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keramoti sailing yacht charter

Keramoti Sailing Yacht Charter

Keramoti is a small town located in the municipality of Karasu in the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Region of Greece, and is known as the port where the ferries to Thassos depart. It is located on a promontory in the Nestos Delta, southeast of Kavala. According to statistics in 2001, its population is 6,039. This town offers more than just a port. The fact that it has a very long and wide beach with a blue flag makes this town a more attractive place. It is 10 km from Alexander the Great Airport, 40 km from Kavala and 14 km from Chrysoupoli. Thassos island is 9.6 km from Keramoti and the ferry crossing has a unique view of the island. You can have the holiday of your dreams with a Keramoti sailing yacht charter trip.

In the past, Keramoti was known only as the shortest route for ferries to Thassos. But over the last two decades it has developed as a vacation destination and its popularity among tourists has grown steadily. Although the peak tourist season starts in July and August in Greece, Keramoti is quieter than other places. You can start your holiday plan in this region, so you can discover Keramoti.

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Keramoti offers its visitors many opportunities to diversify their holidays. You will find fishing places and a km long beach to walk with crystal clear water for swimming. Various beach bars offer the relevant atmosphere for visitors to enjoy relaxing days. You can buy fresh and delicious fish from the fishing port or have fun in one of the traditional taverns. Keramoti is also known for its shellfish. The main sources of income of the people are agriculture, animal husbandry and fishing. A significant part of the population lives on tourism. Agricultural products are mainly corn, asparagus rice cotton and kiwi. A small amount of the resulting products is used for personal consumption, while the rest is sent to the country’s major urban centers and abroad. The majority of the people try to preserve their old traditions and customs for years. You can discover the best aspects of the town in person by taking advantage of the Keramoti sailing yacht charter service.

The beach in Keramoti is several kilometers long and 50 meters wide. On the beach there are several modern beach bars where you can buy sun loungers and umbrellas. On the beach you can find bars, as well as volleyball nets, children’s toys and sun loungers. Some bars are large and can host up to 2000 visitors and serve as clubs at night. The beach has very fine sand like flour. The water is clean and clear right down to the bottom where there are countless seashells. Along the beach is a pine forest with plenty of parking in the shade. Keramoti has several souvenir shops, boutiques, cafes, taverns, restaurants, supermarkets and fast food restaurants. How would you like to explore the many opportunities and features of the town like these with Keramoti sailing yacht charter?

Keramoti sailing yacht charter
Keramoti sailing yacht charter

You Can Make Your Keramoti Travel Unforgettable!

Keramoti, a small and authentic fishing village, has developed gradually. It has turned into a typical Greek tourist town on the beach with a population of about 2000. The town is known for its fish taverns, due to the large number of fishermen who have settled here, even from other countries. Keramoti has a bank, post office, primary and secondary schools, as well as two tourist information corners. One is located on the dock in the harbor and provides all the information about a place and the environment, the other is east of the place, behind the secondary school and offers information for nature lovers and anyone interested. Keramoti is one of the favorite destinations of nature lovers. Thanks to your Keramoti sailing yacht charter cruise, you will have a broad knowledge of the town and you will have a productive holiday.

The most famous event that takes place throughout the year in Keramoti is the Epiphany Feast on January 6, when young people jump into the sea to swim for the cross. Keramoti is also known to be some of the best-known names in Greek music, performing at Plai Sto Kima, one of the biggest music festivals in Northern Greece, held in mid-July. Marine Week, where dance, swimming, yachting, water sports, traditional and folk music competitions are organized every two years, starts on the last Saturday of June. Keramoti is a perfect holiday destination for those who love the sea and beaches. Seeing the real Greece, out of the ordinary, in a small fishing village is a unique experience for those who love to travel. You can experience this experience with us by taking advantage of our Keramoti sailing yacht charter service. Have more living space on the sea with Keramoti catamaran charter.