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Fethiye sailboat charter

Fethiye Sailboat Charter

Fethiye sailboat charter is one of the most preferred options, especially to watch the beauties of Fethiye and its surroundings from the sea. Fethiye welcomes thousands of local and foreign tourists every season of the year with its turquoise sea, golden sand and lush nature. With its touristic regions, ruins, historical beauties and beautiful bays, Fethiye impresses the visitors. There are many holiday villages, hotels, hostels in Fethiye and all are full almost every season. However, the number of people who come to Fethiye for blue cruise is not less.

Fethiye is the most important leg of the blue cruise routes. It fascinates sea lovers with its marinas, hidden paradise coves without land access, 12 Islands and Ölüdeniz. Although there are many types and models of boats to rent, Fethiye sailboat charter is indispensable for sea lovers.

There are many companies that provide sailboat rental services in and around Fethiye. Reservations for the summer months are made before the end of winter and it fills up. The reason for this is both the magnificent natural beauties of Fethiye and the fact that the blue cruise is a holiday full of peace, excitement and fun. It is possible to take advantage of the sailboat rental service in Fethiye, whether as a family, a group of friends or a couple. Sailing boats of different sizes and models can be rented. It is possible to rent as bareboat or skippered. For people with a skipper’s license, it is much more enjoyable and exciting to take the helm on a wonderful holiday.

Fethiye Sailboat Charter – Choosing the Right Boat

Sailors who prefer to charter a sailboat in Fethiye can relax by feeling the serenity of the sea, swim and sunbathe to the fullest, have fun with the water sports equipment on the boats, fish and enjoy being with the sea.

Companies that provide yacht charter services in Fethiye also provide consultancy services in order to choose the right boat according to the demands of their customers and according to the number of passengers. Sailboats are well-maintained, safe in all weather conditions, have spacious and useful cabins and living spaces, and are very comfortable both at sea and in the marina. Especially the boats, which have the ability to sail with a small number of crew, have the ability to dock in shallow waters. People who get Fethiye sailboat charter service have the chance to get on the shore by approaching the bays and beaches they want.

Fethiye sailboat charter - Oludeniz
Fethiye sailboat charter – Oludeniz

You can have a pleasant holiday in both Turkish and Greek territorial waters by taking Fethiye rental boat service, and you can stay in the Greek Islands. You can determine your route and borders yourself, and you can swim to your heart’s content wherever you want.

Sailboat Rental – Required Documents and Procedures

While getting Fethiye sailboat charter service, there are some procedures that must be done at the marina before going on a cruise. The first step in this regard is the Crew List. This is a mandatory document issued by Fethiye Port Authority officials in boat rental situations. The list includes the identification information of the captain and crew. This list will be requested at all marinas entered during the cruise.

Sailors who have a skipper license and who will charter the sailboat without a skipper are required to pay a security deposit. If the boat is to be rented with a skipper, no deposit is required.

When the paperwork is completed, general and technical information is given before picking up the boat. If Fethiye sailboat charter will be with a skipper, the skipper gives a briefing, and the company officials inform in case of charters without a skipper. The briefing takes approximately one hour.

Things to Consider While Going on a Sea Journey with Fethiye Sailboat Charter

Before sailing with a sailing boat, it would be appropriate to review the goods, food and equipment you will need during the journey and to complete them without forgetting the deficiencies, if any. However, it should not be forgotten that too many items will be negative for your comfort. The galleys in Fethiye sailboat rental services are equipped with all kinds of equipment to meet your needs. You don’t need to buy extra utensils other than food.

It is important to get information about the weekly weather conditions before going on a sailing trip. Make sure you have spare clothes suitable for all weather conditions. Do not forget to take the medicines and health tools that you constantly use for health. The duration of the sailboat rental service in Fethiye is at least 7 days. The boat must be turned at 17:00 on Friday. You can spend the night in the marina and departs in the morning. On the 7th day, we return to the marina and spend the night in the marina. It is necessary to leave the boat at 09:00 in the morning at the latest.

If you are thinking of Fethiye sailboat charter for the spring and summer season, we recommend that you make your reservation in advance. As alternative you can start your charter from Gocek. Take a look at our Gocek sailboat charter models.