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Bodrum yacht charter

Bodrum Yacht Charter

Bodrum yacht charter is one of the indispensable activities among Bodrum travel options. By looking at our yacht charter models, you can rent hourly or all day. Our Bodrum yacht prices vary according to the yacht models and the desired hour range. When viewed from above, Bodrum has a view and beauty where the white houses built on the hills meet the turquoise waters towards the foothills of the mountain.

Even though it is not as a woodland as other regions, Bodrum is a completely different holiday destination with its unique beauties. Whether you want to do a blue cruise with Bodrum yacht charter alternative, or have a luxury holiday experience in world-renowned hotels. Its historical places, tangerine groves and bays adorned with deep blue waters offer a different atmosphere. It is the most popular destination when it comes to hotels, nightlife and luxury holidays. Considered one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Mausoleum is located in Halicarnassus, Bodrum. In addition, Herodotus, the father of history, carries the fame of Bodrum beyond the borders of the country.

When it comes to shopping, local handicrafts and food and beverage, Bodrum comes across as quite ambitious. Handmade souvenirs made in the city and in touristic areas are offered to holidaymakers. Sea shells and sea sponges can also be nice memories or gifts that will remind you or your loved ones of Bodrum. In the region where you can find the unique tastes of Mediterranean cuisine, you can also meet your daily vegetable and fruit needs from the neighborhood markets.

Bodrum Yacht Charter – Must-See Places

Abroad St. Bodrum Castle, known as Peter Castle, is one of the first places to see. The castle, which serves as an underwater museum today, was built in the 1400s by St. It is accepted that it was built by the knights of Jean. The oldest sunken ship in the world is located in this museum. You can spend two or three hours to visit the castle and enter free of charge with the museum card. You should definitely stop by here during your Bodrum yacht charter holiday. The history of the Ottoman shipyard dates back to ancient times. The historical shipyard where shipbuilding was carried out during the Ottoman period has an important place in the travel plans. The shipyard building now hosts an art gallery as a service to art lovers.

Bodrum yacht charter
Bodrum yacht charter

Bodrum antique theater has a capacity of thirteen thousand people. It is located on the Turgutreis road. The theater hosts many concerts and festivals throughout the summer. Şevket Sabancı Cultural Center in Turgutreis has been serving art lovers since 2011. It continues to meet the demands of art lovers with its many activities such as art workshops, traditional arts and performing arts workshops.

In terms of accommodation, it is possible to find hotels suitable for every budget in the region, which has many touristic facilities in accordance with world-class standards. Charm Beach, Swissôtel Resort Bodrum Beach, Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay Bodrum are among Bodrum’s world-famous hotels.

Gumbet is the center of nightlife in Bodrum with its bars lined up one after the other and the music coming from its streets and the voices of people having fun. It is one of the places where local and foreign tourists visit for entertainment. Bitez, on the other hand, promises a unique atmosphere with its tangerine groves and sandy beach for those looking for a quiet environment away from the bustle of nightlife. The very windy area is also the center of surfing. The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, the tomb of the Persian governor Maussolos, one of the seven wonders of the world, is another feature that made Bodrum famous worldwide. Unfortunately, some valuable pieces of the tomb were taken to the British Museum in England in the 19th century. Bodrum windmills, on the other hand, offer unique views to photography lovers.

Kos and Kalymons Greek Islands are the neighboring islands of Bodrum. Sea lovers who take Bodrum yacht charter holiday can make their route in this direction. Karakaya village, on the other hand, is a remote place built against pirate attacks in ancient times. It will be a suitable option for vacationers who want to discover hidden places. The village, named after the color of the rock on which it is located, is a paradise for adventurers who love nature travel. The Gumusluk view, which you will encounter after you go to the village, will offer you a unique viewing pleasure. Etrim village is the perfect place to see, buy and have a delicious village breakfast. In this village where the weaving culture is maintained, you can even take weaving lessons if you wish. If you chat with hospitable, friendly villagers, Etrim Village will be one of your favorite places in Bodrum next time.

Bodrum does not have as many dive sites as other regions. A diving area was created thanks to the C-47 Dakota model warplane that was sunk to create an alternative.

