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rhodes motor yacht charter

Rhodes Motor Yacht Charter

Experience luxury on the sea with Rhodes motor yacht charter models. Rhodes is the island in the Aegean Sea and is the closest to Turkey. Many people go to see Rhodes throughout the year. Especially recently, with the pandemic, the preference of boutique holidays instead of crowded holidays and the development of sea tourism, the number of people who rent yachts, motor yachts, catamarans and sailyachts has increased considerably. In addition, people started to evaluate different holiday options to make use of their special days and to leave memories in their lives by doing different things from everyone else. Rhodes motor yacht charter vacation has become one of them. Since people want to celebrate important days such as honeymoon, birthday, wedding anniversary, marriage proposal in different places, they enjoy a special and boutique holiday with a motor yacht charter in Rhodes.

If you want to spend a different and completely special holiday for you, you can contact our company about Rhodes motor yacht charter service. Since Rhodes is the closest island to Turkey, the starting point of yacht charter holidays is either Marmaris or Fethiye. Motoryachts departing from here will arrive in Rhodes Island in about 2 hours. The next thing to do is to see the historical and natural beauties of Rhodes and to explore its beautiful ports and bays.

Rhodes motor yacht charter
Rhodes motor yacht charter

Rhodes Motor Yacht Charter Routes

Rhodes has a rich cultural heritage. It would be impossible not to fall under the spell of the Old City, which was established within the walls on this islet, which we would not be mistaken if we called it as the island of knights. Then, while touring its streets and avenues, it will be inevitable to feel yourself on a medieval island. For example, while you are walking on Knight Street, the magic of the place will definitely impress you. Rhodes’s old streets, medieval palaces, castles and more will accompany you on your Rhodes motor yacht charter holiday. To give an example of one of these palaces, of course, the Palace of the Masters will come first. This is a place from the era of the knights. It is also located within the walls known as the Old City and is located in the highest part of it. The Old City, on the other hand, has the appearance of a sheltered place, which has survived from the Middle Ages to the present day, and the entrance is provided with huge doors.

Another point you can visit when you come here is Rhodes Castle, one of the most beautiful examples of Gothic architecture. This is a place that was used as an inn, a caravanserai, a palace and a headquarters in times of war. In addition to all these, Hippocrates Square Rhodes Aquarium and Archaeological Museum are among the most beautiful and original places you can see on your Rhodes motor yacht holiday. Also, you should not neglect to go to the Rhodes Acropolis, even though there are only a few columns left now. After the places to visit on the land of the island are finished, it would be impossible not to mention a little bit of coves and beaches. When you choose a motor yacht charter in Rhodes, you can relieve your tiredness after swimming in the hot waters of Rhodes by sunbathing on the hot sands. Lindos Beach, Anthony Quinn Beach, Faliraki Beach, Ixia Beach, Tsambika Beach, Kallithea Beach and Ladiko Beaches and their bays are among the places we will definitely go with our motor yachts.

Yacht Holiday Comfort in Rhodes

Charter motor yachts are much faster than a catamaran and sailyacht. Since it does not have a sailyacht, its deck is quite comfortable, open and useful. Compared to our other private charter options, their engine and speed capacities are higher. For this reason, they provide the opportunity to see more places in a short time. In addition, its maneuvering and docking features are more agile than others. Thanks to this feature, they can easily enter and exit places where other yachts cannot dock. Charter motoryachts are the sea version of the hotel and the comfort of the hotel. It provides the freedom to travel and explore and a boutique holiday away from the crowd. Thanks to a Rhodes motor yacht charter, it is up to you to enjoy a special holiday with your family and friends, just for you…

During your motor yacht charter holiday in Rhodes, our company will also provide crew support for you. With our staff support, your holiday enjoyment and comfort will remain at the highest level. Because our staff responsible for cleaning, cooking and serving the charter motor yachts and a captain who draws the most appropriate route will work for you. All you have to do is evaluate the comfort of your Rhodes motor yacht charter holiday and contact us at 0538 211 45 67 for information and reservation procedures. Enjoy sailing on the sea with Rhodes or Mykonos yacht charter models. During your charter motor yacht holiday, our expert team will be at your service 24/7 for your every need.