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Turkey gulet charter

Turkey Gulet Charter

We are at your service with our Turkey gulet charter models suitable for every budget. Sea holidays in Turkey, where has wonderful natural beauties and is very popular in terms of sea tourism, are attracting more and more attention and demand day by day. At this point, we are trying our best to meet all your needs with our Turkey gulet charter services and to offer the most suitable solutions for your budget. You can also search for gulet tour routes.

Or we can provide you with information about the most popular locations. By giving us the dates you want, we check the availability of our charter gulet models between those dates and get back to you. Our models are located in the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

Especially for our gulets that are not available during the summer months, it is always beneficial to make an early reservation. Because our guests, especially those who will take a boat vacation, usually plan their gulet before entering the summer months. It is known that it can be difficult to find a gulet charter in the very busy summer months. The bays will provide you with a quiet holiday especially for you. Hundreds of bays in Turkey are colored by our gulets.

Our foreign guests, as well as our local guests, are interested in our Turkey gulet charter models. For this reason, especially our guests who have had a gulet vacation before, should know that they must plan the next year’s gulet vacation early. The biggest advantage of this is that they can choose from many gulets. In addition, you can benefit from more discounted prices before the last minute

Gulet Rental – Choosing The Right Gulet

When you choose our 4 cabin rental gulet models, you will be able to have a very comfortable gulet holiday for 4 families or 8 people. Cabin distances are at greater distances compared to our sailing models. Gulets offers a more comfortable living area. We can offer you our menu list for a meal when you go on a blue cruise in our charter gulet models. Or you can do your shopping when you come to base. In our charter gulet models, we have a cook in our crew. Our menus are presented to you by our professional team. Our Turkey gulet charter models have an average of 3 to 5 crew members. This crew number varies according to our charter gulet models. It varies according to their size.

Turkey gulet charter-interior
Turkey gulet charter-interior

With our affordable Turkey gulet charter prices, you will be able to experience the most suitable sea holiday for your budget. Prices vary according to the lengths, features, equipment levels, special equipment and built year of the gulets. The prices of the gulet charter in Turkey generally include the fuel, crew and insurance and port expenses. With Turkey gulet charter, you will experience a beautiful sea holiday with handmade ships with traditional lines. Depending on the size of the gulets, it can be used for trips close to the shore as well as for longer sea voyages. You will be able to make comfortable journeys both closer to the shore and in all of your longer sea trips. Gulets are originally specific to the Bodrum region, but after they gained a lot of popularity and attention in this region, they started to be produced in Marmaris, Fethiye and Istanbul. Gulets are produced from different and high quality woods.

Safety Gulet Holiday

The safety of the guests who will cruise on the gulets comes first. In order to provide a high level of comfort, the gulets have their own fresh water tanks and fuel tanks to store enough fuel for the voyage. In addition, there are equipments such as ice machine, deep freezer, kitchen, refrigerator, television on the gulets in order to provide the facilities and comfort of the guests who make sea holidays and blue cruises at the highest level. In addition to these, there are gsm phones, VHF radio, lifeboat, navigation, fire extinguisher and life jackets as a precaution against any emergency that may occur during the journey. Thanks to these equipment and precautions, it is ensured that you can safely complete your sea vacation and journeys.

Gulet Charter Routes

Turkey Gulet Charter
Turkey Gulet Charter

For people who prefer blue cruises and sea holidays, it is of great importance that sea tours are safe, comfortable and relaxing. It is of great importance for customers who search for Turkey gulet charter to research these features thoroughly and decide accordingly, in order to have a beautiful and unforgettable holiday. You can find charter alternatives suitable for your budget in different options by doing a gulet charter in Turkey research. If you wish, it is possible to charter these gulets during your sea vacations with your family and close friends.

There are alternative gulet models as discounted, standard, luxury and super luxury according to different charter prices. Whichever gulet you choose, you will have a wonderful and unforgettable holiday. You will experience a holiday full of unforgettable memories. Apart from that, you can click for our Marmaris gulet charter page.

Thanks to the long summer seasons, especially in our Aegean and Mediterranean regions, you will get rid of the stress and fatigue that you have accumulated all year by working with our gulet charter Turkey services, and you will have the most enjoyable, beautiful and unforgettable sea holidays of the summer months, reserving your energy and resting a lot. Sea holidays, which attract more and more attention with each passing day and have become an indispensable part of the summer months, have become serving more people thanks to the advancing tourism opportunities in our country. Thanks to the tours and sea holidays you will make with the gulet charter in Turkey, you will experience unforgettable days and you will have the opportunity to see the magnificent places.

About Gulet Charter

When you search for gulet charter in Turkey, the most popular and well-known ones are the blue voyage gulets. Gulets are produced with very comfortable designs for the guests who spend their holiday. Thanks to these gulets, which are very suitable for eating and relaxing, you will have an unforgettable sea holiday. Turkey gulet charter models are generally designed and produced as wide and round sterns. Although the number of sails varies according to the sizes and models of the gulets, they usually have two sails. The dimensions of the gulets vary between fifteen and sixty meters, and they can accommodate six to twenty-five people in terms of capacity. The number of cabins also varies between three and twelve.