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mykonos sailboat charter models

Mykonos Sailboat Charter Models

Explore this famous island from the sea in an unforgettable way with Mykonos sailboat charter models. Mykonos Island is one of the first islands that come to mind when you think of a holiday in the Aegean Sea. Mykonos Island, especially known for its fun nightlife, welcomes many local and foreign tourists. The demand for this island, which is often preferred by those who think of different holiday plans, has increased even more with the development of sea tourism. The free and personalized holiday atmosphere created by the production and use of comfortable sailboats and catamarans adorns the holiday plans of many people.

Mykonos Island is a Greek Island that is the continuation of the Aegean Islands. Mykonos Island, which is approximately 175 km from Athens, is also very close to Turkey. Those who want to go to Mykonos can use the sea route or the airline. For our guests going to Mykonos via Turkey, the sea route is a more ideal option. You can start your Mykonos holiday by renting the sea holiday vehicles in our company. For example, going to this lovely island with Mykonos sailboat charter models will provide both a different experience and a beautiful sea voyage.

Mykonos sailboat charter models
Mykonos sailboat charter models

Mykonos Sailboat Charter Models – Route

Mykonos Island is reminiscent of a fairy tale land adorned with harmony and colorful geraniums arising from the combination of white and blue color. In fact, when you come to Mykonos Island, where the Mediterranean air prevails, by charter sailboat from Mykonos, our first stop is to visit Little Venice. Our next route is Aro Mera Village, known for its windmills. This is one of the most beautiful locations where you can relax during your holiday. The next route of our Mykonos charter sailing tour is the Folklore Museum, which is famous for its Pelican Petrus statue. This building is a building that will be loved by those who want to take retro photos. Because it has very nice details since it has survived from 17002.

Among the places that photography lovers will love, is the Parapotani Church. This place draws attention with its interesting architecture. It consists of a combination of five different small churches and has a white appearance. Then we will go to Panagia Tourlani Monastery just outside the center. In addition, the Archaeological Museum and the Maritime Museum are among the other routes we definitely visit during our Mykonos charter sailing tour. It is possible to see many original works here.

After the places to visit on this island, which is completely white, are finished, it is time for the beaches and coves. Among the most famous bays and beaches are Paradise Beach8 Paradise Beach) Tourlos Beach, Melalianos Beach, Suer Paradise Beach, Agrarai Beach, Ella Beach and Fakos Bay are some of the most beautiful places with crystal clear. With the Mykonos sailboat charter models holiday, you will have the freedom to visit unforgettable places, swim wherever you want and sunbathe as much as you want. For all your questions and reservations regarding this holiday option, where you can also evaluate your special days, you can contact us by phone.

Mykonos With Its Whitewashed Houses

Recently, the changing tastes of people have also caused a change in their holiday understanding. Because the interest in holiday options, which are more boutique, quiet and personalized, has increased rather than crowded holiday tours. Mykonos sailboat charter models holiday is one of them. Especially the spread of sea tourism and the holiday sailboats created to meet these needs of people also pave the way for boutique holidays. Charter sailboats, charter motor sailboats, sailsailboats, catamarans are the most preferred among these holiday sailboats. Mykonos sailboat charter models offer both comfort and nostalgia together. Thus, you can rent a sailsailboat instead of a fixed route blue cruise, and you can both create the route you want and have a comfortable holiday. Because when you sail to the deep blue waters of the Aegean with the sailsailboat for rent in Mykonos, you can enjoy swimming wherever you want as much as you want, and you can choose your own view.

The island of Mykonos, which has such a lovely view in the waters of the Aegean, is famous for its whitewashed houses, blue shutters and doors. In addition, we should not talk about the colorful geraniums and their scents in all the streets. Enjoying a nice holiday in such an environment will rest both your soul and body. In addition, a beautiful marriage proposal, honeymoon or a beautiful anniversary celebration on this lovely island, where you can also evaluate your special days, seems possible with the Mykonos sailboat charter models holiday. You can get different information about this island from our Mykonos sailing charter article. Charter sailsailboat models have different designs. Mykonos yacht charter models have cabins between 2-6. You can enjoy the sea with charter sailsailboat models between 30-70 ft. Reach out to our expert team to choose the right sailing sailboat charter model for you. We will send you the most suitable charter sailing models.