It is thought that Mindos, the entrance gate of Halicarnassus, located close to Gumbet, was called by this name because it turned its face to the Ancient City of Myndos. Mendos Gate, which is known as the gate that even Alexander the Great could not pass through during his lifetime, gains a more magical appearance at night thanks to the lighting around it. Tuzla bird sanctuary is an indispensable haunt for holidaymakers who want to spend time away from nightlife, hotels and the city. There are more than a hundred different bird species in the region, which is home to flamingos. If you are interested in bird watching, do not put an end to your Bodrum trip without visiting this place.

Bodrum Yacht Charter – Bodrum Bays

There are no facilities serving in Kargicak Bay, which can only be reached by road. It is an ideal place for those who want to spend a quiet holiday away from the noise. Peksimet Beach, on the other hand, can be considered as another alternative with its warm waters. The use of sun loungers belonging to the municipality is free of charge. Those who want to explore Bodrum villages should definitely go to Mazı Village and its bays. You can meet your needs from small businesses established by friendly villagers and set up camp in the forested area. Torba Bay, on the other hand, is frequented by those who want to have an affordable holiday with its facilities operated by the municipality. You will find everything from toilets, changing cabins and showers in the bay, which is a fifteen-minute drive from Bodrum centre, but the entrance is free, but you have to pay for the services. Aspat Bay is one of Bodrum’s corners of paradise. It is one of the places that must be visited by blue cruisers. It is one of the natural wonders where blue and green paint unique pictures. There are many natural fresh water sources in this bay, which dates back to ancient times.

Bagla Bay is one of the most visited places by sailors and daily cruise gulets. The cliffs in the sea, which is quite clean, can be seen very clearly. It also has a wonderful natural structure for diving. Our guests who prefer Bodrum yacht charter should never end their vacation without stopping by here. It draws attention with its caves and hot mud springs located in Black Island, 4 miles from Bodrum. The mud springs, which are thought to be healing and good for skin diseases, are overflowing with many visitors. There are also many beaches around the island. The island, which blue cruisers from Bodrum do not pass by without stopping by, is frequently visited by local and foreign holidaymakers during the high tourism season.

Aquarium Bay is one of the most popular destinations. It got this name because of the clear view of the seabed. It is also possible to reach the bay by the highway built in 2015. The center of diving in Bodrum is Orak Island. The island covered with olive trees is two hours away from Bodrum.

Why go to Bodrum?

Bodrum is one of Turkey’s brands abroad, with its facilities that can provide world-class services in all areas of the tourism industry. It is one of the most popular destinations with its opportunities from yacht tour to jeep safari and many more. A holiday paradise that can respond to the demands of many areas such as accommodation, entertainment, nightlife, food and beverage in the most professional way. Bodrum is an entertainment center known in the world for its extraordinary nightlife.

It is very easy to reach both by road and by air. Many domestic and foreign airline companies, especially THY, fly to Milas Airport, which is thirty-six kilometers away from Bodrum. If you want to spend a unique sea holiday in these beauties of Bodrum, you can choose the most suitable model from our Bodrum yacht charter fleet. Our expert staff will offer you the best plan, yacht and route for your holiday to be the most efficient. You can check our page for Bodrum catamaran charter models.

About Bodrum Yacht Charter Reservation

For our guests who make every holiday plan, having problems when they come on holiday can be a bore. Bodrum yacht charter options are in high demand, especially for our 2-hour and 4-hour tours. If you are coming to Bodrum on holiday during the busy season, you should not be late to search for a charter yacht. Because our charter models take reservations weeks in advance.

Due to the Bodrum castle and its bays, it offers you special swimming spots. Private yacht charter service is highly sought after for Bodrum. Private charter yacht service only serves you. If you are a family or traveling with a group of friends, we can draw a route just for you. You can spice up your Bodrum holiday with a charter yacht. Our charter yacht models serve up to 12 – 16 people according to their types. If you want, you can go on a yacht tour with your spouse or friends with 2 – 4 people or so. Please note that our charter yacht prices are not per person. You can make charter tours at any time you want. In high season, Bodrum reaches its maximum capacity with many domestic and foreign tourists coming from outside the city and renting yachts.

Apart from all these, you can come to us with your special requests. For example, for Bodrum, we serve you on the yacht on a birthday, marriage proposal. Violinist and yacht decoration is prepared by us in line with your wishes. Our sound systems on the yacht will satisfy you enough in the areas where you will swim and in the yacht. If you want, you can connect the tracks on your own usb or via bluetooth and play your own list.