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antalya motor yacht charter

Antalya Motor Yacht Charter

Discover Turkey’s popular holiday destination Antalya with Antalya motor yacht charter. Turkey’s largest hotel tourism center Antalya also has uniquely beautiful seas. Experience an unforgettable holiday with our motor yacht models suitable for every budget. You can rent hourly, daily or weekly. Our crew will do their best for you to enjoy the fun to the fullest during your tour.

Holiday and paradise. Antalya is our city that lives these two words at the same time. Antalya is one of the most important holiday paradises not only in our country but also in the entire Mediterranean. The center of attention of domestic and foreign tourists on a global scale, Antalya is a complete tourism destination with nearly 12 million tourists a year. It caters to hosting almost all kinds of holidays. Antalya provides you with all kinds of holiday opportunities you are looking for, from resting in calm nature, to night entertainment, to all kinds of sports activities, to historical and cultural tourism.

Antalya Motor Yacht Charter Advantages

It provides all kinds of yacht trips to the sier, to explore, swim, dive and explore the magnificent shores of the Mediterranean, among all other holiday activations. From sailyachts to gulets, wooden yachts, excursion yachts and motor yachts, they are ready to take you to the blue and green of the Mediterranean. Each yacht has its own pleasure. This is something that differs from person to person. However, especially in recent years, the development of motor yachts in our country has made this type of yachts more preferred in sea tours. With its motor yacht charter opportunities, Antalya ensures that motor yachts are preferred primarily with their safe, fast and comfortable hull structures that can approach the beach as much as possible. In addition, modern designs and extremely eye-catching appearances cause people to prefer motor yachts. Motoryachts are very cool yachts.

Antalya motor yacht charter stands out as one of the first choices of those who want to make sea tours during their Antalya holidays. Generally, Antalya motor yacht charter is also preferred for daily tours. However, it also provides the opportunity for Blue cruises that will fully explore the beaches of Antalya and even beyond the Mediterranean beaches and satisfy your longing for the sea. Antalya covers a very long part of the Mediterranean between the Toros Mountains and the Mediterranean. As mentioned at the beginning, in Antalya, where you can experience all kinds of holidays, you have the opportunity to trek in the Toros Mountains on a summer day, or even to rent an Antalya motor yacht on the beach the next day while skiing. Antalya is one of the few places in the world that can offer a summer and winter holiday. You ski and the next day you can rent a motor yacht in Antalya and you are in the blue of Antalya and even the Mediterranean coasts and bays. Fethiye is very close to Antalya. Alternatively, you can choose Fethiye yacht charter models.

Antalya motor yacht charter
Antalya motor yacht charter

Antalya Coasts and Bays to Visit

There are many places you can visit with Antalya motor yacht charter. What they all have in common is the Mediterranean blue, lush bays and the majestic Taurus Mountains in the background. Kemer is one of the places to go by motor yacht in Antalya. Kemer is a well-planned town surrounded by a wonderful nature, 42 kilometers from Antalya. It has an excellent marina. The famous Kemer beach is right next to the town. If you are starting your holiday directly from here, you can find similar options for renting a motor yacht from this marina. At the foot of Mount Olympus (today known as Mount Tahtali) is Phaslis Ancient Harbor and Ancient City. You can reach Çıralı Beach, Olympos Valley, which you can also reach from the sea route with a motor yacht charter, and walk up to the mythological Olympos fire, also known as the burning rocks.

You can find traces of the ancient Lycian civilization around Finike. The tiny islands you can watch on the coast of Çayağzı allow you to smell the air of antiquity. When you pass Kekova island with Antalya motor yacht charter, the famous Kas, surrounded by mountains on three sides, welcomes you. Kas has the clearest waters of the Mediterranean and provides a great environment for swimming and diving. In the continuation of the tour, you will reach the famous Kaputaş Cave on the Kalkan route and the magnificent beach right next to it. You will come to Kalkan in the continuation of the route. Near Kalkan with a view of a small bay is Xantos, the capital of Ancient Lycia. The ancient cities and structures in the surrounding area are on the UNESCO World Heritage List today.

In Antalya visit routes, of course, routes that include other famous beaches and historical places such as Belek, Side, Manavgat, Alanya can be made. Although Alanya has existed since Roman antiquity, it maintained its importance for many years as a naval base and shipyard of the state, mainly after the conquest by the Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat in 1220. Today, it is one of the favorite places of tourism as a historical castle and museum next to its modern port. Antalya motor yacht charter guarantees you a safe journey. All yachts are rented with licensed captains. Motor yachts have radar, GPS and all necessary navigation equipment, safety yachts and vests, and a constant inspection is carried out.