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skiathos catamaran charter

Skiathos Catamaran Charter

Skiathos is known as a region where you can easily vacation with a rental catamaran. Since it is the most famous Greek island of the North Aegean Sea, it receives tourists from many places every year. With its sandy beaches, natural beauties and lively nightlife, it manages to meet your expectations from the holiday. There are many different routes you can visit on this island, which is a combination of fun, peace and beauty. It offers exquisite views with its magnificent beaches and monasteries. If you care about taking photos on vacation, you can enjoy the magnificent view of Skiathos Island during your Skiathos catamaran charter tour.

Places to Visit with Skiathos Catamaran Charter

You can find different monasteries in the green nature in rural areas. Skiathos Island, which enchants people with its natural beauties, is home to beautiful beaches. We can say that it fascinates its visitors with its history, food, architecture, island life, entertainment culture and sea. You can explore the unique historical structure of Skiathos, as well as many points prepared for those who come to visit the region, especially by taking advantage of the Skiathos catamaran charter services. Here is the list of places to visit in Skiathos Island that we have compiled for you!

Old Port of Skiathos: You need to reserve a place in advance to put your catamaran. This rather small place is considered the center of the island. It maintains its vitality 24/7 thanks to its yachts that connect to City Berth.

New Port: You can taste the local delicacies of Skiathos in the new port where cafes and restaurants are lined. Beyond the square at the end of the harbor, Carnavo draws attention with its yacht figure and white decoration. With its atmosphere, tastes and service quality, Skiathos appreciated by its visitors who make catamaran charter tours.

Marliyn: It is a place where nightlife lovers can get caught up in the entertainment of the island in the evening. It is a quality lounge&bar concept where you can enjoy the peaceful moments of your holiday while listening to jazz.

Ergon: It is located inside the Skiathos Town market. It stands out with its homemade jams, pickle jars and many different local flavors. If you are interested in Greek cuisine, you can stop by and taste local flavors.

Koukounaris: It is known as the most popular beach of the island. It is a frequent destination for visitors with its long beach, sea and scenery. It is an area where all kinds of sea activities are done. At the same time, there are 3 taverns and cafes & bars on the beach to meet the needs. It is perfect for enjoying the music, the sun and the sea.

Kastro: It is located in the northern part of the island and is known as the settlement of ancient times. Evangelistria Monastery, dating back to the 1300s, is a place worth seeing in terms of culture with its staff consisting only of male priests. Located at the highest point of the island, this place attracts the attention of visitors as it has a wonderful view. You can buy jams, drinks and syrups made by the monks from this monastery. Do not pass without seeing this place on your Skiathos catamaran charter trip.

Skiathos catamaran charter
Skiathos catamaran charter

Delicious Tastes of Skiathos Island

If you like Mediterranean cuisine, you may also like Greek food. It wins the appreciation of its visitors with its local wines, jams, main dishes and desserts. They create delicious flavors with their extensive cuisine and their own local sauces. Here are the famous Greek dishes we have compiled for you!

Myzithra: It is a kind of white cheese made from goat milk, which can be consumed with or without salt. While the unsalted one is consumed with honey or sugar, if it is to be consumed salty, it is sweetened with sea salt (afrala). This unique white cheese, which is widely used, can be experienced in desserts.

Stifado: Usually made by cooking beef and shallots in tomato sauce. As a different kind, it can also be made by boiling rabbit meat in wine.

If you are thinking of making a holiday with the Skiathos catamaran charter service, you can visit the famous places of the island and have the opportunity to taste unique tastes and experience an unforgettable holiday. You can have a peaceful and fun holiday in Skiathos Island, where entertainment, sea, scenery and greenery are together. You can experience a completely different sailing cruise with Skiathos sailing yacht charter options.

During your rental catamaran tour, our technical team in the region will be at your service around the clock for all your problems. For the first time, you will participate in a rental catamaran tour and if you do not have route information, we will create the necessary route for you. During your crewed catamaran cruises, our captains will take you to the most beautiful bays. Some bays may be filled with chartered or private catamaran yachts during high season. If you want a quiet Skiathos catamaran charter blue cruise away from people, your captain will safely transport you to the most unexplored bays.