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Fethiye sailboat charter prices

Fethiye Sailboat Charter Prices

You will have the opportunity to happily explore the natural wonders of Fethiye with our modern fleet and the most affordable Fethiye sailboat charter prices. It will be enough to reach our expert team to rent the most suitable boat for your budget and demand at the best prices. You can reach us at any time of the day via e-mail, phone or whatsapp. Our reservation team will respond instantly to your requests and will send you a list of the most suitable available boats. As the demands are high in the high season, it will be appropriate for you to decide in a short time. If you need to think about the boat you have chosen, to talk to your family or friends, you can ask us for an option. We will send you all the necessary documents and payment information for the sailboat you decide to rent. Our expert reservation and technical team will be at your service during the reservation and tour.

Fethiye, with its developed city center, branded tourism resorts, tourism businesses, natural beauties, historical places, marinas, bays and deep blue seas, is one of the most ideal regions for charter sailing boat tours. It is an easy-to-reach area thanks to its proximity to Dalaman Airport and developed highways. It is one of the rare places in the world where you can do all kinds of holiday activities.

Ece Marina and Yacht Classic Marina, where charter boats are located, are the centers of the charter sailing boat industry in the region with their modern structures. Our sailing boats, which we offer with the most suitable Fethiye sailboat charter prices, are moored in these marinas. Both marinas are able to provide everything sailors need during their boat vacation. It is a holiday resort famous for its historical riches and rock tombs, as it is home to the Lycian civilization. Thanks to its underwater richness, Fethiye is a very important diving center.

Fethiye Sailboat Charter Prices – Popular Sailing Destinations in Fethiye

On the first day of your sailing boat tour starting from Fethiye, you can go to Turunç Pınarı Bay, which is 30 minutes away, to relieve the tiredness of the check-in procedures. It is possible to reach the bay only by boat. The bay is covered with pine forests and has a turquoise sea. It is named Turunç Spring with its fresh water source. Turunç Pınarı Bay has a beach, a water sports center and a restaurant serving sailors. The restaurant fee is a little higher than the restaurants in other bays. Sailors who make boat rental tours with Fethiye sailboat charter prices should take this into consideration.

Fethiye sailboat charter prices - Butterfly Valley
Fethiye sailboat charter prices – Butterfly Valley

Gemiler Island is one of the natural wonders on the blue cruise routes of gulets. It is a place where daily tour boats are also found. On the island, which is considered a first degree natural site, the historical St. Nicholas Church remains. Due to earthquakes, some historical ruins were submerged under water. It would be appropriate for sailors seeking tranquility to visit the area early in the morning or towards the evening. Just across Gemiler Island is the region called Soğuksu. The cold water coming from under the rocks mixes into the sea.

Butterfly Valley is one of the places in Fethiye that has become a brand in the world with its unique feature. Tiger-pattern butterflies appear in the valley in October. This is why the valley is called Butterfly Valley. This butterfly breed is only seen here in the world. There is no road access to the valley. You can only watch the valley from the top from the road on the canyon forming the valley. It is possible to reach the valley only by boat. It is a frequent destination for boats that make daily tours. Our guests who rent Fethiye sailboat charter with Fethiye sailboat charter prices should definitely include the region in their routes. Because of the shadow of the high canyons that falls on the sea, the sea water is much colder.

Sailboat Charter – Oludeniz

Oludeniz is a tourism region 13 km away from Fethiye city center. Its sea is completely waveless every month of the year. That’s why it got this name. It consists of Oludeniz and Belceğiz beaches. The entrance to Oludeniz part is paid. Belceğiz beach is a public beach and is free of charge. There are tour boats that make daily tours to the bays on Belceğiz beach. There are no berthing or mooring places for sailors on boat tours. For this reason, sailors who want to see the region should stop their tours and reach the region by car. If our guests, who make sailboat tours with the most suitable Fethiye sailboat charter prices, want to see this place, it will be enough to spend 1 day here. You can moor your boat to Ece Marina and reach Oludeniz by taxi.

There are many hotels, hostels, and campgrounds suitable for all kinds of budgets. There are sea sports, safari, mountaineering, hiking and rafting opportunities. The city center with hotels, restaurants, agencies and Belceğiz beach are located on the slope of Babadağ. Babadag is recognized as the best paragliding center in the world. The jumping point is located at the summit of Babadağ, at an altitude of two thousand meters. You can reach the summit by car or by cable car. Ölüdeniz and Babadağ were designated as National Parks in 1978. It is a first degree natural protected area. Ölüdeniz is also an important diving spot with its underwater richness. If you are planning a daily boat tour in the region and the surrounding bays, you can get information from our Oludeniz charter boat article.

If you want to do holiday and sports activities in Fethiye region besides your sailing boat tour, you can get support from us. As an agency, we will try to provide you with the best service. We will help you with your transfer, guide and similar requests. Our team, which dominates the region, has the capacity to offer you all kinds of holiday activities thanks to other tourism agencies with which it works in cooperation. Apart from Fethiye sailing boat rental prices, we will try to offer the best price as an agency for other activity prices. As a company, it is our top priority to have a safe and happy boat holiday. Our expert office staff and technical team provide support for all your needs throughout your tour, regardless of the hour.