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sami catamaran charter

Sami Catamaran Charter

You can enjoy the island of Kefalonia by taking a Sami catamaran charter vacation. If you enjoy yacht trips, Sami is for you! Exquisite views await you in Sami, where green, blue and culture come together. Sami, which is connected to the island of Kefalonia, is located in the middle eastern part of the island. You can plan a perfect holiday with a catamaran in Sami, which has managed to attract the attention of tourists thanks to its many attractions. We have listed the places you can visit on the island of Kefalonia and in the Sami region. You can determine your own holiday route according to your holiday taste by browsing the places below!

Places to Visit in Kefalonia

Kefalonia is the largest Greek island in the Ionian Sea. It beautifies your summer vacation with its delicious restaurants, bays where green and blue come together, and historical buildings. The Italian influence is felt as the island remained under the rule of the Venetians for 300 years. The island has two large residential areas. The first of these is Sami and the other is Argostoli. Different beauties await you in these two cities. With Sami catamaran charter, here is the list of delicious places you can visit in Sami!

Melissani Cave: You can go to this cave with a tunnel entrance by yacht. Melissani cave, one of the most famous geological formations in Greece, is worth seeing. The 36-meter-long entrance illuminates the interior with the reflected sunlight through its chimney. Covering a distance of 160 meters, this cave impresses people with its exquisite scenery and experiences.

Antisamos Beach: Another area that attracts the attention of tourists with its wooded area and sea. It is known as a beach that can be preferred by those who like to swim and enjoy the hot weather in cold water. It is a beach where blue and green are together and known for its calmness. Never pass without seeing this place on your Sami catamaran charter tour.

Argostoli: It is known as one of the most preferred villages of Kefalonia Island to stay. Its history dates back to 1950 and was completely destroyed by the devastating earthquake in 1953. It was later rebuilt in a modern style. Today, it attracts the attention of tourists with its palm tree-lined coastline where local fishermen take part. For those who like to visit museums while on vacation, the Archeology Museum is quite remarkable.

Monastery of Panagia Agrilion: It is a place suitable for those who are interested in religious places and take time to learn about the culture of the place where they go on their summer vacation.

Sami streets: You can visit the IN Gallery gift shop in Sami and buy gifts for your loved ones from wherever you go. You can take pictures in the cute village streets and enjoy the island life.

Sami: Sami is known as the main port of the island. Patras is a village that can be visited by catamaran as there is a regular ferry service. The old ancient Semitic city lies at the foot of the hill to the south of the modern city. While the ruins of the acropule can still be seen, it reflects the peace with its beautiful view of the bay.

Sami catamaran charter
Sami catamaran charter

Sami Catamaran Charter Holiday Advantages

One of the biggest advantages of taking a vacation with a Sami catamaran charter is the suitability of its geographical location and its climate. The mild and rainy climate, which we are accustomed to from our own country, is suitable for a yacht holiday. Greece, which stands out with its Mediterranean climate, welcomes tourists with its beautiful islands. It attracts the attention of summer vacation lovers with its ancient culture, caves, bays and islands. Restaurants with world flavors, caves and churches from ancient times, and islands are among the main factors in the country’s preference. Sami is a small village located on the Greek island of Kefalonia. With its village architecture, gulf view and beautiful bays where you can swim, it literally makes the holiday feel. If you want to know different cultures, experience different tastes and spend a peaceful time while on vacation, you can choose the island of Kefalonia. If you want to experience an unforgettable holiday, you can adopt the Sami catamaran holiday style. Experience the region differently with Sami sailing yacht charter models.

Charter catamaran models offer more living space than charter sailing yacht models thanks to their wide designs. Charter catamaran decks have a wider and barrier-free design. Sun mats are available in the cockpit, flybridge and foredeck sections. In charter catamaran models, cabins are located in both hulls. This offers more private and spacious living space. Of course, comfort is very important in a chartered catamaran or sailing yacht holiday. For this reason, if you choose a chartered catamaran, you will have the chance to have much more comfort than a chartered sailing yacht. After the pandemic, charter catamarans are preferred more and more by families, especially by families. The charter catamaran almost resembles a hotel room on the sea. Our Sami catamaran charter models are also fully prepared for your comfort and safety. All you have to do is reach us and choose the Sami catamaran charter model that best suits your demand.