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alimos catamaran charter

Alimos Catamaran Charter

Alimos, located in the Attica region of Greece, is one of the tourism centers that attract the attention of holidaymakers. By taking advantage of the Alimos catamaran charter service, you can explore the most exclusive regions of Greece and have a special holiday opportunity. Alimos is a large modern marina located in the vicinity of Athens. Therefore, you can start your holiday plan in this region and then explore other regions close to Athens.

The catamaran you rent will accompany your trip by making use of modern maritime facilities. You can find catamaran options that will allow you to visit the region quickly and in detail, after a short research. Alimos is located 15 km from the city center. Thanks to this situation, you have the opportunity to discover the richness of the region. If you have started your holiday by taking advantage of the Alimos catamaran charter, you have the opportunity to access the entertainment centers, restaurants with rich tastes and the remarkable local market of the region. Greece, one of the most beautiful countries that can be preferred for touristic trips, makes your holiday plan unique with its different bays and marinas.

Alimos catamaran charter
Alimos catamaran charter

Alimos Catamaran Charter – Rich Beaches

Preferred by nature lovers, Alimos is one of the marinas that hosts rich beaches. You can explore these beaches by taking advantage of the rental catamaran, and make your summer vacation unique. Moreover, your privileges are not limited to beaches only. If you wish, you can spend your evening at the entertainment centers, or you can explore the restaurants where you will experience different tastes. With your Alimos holiday, you will be able to explore one of the cutest regions of Greece and visit the marinas located near the region with a rental catamaran.

Beaches are one of the details that vacationers pay the most attention to. Because there is no holiday that will not be enjoyed with a clean beach and a sea like sheets. Therefore, while making our holiday plan, we also pay attention to the beaches in the region we choose and the opportunities it offers. Alimos is one of the important centers in this respect. Located in the Attica region of Greece, this place attracts attention with its beaches. How would you like to explore Alimos, which offers pleasant beach areas to holidaymakers, with the Alimos catamaran charter models you rent?

Rental or private catamarans, also known as speed and comfort yachts, are one of the details that will add speed to your Alimos holiday. Thanks to its close location to Athens, you will be able to explore other regions more easily and evaluate your holiday efficiently. You can plan your sea vacation in a long and efficient way by renting an Alimos catamaran charter. Because these yachts offer you comfort in terms of use. Therefore, you can continue your trip comfortably from the day you start your vacation to the end.

You are Near Athens City Center with Alimos!

If you have decided to have a holiday in the Alimos region, you should not forget to evaluate other alternatives. The region, which has a lot of diversity, especially Alimos Marina, is also known for its proximity to the city center of Athens. You can start your holiday by renting a catamaran, and then evaluate the luxury or economic accommodation options in the surrounding area.

If you decide to stay in Alimos, you should not forget that you have many options. Area; It offers many options such as self-catering, apart hotels, beach hotels, budget hotels, hotels with jacuzzis, pet-friendly hotels. Therefore, you can easily access the types of accommodation that meet the standards you set. Moreover, the region offers many options for socializing as well as accommodation. You can use the entertainment centers around the area, as well as benefit from the nearby Alimos marina.

Alimos catamaran charter cruise also allows you to explore other places in the region. Athens coast, Kallithea, Palaio Faliro are some of the places close to this area. If you do not want to be in the same place every day and if you want to explore the surroundings of the region, you should definitely visit these districts. Thus, you will have a wide knowledge of the region and you will have a productive holiday. Our technical team will be at your service 24/7 during your Alimos rental catamaran holiday. On your crewed catamaran vacation, our captains will take you safely to the most beautiful bays. During your catamaran charter trip, our chefs will serve you unique Mediterranean cuisine flavors. If you want to explore Alimos and its surroundings with our sailyacht models, you can take a look at our Alimos sailing yacht charter article.