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Bodrum Catamaran Charter

With our Book2sailing Bodrum catamaran charter fleet, you can reach catamaran charter models according to your every need and budget. During high season, Bodrum hosts local and foreign tourists from all surrounding cities, especially from Istanbul. Bodrum is a unique destination for your catamaran charter vacation plans. Rental- charter period, model and number of cabins of charter catamaran s affect rental -charter budgets. If you do not have enough license or if you want a more luxurious catamaran charter cruise, you can choose our crewed Bodrum catamaran charter models in our Bodrum catamaran charter fleet. For other options you can also take a look at our Marmaris catamaran charter fleet.

Gulluk Gulf has a large number of well sheltered anchorages and sail lovers who prefer Bodrum catamaran charter will discover unique beauties. Apart from those mentioned here, there are many more offering some shelter in settled weather when meltemi is not blowing strongly. A glance at chart will quickly convince you that several weeks is not to long to spend here if you are to potter around every bay an creek bordering shores of gulf. Bodrum catamaran charter.

Bodrum catamaran charter
Bodrum catamaran charter

Mountains border the gulf on eastern and southern sides, while northen side is flatter. Coast on northen side is mostly bare or covered in low maquis, whereas the slopes on southern and eastern sides are thickly wooded in pine, with cultivated valleys. In recent years vast swathes of the coast have been built on , to such an extent  that gulf is now very nearly ringed by ubiquitous holiday villages. Discover the best option for you from our Bodrum catamaran charter page.  These concrete boxes arranged in grid patterns have destroyed much of charm of gulf, especially on the northern side, though fortunately there are stil a few places left for yachtsman to escape to.

Numerous ancient sites are dotted abouth gulf. Two best known are Didyma and Iassus, former a short taxi ride from Didim Marina and the latter easily visited from Asin Limanı. A yacht going into gulf will need to stock up on water, diesel, gas etc, as little can be obtained in most of the places in the gulf. In  the summer meltemi blows into the gulf. On the northern side there are gusts into some of the bays. On the southern side and particulary in the corner the wind follows the contours of coast, so that in places it may blow from the southwest and in others from the northwest. At night there may be winds.  Because of these winds sailors with boats from Bodrum catamaran charter fleet , must be careful.Cukurcuk bay lying close under Tekagac burnu. Cape is a long low spit with a white light structure on it that is conspicuous from some distance. Proceed slowly towards entrance of east creek and the point between the two creeks. Bottom is everywhere sand and good holding. Water in area is crystal clear, and there is good underwater fishing along nearby coast. During your catamaran charter you will discover all.

Bodrum Catamaran Charter – Bodrum Cup

Organized for first time by Era Bodrum Sailing Club in 1989, Race’s aim is to increase number of sea lovers across the country and to provide more sailing experience to boat sector personnel. Bodrum is one of the important destinations ov catamaran charter and boat sector in our country and in world. Race, which is held regularly every year as the most professional, adds quality to Bodrum’s reputation. You can participate in the races with your Bodrum catamaran charter yacht or rental- charter sailing boat.

Boats or Bodrum catamaran charter models must have an IRC certificate to participate in races. If catamaran s or boats you will choose for rental- charter do not have a certificate, request it from agency. Licensed gauges send the information to IRC center after making final boat measurements , if accepted, license reaches the agency within a week. This license is absolutely necessary for registration etc. during race. You have to pay an extra fee for all these transactions. If you want to get information about Gocek races & Gocek charter catamaran s, you can browse our page.

Bodrum Cup is also an important charter catamaran or boat show area for charter ed or private boats and rental- charter catamaran s, which are newly designed, newly launched and carrying advanced technologies. Limited races in world, or regattas in general, are held with guests of the yachtsmen. Bodrum Cup is one ov them. In this way, people who have a passion for sea but have never done sailing in their life and have no experience can find the opportunity to experience this excitement. Bodrum Cup, which has become colorful with the participation of Greek islands & sea lovers to program in recent years, has increased the bonds of closeness and friendship between the people of two countries. Organization also offers events such as concerts, eating and drinking facilities.

Bodrum Wooden Cup

Bodrum  Wooden Cup started in 1989. Race is every bit as good as a tall ships regatta fort he spectacle and excitement of 90 odd boats, most of them gulets upwards of 18m, under full sail and not always strictly in control. Bodrum catamaran charter and Bodrum is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey. With restaurants, marinas & hotels which can meet demands of people town is a popular touristic place.

Our office & base team who have 20 years charter experience, will be at your service during your catamaran charter holiday. In case you have any problem or you have any new demand during your catamaran charter cruise you can reach us 24/7. Charter in Bodrum requires safety. Our crew is at your service in the best way during your charter in Bodrum.