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volos catamaran charter

Volos Catamaran Charter

Volos, one of the oldest settlements in Greece, is a port city. Therefore, Volos is an ideal address for catamaran charter cruises. Catamaran is one of the vehicles that will allow you to tour the region more pleasantly. The city of Volos is located at the foot of the Pelion peninsula in central Greece. Moreover, it is equidistant from Thessaloniki and Athens. In other words, if you started your journey with Volos, you can visit the two big cities of Greece.

Volos is one of the port cities of Greece, which has a great vitality in terms of tourism. You have many places to stop in the region, which has a variety of venues such as patisseries, cafes, bars and restaurants. This situation makes the city attractive as a holiday. In addition, the region surrounded by historical monuments has a rich structure in terms of cultural tourism. In other words, our guests who start their journey with the Volos catamaran charter can also visit historical points if they wish. Volos, which is a candidate to be a satisfying trip in many ways, is one of the popular port cities of Greece.

Volos catamaran charter
Volos catamaran charter

Explore the Port City with Volos Catamaran Charter!

Known as the port city of Greece, Volos is one of the indispensable addresses of sea tourism, charter or private yachts. This region, which is famous for its sea and beaches, provides holidaymakers with a unique holiday experience. If you have chosen this place as a holiday region, you should not return without enjoying the rich beaches. Kala Nera, Agria, Pagason are just a few of the beaches you can visit. So, are you ready to explore the beaches of Volos and go on a special holiday?

One of the most loved areas of Greece is the beaches of Volos. Every year, sea lovers who cruise with thousands of chartered or private yachts flock to Volos to see these places and have a nice holiday. The region, which also hosts many entertainment venues accompanied by unique landscapes, is one of the frequent destinations of those traveling with Volos catamaran charter. If you want to have a nice time on beautiful beaches and have fun in unique places in the evening, you should add Volos to your route. In addition, there are many swimming and diving clubs in the region. Therefore, this place is a center of attraction for sea lovers. If you are one of those who like to spend long hours at sea on your catamaran charter tour, you should also take advantage of the historical sailing clubs. Home to many touristic spots that come to mind when the sea is mentioned, Greece attracts even more attention with the Volos region.

Meeting Point of the City: Volos Seaside

Pagasist Bay, one of the must-see places in Volos, is a few kilometers away from the area. How about drinking a coffee while enjoying the sunset in the seaside resorts of this place? Reflecting the unique beauty of Greece, the Gulf is one of the must-stops for those who go to Volos. There are many flavors you can experience in the country, which amazes with its cuisine. The region, which exhibits reasonable prices for food and beverage, has a variety of places that holidaymakers can enjoy. The meeting point of those who come to Volos is the seaside of Volos. This place, which has a long walking path, is considered as a common location. The walking path starting from the Argo statue invites you to a unique evening stroll. There are many things you can do here. If you wish, you can accompany your bicycle on this road, and you can sip your coffee at the point where you are tired or want to take a break. Volos, which offers you all the parts you are looking for for a pleasant holiday plan, is also one of the addresses of Volos catamaran charter cruises.

Volos promenade impresses with its calmness and peaceful nature. You will be grateful for every minute you spend here. Known for its unique eating culture, Volos offers more than 40 appetizer options. Seafood and octopus are one of the indispensable options of Greek cuisine. Therefore, when you come here, you should definitely try local drinks, appetizers and fish. As an alternative to the catamaran charter model, experience a different blue cruise experience in Volos with the Volos sailing yacht charter models. You can call us or our technical team in the region for any kind of support during your chartered catamaran trip. We do our best to ensure that your catamaran charter cruise is the happiest. On catamaran charter cruises with crew, our captain, cook or hostess will give you the comfort of a luxury hotel on the yacht.