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Gocek yacht charter prices

Gocek Yacht Charter Prices

We offer you the opportunity to experience an unforgettable yacht holiday by determining our Gocek yacht charter prices policy in the most appropriate way. Our company, which has become a brand with many years of experience in the Turkish yacht industry, serves with its own fleet and as the official agency of other yachts. We offer you the most suitable yachts at the most affordable prices. During the reservation, our reservation team fully answers any questions you may have. During your tour, our technical team and office workers in the regions will be at your service 24/7. Our skippers will ensure your safety and take you to the most beautiful bays on the gulets and motor yachts we serve with crew. Our chefs offer the unique tastes of Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine to your liking. If you sail sailboats and catamarans as bareboat and you need technical support, our team will come to your location.

Gocek, where was a quiet town until forty years ago, has become one of the most important centers of the yacht industry in the world and in Turkey with its increasing popularity day by day. It is visited by millions of local and foreign tourists with its nearly thirty bays and the different beauties of these bays. It is only thirty minutes away from Dalaman Airport. It is a very important tourism resort with its transportation facilities, perfect infrastructure for the boat industry, and businesses in the city. The yacht industry is the region’s most important source of livelihood. Marinas and bays are visited by thousands of private and rental yacht owners. If you are planning to start your tour from Gocek, you can get information about Gocek yacht charter prices and models from us.

Gocek Yacht Charter Prices– Symbolic Places of Gocek

If you want to spend time in Gocek city center, visit historical places and swim in the nearest beaches, it will be enough to spend 2-3 days in Gocek. You can stay in boutique hotels in the city, in the large-capacity Rixos Hotel or in daily rental houses. For swimming, you can go to İnlice and Katrancı beaches, which are 10 minutes away, by car or taxi. If you don’t like overcrowding and heat, the best time to visit would be November and April. In June and August, the temperature level becomes suffocating.

Gocek yacht charter prices
Gocek yacht charter prices

If you are going to take a yacht holiday, which is Gocek’s most popular tourism activity, 2-3 days will never be enough. A 1-week boat tour is ideal for exploring Gocek bays. If you are going to sail to Marmaris or Fethiye, it would be very reasonable to rent a yacht for 2 weeks. If you are looking for calm and peace in yacht holiday, Gocek bays will be enough for you. If you are an experienced sailor and a sailing lover, if the waves do not affect you, you can chart your route towards Kas. We will inform you about all kinds of issues for your first yacht tour experience and your yacht tour will be extremely happy with our support. We determine our Gocek yacht charter prices policy to offer you the happiest boat holiday.

Gocek is popular with the yacht industry and its most symbolic places are its marinas. D Marin Gocek, Marinturk Marina, Skopea Marina and Mucev Marina are the most popular marinas in the region. All marinas can meet all kinds of needs of sailors with their luxurious and professional services. For more detailed and different information about marinas, you can check our Gocek sailboat charter and Gocek catamaran charter articles.

Inlice beach, where is 6 km away from the center of Gocek and mostly visited by the local people from Gocek and Fethiye, is one of the other symbolic places of the region. The beach is very crowded on weekends due to the local people coming for picnics. You can berth to the small wooden pier with your yacht and enjoy swimming in the deep blue sea. If you are going to the beach with your car, you can park your car in the parking lot next to the beach by paying a fee of 10 TL.

Gocek Yacht Rental – Popular Bays in Gocek

Bedri Rahmi Bay: In 1974, the famous Turkish painter Bedri Rahmi came to this bay (bay also called as Tasyaka Bay), and drew pictures of large fish on some rocks. Since that day, the bay has been called Bedri Rahmi Bay and is the most important stop for blue cruise boats. The bay is surrounded by hills covered with olive trees. The rock tombs of the Lycian period are among the other important symbols of the bay. The bay is sheltered against natural conditions and you can spend the night here by stern-to mooring your yacht, which we offer you with the most affordable Gocek yacht charter prices.

Gobun Bay: On the way from Fethiye to Gocek, if you pass through the famous Dar Bogaz and turn to starboard, you will reach Gobun bay. Only sailboats and catamarans can dock in the very narrow bay. The bay, which is famous for its restaurant, is a place where you can spend the night in peace. You can moor your boat to the pontoons with the bow mooring lines. The facility in the bay also provides electricity and water services. It is the most sheltered bay in the region and does not receive waves and winds. It manages to fascinate all local and foreign sailors with its calm atmosphere during the summer months.

Kucuk Sarsala Bay: You will exit Gobun bay, turn to board, and reach Kuçuk Sarsala Bay with a 10-minute boat cruise. Just like in Gobun bay, there is a restaurant and a pontoon in this bay where you can moor your boat. Since it is located parallel to the slope of the mountain, it is not sheltered like Gobun Bay. We recommend not to be here on stormy nights.

Cleopatra Bath Cove: Cleopatra Bath Cove is one of the coves that you should definitely visit with your yacht that you have rented from us with the most affordable Gocek yacht charter prices. It is a cove where blue and green embrace with historical ruins reminiscent of a sunken bath. It is assumed that the bath was built for Cleopatra’s use during her visit to the Mediterranean. The haman was built here because of the hot water currents coming from underground. The bay is visited by countless sailors, as this hot water is thought to be good for the skin.