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Fethiye catamaran charter prices

Fethiye Catamaran Charter Prices

Thanks to our Fethiye catamaran charter prices policy, which we have determined to suit every budget, you can rent a catamaran at the best price. Warm and peaceful Fethiye and its bays, where the sun is never missing, offer an unforgettable boat holiday. You will find peace with only the sound of wind and sailing in uniquely beautiful bays away from the noise and stress of big cities. Our expert team is at your service 24/7 to provide you with an unforgettable catamaran experience. You can reach us via whatsapp, phone or e-mail and take advantage of the most advantageous catamaran rental prices. You can choose the most suitable catamaran for you, either from the catamarans of our own fleet or from the catamarans of other companies for which we are the official agency. We send you all the details and pictures of each boat with the best price options.

Fethiye is a very attractive catamaran holiday destination with its developed boat industry, modern marinas, shopping, f&b and entertainment venues. The sailing season is quite long, thanks to the sunny weather of about 10 months. Fethiye is also home to the world-famous Ölüdeniz Beach and Butterfly Valley. Thanks to its distance of only 45 minutes to Dalaman Airport, it is considered as an easily accessible destination for sailors from all over the world. The marinas are located in the Karagözler neighborhood in the city center. Fethiye Ece Marina and Yacht Classic Marina are popular marinas. The catamaran models we offer with the most suitable Fethiye catamaran charter prices are located in these marinas. Fethiye is also located very close to the Greek Islands, which are popular sailing destinations such as Rhodes. You can reach Rhodes from Fethiye with an average sailing of 7 hours.

Fethiye Catamaran Charter Prices – Bareboat and Skippered Catamaran Charter

If you are determined to live your boat holiday in Fethiye in the happiest way and therefore want to rent a catamaran, Book2sailing is ready to serve you fully. Our guests who do not have much experience on the sea or do not have sufficient license can request a captain. But if you are an experienced sailor, it is always possible to have the chance to sail alone and be your own captain of your Fethiye bays tour, to experience the excitement and freedom of sailing and to feel like a real sailor.

Fethiye catamaran charter prices
Fethiye catamaran charter prices

If you are considering a charter with a captain, it is useful to consider the number of people and the number of cabins. Catamarans usually have an extra captain cabin and toilet in the bow, but may not be available on small catamarans. If you do not want the captain to enter the private area of ​​​​your family or friends, you can choose a larger catamaran with a captain’s cabin. Large catamarans are offered with crews and there are separate cabins not only for the captain but also for other crew members. Fethiye catamaran charter prices for crewed boats are naturally higher than other boats without a captain. You can experience the comfort of a luxury hotel on the sea with our crewed boats.

In the Fethiye boat charter market, catamarans between 38-45 ft. are offered without a captain. If you have a license like IYT and are going on a catamaran tour for the first time and you are going to use the boat yourself, it will be easy for you to rent a 38-40 ft catamaran. Catamarans of this size are easier to control and sail than a catamaran over 45 ft. You can define a 40 ft catamaran as a starter boat. For this reason, due to the increasing demand for chartered catamarans, many companies add 40 ft. catamarans to their fleets. Although the number of chartered catamarans is sufficient in Fethiye, it is very difficult to find available boats during the peak season. Therefore, making an early reservation is very advantageous in terms of both finding the most suitable boat and taking advantage of early reservation discounts.

Catamaran Rental – Catamaran Holiday in Fethiye

Located at the intersection of the Mediterranean and Aegean Regions, Fethiye is one of the most important yacht tourism destinations. In addition to being an attractive holiday destination with its bays, natural beauties and historical riches, it is a sheltered port city against natural conditions and winds, behind the Sovalye Island, located in the southeast of Fethiye Bay. Marinas are located in this bay right in the city center. Fethiye Bay, where Sovalye Island forms a set, is very sheltered from the winds and wintering in marinas takes place without any problems. With the most suitable Fethiye catamaran charter prices, you can easily spend time in Fethiye with the catamarans you have rented, even in the windy winter months out of season. Fethiye has a Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and warm and rainy winters. The temperature, which is around 40 degrees in June, July and August, is usually above 15 degrees in winter. The sea water temperature, on the other hand, never falls below 16 degrees in 12 months of the year.

Fethiye is also an entry and exit port for private and commercial boats due to the presence of a Customs office. All kinds of boats dock at the concrete pier belonging to the municipality, located right next to the Ece Marina in the Karagözler district, to enter and exit the customs. In addition, ferries to Rhodes depart from this port.

Fethiye, which has a population of one hundred thousand in the winter and five hundred thousand in the summer season, is a holiday resort that can respond to all tourism demands. It is one of the rare regions in the world where you can do all kinds of tourism activities during the holiday. It is a tourism destination that is easy to reach thanks to its proximity to Dalaman Airport, and easy to stay in thanks to its hotels and apartments suitable for all kinds of budgets. Due to the highly developed yacht tourism, there are also all kinds of boat equipment stores and companies that provide maintenance and repair services. There are also companies in the region that are the distributors of big boat brands that provide yacht sales and rental services.

As a result, Fethiye is a very popular tourism center developed in terms of all kinds of tourism sectors. Oludeniz hosts countless local and foreign tourists thanks to world brands such as Butterfly Valley. It is an ideal starting point for sailors as it is only 1.5 hours away from Gocek bays by boat cruise. Alternatively, you can take a look at our Gocek catamaran charter fleet, start your tour from Gocek and chart a rental catamaran route to Fethiye. It provides full professional service to sailors with charter companies and technical support companies located in Ece and Yacht Classic marinas.