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Turkey motor yacht charter

Turkey Motor Yacht Charter

With Book2sailing, take the opportunity to rent Turkey motor yacht charter models with the best prices. Get ready to discover the natural wonders of Turkey and enjoy the luxury on the sea. All you have to do is reach our expert team. Book2sailing team will provide you with everything for an unforgettable motor yacht holiday. After getting complete information about the motor yacht, you can also ask for route suggestions. Our skippers will prepare the most ideal route for you. During your tour, Book2sailing reservation team and base managers will always be ready to support you and accompany you at every moment of your trip.

If you are looking for entertainment, comfort and luxury on the sea, choosing Turkey motor yacht charter will be the most ideal. Compared to sailboat or catamaran models, motor yachts provide much more recreational activities thanks to water toys. An unforgettable motor yacht holiday with your family or friends is waiting for you with entertainment options from water ski to wakeboard, from surf to jet ski.

Turkey Motor Yacht Charter – Motor Yacht Charter Prices

We determine our price policy ideal for everyone to experience the pleasure of motor yachts with our Turkey motor yacht charter options suitable for every budget. Our professional crews and well-maintenanced motor yachts await you in every region and bay from Antalya to Bodrum.

Why not rent a motor yacht for your next boating vacation? Experience a yacht holiday that suits all your needs with a large number of motor yachts to choose from at Book2sailing, Europe’s leading boat rental platform. Whatever your route request is, whatever the rental period and how many people you are, we offer the perfect motor yacht model for you.

Turkey motor yacht charter - Bodrum
Turkey motor yacht charter – Bodrum

Motor yacht prices vary according to the built year, service and number of cabins of the boats. Crew and fuel charges are usually included in the rental price. If you want, you can do your own food and beverage shopping. If you want, you can evaluate the menu options that we will offer you. Our chefs will prepare you the unique tastes of Mediterranean cuisine. Our hostesses, on the other hand, will serve you at the quality of a luxury hotel and restaurant on the sea.

Turkey Motor Yacht Charter – Turkey Bays

Motor yachts, thanks to their high speeds, provide you with easier transportation and the opportunity to see more places during your tour. Since they do not have keels like sailing boats and their underwater parts are not deep, they can moor in much shallower bays. Whether you’re an adventurer with a passion for speed or just want to spend a quiet day in the sun, Turkey motor yacht charter offers you endless freedom and flexibility to have a great day.

If you like water sports, motor yachts are an excellent choice with their speed and maneuverability. On motorboats you can find equipment for sports such as water skiing and jet skiing, as well as for lighter activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving. Whether you are looking for adventure or calmness, they are all at your service with Book2sailing.

The bays between Fethiye and Bodrum are among the best in the world. Thanks to their natural structure, they are quite protected against all kinds of weather conditions. 10 months of the year are sunny and hot. In almost every bay, there are luxury or standard businesses that provide boating and restaurant services. Even Gocek, with its 32 bays, is ideal and sufficient for a 1-week tour. Marmaris peninsula offers numerous route alternatives. Bodrum is the center of luxury holiday. It is a frequent destination for Istanbul and European society. You can look at our Bodrum motor yacht charter models for luxury holiday opportunities.

Skippered Yacht Charter

In some countries such as Spain and Italy, bareboat motor yacht charters are allowed, depending on the size and power of the boat. Before booking, we recommend that you check the maritime regulations of your destination and the availability to charter a boat without a sipper and/or license as described on the boat page. There is no bareboat motor yacht charter service in Turkey. You can feel the difference of professional crew service while enjoying a boat holiday with your family or friends with a skippered Turkey motor yacht charter.

When you charter your boat through Book2sailing, you can choose from a wide variety of options according to your preferences and have an unforgettable experience tailored to your needs.

On motor yachts, the crew cabins are separate from the guest cabins. You will never feel uncomfortable in your private living spaces. Our skippers, cook and hostess serve you professionally and friendly. Your safety is very important to us as well as having fun and a peaceful holiday. Our experienced skippers will transport you to the bays in a very safe way.

Turkey motor yacht charter guarantees you a safe journey. All motor yachts are chartered with licensed skippers. Motor yachts have radar, GPS and all necessary navigation equipment, safety boats and vests, and a constant inspection is carried out.

From Fethiye, Gocek, Marmaris and Bodrum, you can add the Greek Islands in the immediate vicinity to your route. As long as you have a passport and visa, you can dock at the ports of the country you want, and enjoy seeing new places by going ashore. Greek Islands are much closer to you thanks to the speed of motor yachts. If you are planning to go to the Greek Islands, you must inform us at the time of booking. Exit documents are prepared accordingly and extra fees are incurred.