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catamaran charter

Catamaran Charter

In addition to the hotel industry, in our country where the culture of catamaran charter, boats and blue cruises has increased rapidly, the demand for vacation by boat has increased considerably in recent years. This culture, which dates back many years in Europe, is unfortunately newly adopted by local tourists in our country. The reason for this is that when people think of vacation, the first thing that comes to mind is hotel and although we have the most beautiful seas in the world, they do not show enough interest in sea culture. Another reason is the economy. Since boat prices are determined in Euro, a boat holiday can be quite expensive for domestic tourists. Of course, the number of domestic tourists who take a blue cruise holiday with the most suitable boat options as well as their economic strength is at a serious level. The most preferred boat model, especially for those looking for hotel or home comfort on the sea, is the catamaran. Especially for families with children and women, the option of catamaran charter is quite high. By their design, we can compare catamarans to floating houses or hotel rooms on the sea. Catamarans are the most preferred model, especially by our female guests, with their spacious kitchen and living areas.

One of the most important features that makes the catamaran charter prices and models attractive is that it has wide and personalized living spaces. For this reason, catamarans, which are generally preferred by families with children and crowded, offer their passengers a more comfortable holiday than single hull boats. One of the features of charter catamaran boats is that the cabins are placed separately from each other. This design feature provides more personal living spaces. Catamarans are also preferred with their fast structures. Thanks to the lower gap formed by the combination of two hulls, they have no resistance to the wind. Instead of creating resistance against the wind, the wind passes through the lower gap and provides speed to the boat. Of course, this speed shortens the transportation times and provides the opportunity to reach more places or bays.

It is possible to see the moments when the holidaymakers who will sail for the first time with a catamaran charter cannot hide the amazement on their faces. The width is quite surprising when they enter the boat for the first time. In addition, you can have a holiday experience where you can perform activities such as water sports and diving on the catamaran boat and in the bays. One of the indispensable elements on the boat and on the sea is safety. Catamarans are more stable on the sea than single hull boats. It has safer areas, especially for families with children, thanks to its large decks. Activities such as walking and sunbathing on a catamaran boat are safer. Charter catamarans have higher berthing capabilities thanks to their twin-engine designs.

catamaran charter
catamaran charter

Catamaran Charter – Advantages of Catamarans

Catamarans, which can reach speeds of one and a half or two times that of a single hull boat, can reach abnormal speeds if they are built for speed. It also has advantages in terms of safety. Today, the products of many brands designed with superior technology have the feature of not sinking. Unlike the old catamarans, today’s modern catamarans are almost no longer likely to capsize. For catamaran charter, it is possible to berth in shallow waters as there is no release system like monohulls. In addition, since they do not have heavy keels, they are lighter, have less water resistance and high navigational capabilities. Monohulls tilt forty-five degrees when you sail. If the items inside are not placed securely during sailing, they may fall down. Unaccustomed children in the boat may experience fear and nausea. Since the charter catamarans have wide widths thanks to their double hulls, there is no tilting situation during sailing. This provides a safer navigation opportunity for families with children.

In monohulls, since the engine is inside the boat, their noise may be disturbing while cruising. In catamarans, the engines are located aft, far from the cabins. Thanks to its two engines, its maneuverability is quite high. Docking can be done with the movement of engines without even using the rudder. Our guests who have little experience on charter catamaran vacations may think that catamarans are difficult to use due to their large size. However, the situation is the opposite.

Cabins and toilets on catamaran boats are separate and far from each other. This provides more privacy. Not to mention how large the living spaces can be. You can view the pictures of the catamarans on our page and see their large designs. Single hull boats go down a ladder from the cockpit or cockpit to the saloon. No matter how modern and detailed it is furnished, the boat lounge is an underground room. Portholes or hatches stay high, it is not possible to control the surroundings. Whereas, in catamarans, the saloon is generally at the same level as the cockpit, has a spacious atmosphere in summer and winter, and has a panoramic view. The experience of using a catamaran means speed, safety and comfort as well as a sailing pleasure at the peak.

Disadvantages of Catamarans

Charter prices are high. Due to its wide dimensions, marina mooring fees are high. About one and a half to two times the price of a monohull mooring. When you take the wave from the beginning with the catamaran, they are shaken more by making more fore and aft depending on the wave intervals. Since their displacement is much less than monohull boats, they are more affected by heavy loads and experience performance degradation. In short, for families with children who seek the comfort of a home on the sea, a catamaran charter will be more suitable. As we mentioned above, the use of chartered boats is an issue that requires security and experience that cannot be neglected in any way. The sea is open to surprise dangers due to its moving surface. As long as your budget allows, a suitable charter catamaran will provide a safer living space for your family and children. It is suitable for sailors who want a more spacious boating atmosphere during their holidays. You can check our page for Marmaris catamaran charter models.