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Bodrum Gulet Charter

It is useful to describe the region, which is one of the leading blue cruise centers in Turkey, in two parts for sea lovers who will prefer Bodrum gulet charter. If the Bodrum peninsula is considered as the South and West sides, information about the region can be obtained more easily and route plans can be made more easily. You can get support from our expert team to get information about the best route plans and to take advantage of the new season early booking discounts. If you wish, let’s start with detailed information about the South side.

Bodrum Gulet Charter – South Side of Bodrum Peninsula

The south-facing coastal part is naturally sheltered from the north winds. In the spring and autumn months, sailors and their skippers who cruise Bodrum gulet charter take shelter in consideration of the weather conditions. The mountains stretching along the 10-mile-long coast between Hüseyin burnu and Bodrum gain height after Bodrum. Recently, unfortunately, the concreting between the beginning of the collar and Bodrum has increased considerably. In terms of charter gulet cruise, natural beauties are decreasing even more. The white two-storey buildings, which are identified with the basement, almost completely cover the treeless hills. Many domestic and foreign tourists, apart from those who charter gulet vacations, spend their holidays in rental apartments here. Daily charter tour boats and gulets are also very busy here. The clean sea, active lifestyle, despite everything, makes the region preferable for charter gulets and other holidaymakers. Other advantages of the region are the presence of historical and archaeological sites. During your gulet charter tour, you can dive at these unique diving spots and take your charter gulet vacation to more enjoyable dimensions.

Bodrum gulet charter
Bodrum gulet charter

There are shelters, maintenance areas, companies selling yachts and gulet equipment for all kinds of boats and gulets. Due to the abundance and quality of the winds, it is also popular as the region where yacht, sailing and gulet races are organized. The region is the starting point and an important destination of charter and private gulet tourism in Turkey. The coastline, which is dominated by the Mediterranean climate, receives plenty of precipitation in the winter, while the summer season is quite hot. Our guests who have a gulet charter holiday can contact us for more information about the region, and they can browse our Marmaris gulet charter page to chart a route and reach here from a different location.

West Side

The coastline of about 10 miles is exposed to strong winds due to its outer part. Therefore, it has a very wavy sea. Bodrum is the region where the skippers of the sea lovers who prefer gulet charter do not add much to the route. The region has compelling natural conditions that require attention in terms of navigation. It is beneficial for sailors cruising with a chartered gulet or boat not to cruise in the region, especially in winter, without the necessary experience. In the bays, two important marinas of Bodrum are located on this side. Rental boats or gulets are abundant in this marina. There are also archaeological wrecks in the region.

The prices of the charter gulets in our Bodrum gulet charter fleet vary according to the length, age and equipment of the gulets. Crew and fuel are included in our charter gulet prices. Our guests can choose ready-made menus or do their shopping themselves. Our chefs in the chartered gulet crew will prepare the menus upon their requests. For us, apart from the service quality, another important factor for our Bodrum gulet charter guests is security. In Gulets, our skipper, cook and sailors will provide the best service for your safety apart from the friendly service. The charter gulets in our Bodrum charter gulet fleet range from 3 to 10-12 cabins. Whether you want to be more private with your family or with large groups of friends, you can plan a fun-filled gulet charter.

Popular Bays for Blue Cruise in the Region

Bodrum, which has made a name for itself with its nightlife in television and magazine news, is actually not as popular as other regions, but has many coves in charter gulets. With a gulet charter, you have the chance to wake up in a deep blue bay and wake up in the sea in the morning instead of waking up in a hotel room after nightlife. Most of the Bodrum bays have a blue flag certificate. While some bays are ideal for gulet charter holidaymakers seeking silence, others offer opportunities for water sports and activity seekers. While some of them can be reached by land, others are coves that can only be reached by rental or private boat tours. If you wish, let’s start to give detailed information about the most popular Bodrum bays.

Torba Bay is one of the closest bays to the center of Bodrum. Frequent place for daily charter gulets and boats. Due to the humid weather, olive trees are plentiful and the hills are covered with olive trees. It is a frequent destination for sea excursionists and sea sports lovers.

Turgutreis is one of the most popular destinations in Bodrum. The island of Kos, which is right across, adds a different view to the region. The sunset is quite beautiful. Our guests on a Bodrum gulet charter holiday can watch the sunset and request our skippers to include them in the route.

Cennet and Güvercinlik bays are also popular places. Cennet Bay, with its turquoise sea and colorful hills ranging from green to blue, is a must-visit for charter gulet cruise that truly lives up to its name. It is an ideal stopping place for charter or private boats and gulets as it does not get windy. The cove, covered with pine forests, can be reached by car or by sea.

Güvercinlik Bay is the first place you will see on the way to Milas-Bodrum. 25 km from Bodrum. away from Bodrum, with its small fishermen’s restaurants along the coast, its cats and its wonderful scenery, it is quite known and popular with gulet charter and other holidaymakers.