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Fethiye Sailboat Charter

With our Fethiye sailboat charter models we offer to you the most appropriate models for your budget. Especially about sailing Fethiye is among the important regions of Turkey. Göcek and Fethiye respond to you with many sailboat model options. It is in high demand both domestically and abroad. It is recommended that you do not be too late for reservation. Our rental sailboat models receive demand before the season starts. Our foreign guests make their summer plans between January and March. The season starts in April and continues until November. There are two marinas in Fethiye where you can rent sailboats. If there are not enough sailboat s, reinforcements are made from Göcek marinas.

Fethiye Sailboat Charter – How to Choose a Sailboat


The number of cabins is very important when choosing between Fethiye sailboat charter models. In other words, the first situation you need to determine in terms of how many people you will be and room distribution is the number of cabins. Our sailboat models start from 2 cabins. The number of sailboat cabins in Fethiye rental option is up to 5 cabins. How many families you will be or how many people you will be is very important for this cabin distribution. Generally, the number of cabins in our sailboat models is considered to be 4. We can accommodate 8 people in 4 cabin sailboat models, as well as 4 family blue voyage holidays. You can also check our page for our Gocek sailboat charter models.

Fethiye and harbour lie in the large bay South of Fethiye Adası. Our visitors who prefer Fethiye sailboat charter option for their holidays will not see the town and harbour until you are right around the corner into the bay, but numerous hotels around the beach North of the town are prominent.

Conspicuous The Delikliadalar group of islands and Kızıl Adası are easily identified from the distance. The small lighthouse and dwelling on the South tip of Kızıl Adası are conspicuous and, closer in, the white beacon and light on Sunk Rock are easily spotted. The villa complex on the west side of the entrancei opposite Fethiye Adası, is conspicuous. Fethiye Adası is a low-lying island with numerous villas built around its shores.The light structure on its s tip is easily identified from the channel. Once you who decided Fethiye sailboat charter  are into Fethiye bay, the buildings of the town will be seen, and the new marina easily identified. The white beacon marking the shoal water on the east side of Fethiye Bay is conspicuous, but the buoy further S is more difficult to see.

The marina is easily identified once into the bay. Yellow buoys mark the boundary of the marina. Berths Stern or bows-to where directed. Marina staff asist during sailboat mooring . Shelter berths can be prone to surge with stronger winds, but it is more uncomfortable than dangerous. All officials for clearance procedures are close to the marina. Services water and electricity at all berths. Tilets and showers. Some repairs can be arranged by the marina. Independent boatyards and hauling facility across the bay. Carrefour supermarket in the marina. There are also restaurants in marina. Swimming pool, security, boutique hotel. Please contact us or reach our fleet for Fethiye sailboat charter.

Yacht Classic Marina and Hotel

Yacht Classic Hotel Pier tucked under the western side of Fethiye Ece Marina is a T-pier catwalk off a hotel. Laid mooring tailed to the catwalk. A bit tight  in places if there are any winds around. Good shelter in the summer and a number of boats are wintered afloat here. Marina has water and electric, shower, toilets, bar and restaurant services. Yes marina lying further into the bay west of Ece Marina. Laid moorings tailed to the catwalk. Good shelter in the summer with the prevailing wind though a bit of chop is kicked up by the afternoon breeze. It is a bit of a walk into Fethiye town or there are mini-buses running around the coast road. Fethiye sailboat charter.

Fethiye Sailboat Price
Fethiye Sailboat Price

Sail lovers who prefer Fethiye yacht charter or Fethiye sailboat charter, can take services from other small marinas. On o f these Karagozler Park Marina Hotel Jetty off the boatyards at the head of the bay there’s a dog-leg catwalk. Yachts may find a berth here though most are taken up by permanent berth holders. Good shelter from the strong winds, but open east. Also Letoonia Marina is under Pacariz Burnu there’s a bay with a section of quay and a shot pier. Berth where directed. Anchor of the rowing club is at the Fethiye ‘s western side. The bottom side’s mud and weed, good holding once through the weed.There’ a boatyard which hauls Yachts at the west end. Batıkkaya bükü lies under Batıkkaya light structure. The shelter from the prevailing winds are beter than it looks on the charts. This is the most attractive of the anchorages, with a beach and wooded foresore, though the threat o f villa development looms over it. The charter boats in Fethiye sailboat charter page are also an option for our visitors.

About sailboat charter in Fethiye, the sailboat s’ cabin numerouses are important. You can choose two, three or four cabin sailboat charter models depending on the number o f people. Our professional skippers will accompany you if you do not have necessary license and experience to make a sailboat charter tour in Fethiye. Our skippers are highly experienced in sailboat charter. They will provide you with a friendly and safe service during your Fethiye sailboat charter tour. Safety rules are other also important things during sailboat charter.  You can choose from our Fethiye sailboat charter or other charter sailboat pages for all kinds o f charter boat models.

Our office team and the crew in base will be at your service during your Fethiye sailboat charter holiday. When you have a technical problem during your charter please dont hesitate to contact us 24/7. In your sailboat charter check in and check out days our charter stuff will be at your service.