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Fethiye motor yacht charter prices

Fethiye Motor Yacht Charter Prices

We offer you the opportunity of a luxury boat holiday in the bays of Fethiye with the most ideal Fethiye motor yacht charter prices. Our motor yacht models those suitable for all kinds of budgets, are waiting for you. While our reservation team offers the most suitable motor yacht for your request, our staff in the region will be at your service throughout your tour. Our experienced skippers will take you safely to the natural wonders of Fethiye by following the route you want or the route we have determined. While our chefs prepare the unique tastes of Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine, our hostesses will make you feel like you are on a luxury hotel holiday. Motor yachts have more recreational equipment than other boats. Enjoy activities such as water skiing and jet skiing. Are you planning a luxurious and comfortable motor yacht holiday on the sea? All you have to do is reach us. We will offer you a complete motor yacht holiday experience.

Fethiye is one of the important holiday regions of Turkey. Many tourists, who come to Fethiye from home and abroad, especially go on a Blue Cruise. By getting Fethiye motor yacht charter service, they have the opportunity to see the beautiful bays, ancient cities, islands, underwater cities and Ölüdeniz around Fethiye. Fethiye private boat rental service is the most ideal option both to experience the comfort of a hotel and to witness magnificent views intertwined with the sea. With special Fethiye motor yacht charter prices, your holiday will be special and unforgettable for you.

Fethiye Motor Yacht Charter – Hourly Boat Charter Fethiye

Our company, which provides motor yacht rental services in Fethiye, offers the most suitable motor yacht options according to the number of people who will go on the tour, and the expectations and demands of those who will join the tour. Our motor yachts have economical, luxury and deluxe options. Fethiye motor yacht charter prices vary in line with these options and your requests. There are many factors that can directly affect the price of a motor yacht charter: the age and model of the motor yacht, its equipment, its capacity. Rental price is higher in high season.

Fethiye motor yacht charter prices - Oludeniz
Fethiye motor yacht charter prices – Oludeniz

Our guests who want to take advantage of Fethiye motor yacht charter service are generally friends, families, honeymooners, but also sea lovers. In our fleet, there are 2 person boats for honeymoon couples or couples who want to spend a holiday alone, and large boats for groups of 20-30 people. Motor yachts are usually rented on a weekly basis in Fethiye. It can be difficult to find a suitable motor yacht during the season. For this reason, our reservation team will try their best to meet the demands of our guests who want to rent an hourly motor yacht.

Our smaller speedboat models are ideal for hourly charter tours. If your goal is to have fun in the bays in a few hours rather than accommodation, you can choose speedboats.

Motoryachts are usually luxury boats. Motoryachts that are comfortable, have a large living space, do not sway much in the rough weather and do not cause seasickness are the most preferred Fethiye private boat rental options. The motoryachts that offer the comfort of the hotel in the best way also serve the captain and the number of crews suitable for the size of the boat. The cleaning and food service of the motor yachts with spacious cabins, seating and dining areas on the back deck and indoors are provided by the crew. Private blue cruise with motor yacht and excursions around Fethiye are definitely very enjoyable. We provide you with this pleasure with our ideal Fethiye motor yacht charter prices policy.

Crewed Boat Charter

It is possible to rent motor yachts in Fethiye only with a captain. In our fleet you will find many motor yachts for charter with captain and crew. So you don’t have to think about the route. Thanks to our experienced captains, you can relax and enjoy your holiday with your family and friends among the heavenly views of Fethiye. Our captains are experts in the area and take you to the most special places to anchor and take a refreshing dip.

When we examine Fethiye motor yacht charter options, we see that each of them has its own unique feature and pleasure. What they have in common is that they offer an independent and comfortable holiday opportunity. You can book a Fethiye Motoryacht charter before summer, which offers you the opportunity to vacation alone with your friends, family or loved ones, on the route you have determined, anchoring in the bays you have determined, sailing to the island you want and swimming at the points you want.

With ideal Fethiye motor yacht charter prices, you can make an unforgettable blue cruise or even turn your route abroad. For this, you need to have completed your passport and visa procedures before your trip. It will be pleasant to include the nearby Greek Islands in your holiday plan. If you have an alternative route plan, you can get information from our Bodrum motor yacht charter article.