shelter for seafarers in bad weather. It is not possible for larger yacht s to enter the bay, which has a wooden pier for sailboats and catamarans. After having your meal in the restaurant, you can swim and dive in the deep blue sea. There is even a barber service in bay. It is possible to reach electricity and clean water services for charter yacht. For Gocek yacht charter, at exit from Göbün Bay, there is Sarsala Bay just opposite. There is a restaurant right above the wooden pier that runs parallel to mountain. The restaurant leaning on the hillside has a magnificent view of the bay. You can have fun with your friends or family in the restaurant until the morning. You can even call a taxi to go to the airport from bay, which can be reached by road.

How to Go to Gocek

Gocek is only fifteen minutes away from Dalaman Airport. There are direct flights from Dalaman Airport to many cities in Europe. In this way, Gocek region is a very popular tourism destination for foreign tourists. In terms of sailing by yacht, Gocek is an hour and a half from Fethiye. If you wish, you can charter a yacht from Fethiye and set sail towards Gocek. Our expert staff will offer you the most suitable yacht charter model in Gocek. You can contact us for any requests before or during the Gocek yacht charter tour. For a magnificent Gocek yacht charter, all you have to do is contact us.

2021 Season Early Booking Offer

Gocek bays are among the most popular bays in the world. Private yacht models for charter fill up very quickly in Gocek location. If you are coming to Gocek region especially for charter a yacht, please contact us so that you do not stay idle during busy season. Because especially holiday periods and holidays are very busy for yacht charter. You may have trouble finding it, and it will be difficult to find yacht charter as prices will remain high. Our skippers will accompany you bays and private sightseeing routes for Gocek yacht charter.

Gocek Yacht Rental For Special Occasions

If you want, you can visit Gocek bays with your family if you want a birthday party on yacht. With the guidance of our skipper of yacht, it will be specially selected for you at locations where you will swim in Gocek. Yacht models in Gocek for charter differ in size and hours. Price of a 2-hour yacht charter and a 4-hour yacht charter is not same. Our yacht charter models are offered at different prices according to model years. You can come to our agency for Gocek yacht charter or you can reach us by phone.