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skiathos sailing yacht charter

Skiathos Sailing Yacht Charter

Skiathos is one of the greenest areas in Greece. There are many beaches that you can visit. You can visit the beaches with Skiathos sailing yacht charter. The yacht you use as a sailing yacht allows you to both feel the wind and travel slowly so that you can enjoy different areas. You can spend a happy holiday by visiting the beaches of Skiathos, which have different features. You can visit the beaches of different colors such as blue, green and turquoise, respectively.

Skiathos Sailing Yacht Charter – Skiathos Beaches

Lalaria beach has blue and clear water. The beach is full of stones. There are also sandy areas. You can sunbathe and swim. It is surrounded by rocks. It is possible to stay there with your Skiathos sailing yacht charter model and enjoy the water. It is a clean beach. You can easily see the bottom of the sea. When you choose a sailing yacht for rent in Skiathos, you can explore the beaches better. Agia Eleni Beach also has lush and clear waters. It has regions consisting of both stone and sand. There are playgrounds for children. You can find activities that you can do in large groups. There are areas where you can eat and drink alcohol.

Skiathos sailing yacht charter
Skiathos sailing yacht charter

Skiathos Sanctuaries and Museums

When you come to Skiathos, you should definitely go to see the Holy Monastery of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary. All history will appear before you. The garden will be clean and full of flowers. It is a good option to increase your knowledge of history. You can see the items belonging to the monks. You can learn a lot about Christianity. You can even find traces of the Ottoman Empire in the story of the monastery. The House of Alexandros Papadiamantis is a place where you can learn a lot about his life. He is a writer and you can see everything he used in his life at home. It is a clean environment. The garden is full of greenery. Skiathitiko Spiti is another place you can visit when you take a cruise on the Skiathos sailing yacht charter. They are structures rich in cultural value, built in 1900. In addition to seeing beautiful places in your touristic trips, you can also consider the features that will improve your general culture.

St. Nicholas is among the places to visit. You can reach here by walking on the narrow pedestrian streets of the city. It is a small chapel. It is important to the Orthodox. It has Orthodox icons. After climbing the steep stairs, all the beauties of the city welcome you. Another religious place you can visit when you go on a tour in Skiathos is the Church of Panagia Ikonistria. The church has been well maintained and restored. Its courtyard is full of greenery and flowers. These areas are preserved so that Christianity has been well represented since ancient times. The Small Tower in Skiathos is suitable for touristic trips. The Little Tower is functional for you to better observe the area you are in. You can better understand that you are in Skiathos and the beauties of the environment.

Skiathos Restaurants and Cafes

Paris Winery lets you learn about the making and uses of spirits. If you are consuming wine or have an interest in these matters, you can go and see it. There are different techniques used in the production of wines. You can examine the wines made in accordance with Parisian style. There are restaurants in Skiathos where you can taste different foods. There are places where you can taste the delicacies of Greek cuisine at the points where the beaches are located. When you want to spend a comfortable time with your family, you can choose the areas arranged accordingly. Skiathos sailing yacht charter allows you to easily find these places and travel the way you want.

You can wander around the places and regions in Skiathos as you wish. Each region has beaches with different characteristics. Thus, you can spend time on the beaches that appeal to you. You can observe the island better when you request a sailing yacht for rent in Skiathos. You can get a chance to gain better experiences in the fields you go to. In Skiathos, both natural beauties and religious places are very remarkable. The streets of Skiathos bear traces of Greek history. Churches reflect the spiritual mood. You can rent a sailing yacht to explore Skiathos in the best way. Explore this cute island more comfortably with Skiathos catamaran charter models. All technical equipment that will ensure your safety during your Skiathos sailing yacht charter cruise is available on your sailing yacht charter. Safety is the most important factor on a sailing yacht charter. Since the sea is a lively ground, it is always open to surprises. Therefore, if you are not experienced, you can request a captain from us. Our professional captains will safely transport you to the bays and beaches during your sailing yacht charter trip.