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paros catamaran charter

Paros Catamaran Charter

Paros is one of the most striking regions among the Cyclades islands. Located in the southeast of Greece, Paros provides a special experience for our guests with Paros catamaran charter cruise. Paros offers an aesthetic beauty with its clear waters and the unique beauty of the blue. While visiting the island, you will discover the beauty of white and pastel colored houses, small fishing villages and plains covered with olive trees.

Many options await holidaymakers who prefer Paros. While those who want can enjoy the beaches with beach clubs, those who want can prefer deserted coves. Offering different features and wide possibilities for everyone, Paros is among the most popular regions of Greece with its aesthetic texture. Moreover, you can add other interesting islands of Greece to your Paros catamaran charter cruise. If you have determined your holiday route as Paros, you have routes where you can walk and climb with magnificent sea views in the scent of thyme. It is also located in Petaloudes de Paros, a perfect find for nature lovers.

Paros Catamaran Charter – Surf Paradise Paros

Surfing is one of the most preferred sports by those who do not give up on a sea holiday. If you are one of those who love to surf, Paros is just for you! Known as a surfing paradise, Paros is home to surfers from all over the world. You can add unique memories to your holiday by meeting with surfers on the beach of Anti Paros.

Our guests, who start their journey with the Paros catamaran charter, should not return without exploring the island’s energetic harbor and fishing towns! Pairika, one of the most striking port towns of the island, is among the places we would recommend to you. By visiting Pairika, you can take a trip full of specialty restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. In addition, you should definitely visit the restaurants where you can taste seafood in this location, which is famous as a fishing town. Located between the fishing villages of Paros, Aliki and Piso take you to a stop with unique flavors. Seafood is undoubtedly one of the first things that come to mind when it comes to Greek delicacies. Paros, with its fresh seafood and appetizers, is almost a heaven of taste. Therefore, as a result of your tour here, you will try all kinds of fresh fish.

If you do not want to deal with cooking and cooking your meals on the yacht during your chartered catamaran holiday, our experienced chefs will accompany you throughout your chartered catamaran trip. They will serve you the tastes of Mediterranean cuisine in the most delicious and hygienic way. Add more color to your Paros catamaran charter holiday with Mediterranean cuisine.

Paros catamaran charter
Paros catamaran charter

Address of Pure Marbles and Fishing Port Villages: Paros

If you started your Paros catamaran charter holiday with Paros, you can add new addresses to your journey. Because Paros is located between Mykonos and Santorini. Therefore, you can add them to your list if you wish. If you have continued your journey to discover new places, you should also explore sandy beaches with surfing beaches and sea sports. You will have privileges such as fishing villages, a port town, walking routes, colt camps in this holiday plan, where you will have an experience you have never had before.

Famous for its pure marbles, Paros also hosts a cultural past with its sculptures. On the Paros catamaran charter tour, you can think of the island not only as a sea holiday, but also as a place where you can evaluate it culturally. The region offers its visitors a cultural experience with the Paros Archaeological Museum. It is a place that offers different experiences to its visitors with its artistic and cultural structure of Ancient Greece. Therefore, your holiday will nourish you in every way. You will end your Paros catamaran charter holiday with a full experience and memories made of special frames.

Aliki is one of the fishing port villages in the south of Paros. If other areas seem crowded to you, you can find the calmness you are looking for here. Because Aliki is one of the desolate and colorful villages of the region. There are many cafes, restaurants and taverns you can visit here. For a place full of Greek cuisine and seafood, Aliki will be the right choice. You can take a break from your unique holiday with a catamaran in this tiny port village and stay overnight if you wish. Catch the wind in Paros with Paros sailing yacht charter models!

If you do not have a skipper’s license and experience, you can also travel with our skippers. During your rental catamaran holiday, our skippers, who know the region very well, will transport you to the most beautiful destinations in the safest way. Safety is the most important factor during a chartered catamaran vacation. For this reason, our skippers consist of people with numerous catamaran charter tours experience. Rental catamaran yachts also have all safety equipment. Your Paros catamaran charter holiday is extremely safe and peaceful with us.