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Fethiye catamaran charter

Fethiye Catamaran Charter

As Turkey’s leading catamaran rental platform with our Fethiye catamaran charter fleet, we offer 2021 season prices with early booking discounts. You can make blue voyages with 3-4 cabins with our catamaran charter models. Our prices differ seasonally. Do not forget to get information from us for our charter models to get the last minute discounts. In particular, unique natural beauties such as Oludeniz, Butterfly Valley and our unique beauty bays in Fethiye are waiting to be discovered with catamaran charter options suitable for your pleasure.

You can reach our expert staff or our phone number +90 538 211 45 67 to reach the most suitable Fethiye catamaran charter fleet for your budget and demands. Or you can reach us via WhatsApp at +90 538 211 45 67.

Fethiye catamaran charter
Fethiye catamaran charter

Turkey has one of long season period and sheltered coves with world’s leading catamaran holiday destinations. Although not as much as Gocek and Marmaris, Fethiye has many sheltered bays. Known in world for its paradise corners such as Oludeniz, Butterfly Valley, Fethiye is also home to many bays for catamaran travel. For sea lovers who prefer Fethiye catamaran charter, it is useful to mention Fethiye and its places of interest.

As we said, Oludeniz is one of the must-see places during a charter cruise. It is 15-20 minutes from city center by car. When you leave Fethiye, you will reach Ölüdeniz after passing Hisaronu where there are boutique hotels. Hisaronu is a place where apart hotels and night clubs are for those who love nightlife. Oludeniz, on the other hand, is popular with its sea view restaurants and of course deep blue sea. So to speak, the dead side of the sea, ie the part where there is no waves, is charged. Belcekız Beach at the first entrance is free. Besides the sea, which makes Ölüdeniz famous, it is also the best parachute center in world. You can watch unique view from a bird’s eye view by jumping with a parachute from 1969-meter Babadağ. Of course, main concern for us, sailors, is to reach region by catamaran. Assuming that you start tour with a Fethiye catamaran charter model from Fethiye Ece Marina or Yacht Classic Marina, it is approximately 2-3 hours with a charter ed catamaran cruise to Ölüdeniz. Since it is an open and wavy sea, there is no place where you can moor catamaran. As you pass from Gemiler Island to Kaş or Butterfly Valley, you will also see Ölüdeniz from time to time. So why these beauties should be visited with catamaran s in our Fethiye catamaran charter fleet, let’s talk a little about it. Sailors with Fethiye charter ed catamaran experience know answer, but it is also useful to provide information for our guests who will go on a catamaran charter tour in Fethiye for first time.

Advantages of Our Fethiye Catamaran Charter Models

Biggest advantage of a monohull boat compared to a single hull is of course its width. Catamaran s have a larger living space because they are built on two parallel hulls. Although their lengths are the same as the single-hulled boats, their width can be between 5-10 meters. This creates a living space between the stems. When you first enter the catamaran for rent, you usually reach the galley and living room. A galley and seating group that you can use comfortably outside tcabins gives you a more comfortable viewing opportunity. In the Fethiye charter sector, charter catamaran models with 3-4 cabins and 3-4 toilet plans are generally preferred. Another important issue for our Fethiye cat charter guests who will tour with a rental skipper is where the skipper will stay. Catamaran s eliminate this problem with their designs. Skipper cabins and toilets are generally located outside the passenger cabins at the bow in front of deck. It offers a very wide and spacious ambiance for those who do not want to swing too much on the boat, who are afraid of sea or narrow space.

Especially in last 3-4 years, catamaran s have become very popular in boat charter sector. They come first in the preferences of large families or groups. Since cabins, showers and toilets are far from each other, more private and comfortable living spaces are possible. We can compare catamaran s to a hotel room floating on sea. Catamaran s, which cannot face to many waves due to their width, are pleasure boats of calm waters and even rivers in countries such as America. This does not mean that these Fethiye catamaran charter models are bulky or not good sailing pleasure compared to monohuls. With today’s modern technology, catamaran s have a very fast but comfortable cruising ability.

Our Modern Fleet

Charter catamaran s in Fethiye fleet offer an alternative place not only for sea holidays but also for your organization plans with their wide structures. Imagine that you organize your events such as business meetings, birthdays or honeymoons every day in another bay over the deep blue sea and in coves covered with lush pine forests. If you do not have enough experience and license, our professional captains will offer you routes for Fethiye catamaran that include the most suitable destinations for your activities. From a 38 ft standard charter catamaran to a 74 ft luxury charter catamaran, our fleet is at your service with options to suit all kinds of budgets. Fethiye is one of the most ideal places to start your catamaran charter tour with its shops around the city center and the marina where you can make necessary shopping for the marina. For more information and professional support about charter, it will be enough for our guests in Fethiye who will make a charter catamaran holiday in Fethiye to reach our expert team that will offer the most ideal sea holiday opportunity. You can take a look at our Gocek catamaran charter fleet, which is close to region, and choose a charter boat from there instead of Fethiye.

Fethiye is one of the most important charter boat destinations in world due to its natural nature for charter catamaran or blue cruise. Fethiye has a sheltered and beautiful bay and stops as if it was designed by an engineer for rental boats. During the high season, numerous rental boats fill bays of Fethiye and reach maximum population density in seas of Fethiye as in city center.

Both office and our team in Fethiye region consist of people who have worked in charter boat maintenance and service sector for many years. It has equipment to meet the demands of sea lovers who come to Fethiye or any region by choosing a boat for rent. You can review our pages for our Fethiye catamaran charter models and you can find detailed information from our products.