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Gocek motor yacht charter prices

Gocek Motor Yacht Charter Prices

We determine our Gocek motor yacht charter prices policy in the most ideal way according to the sector situation. Thus, we offer the opportunity to rent a motor yacht for each of our guests with different budgets. Discover the uniquely beautiful bays of Gocek with our standard or luxury motor yacht fleet. Motor yachts offer you the opportunity to reach more places during your tour thanks to their speed. If you want, tell us your route or request a route from us. Our skippers will take you safely to the bay you want. Our cooks and hostesses will provide you with a luxury holiday service on the sea. Book2sailing is the leading company in the yacht charter sector. Your sea holidays are extremely safe and peaceful with fully commercial licensed boats. All you have to do is reach our expert reservation team.

Gocek and its surroundings have the most spectacular views, both on land and at sea. For a 1-week tour, even only Gocek bays provide sufficient route. You can explore not only Gocek but also the surrounding areas on your weekly tours with motor yachts. For example, a catamaran can go from Gocek to Marmaris in four to five hours, while a motor yacht can go in two hours. Motoryachts provide you with speed, luxury and unlimited fun with water toys. Contact us to enjoy the luxury and entertainment in Gocek’s natural wonder bays and get information about Gocek motor yacht charter prices.

Gocek motor yacht charter prices
Gocek motor yacht charter prices

Gocek Motor Yacht Charter Prices – Skippered and Bareboat Motor Yacht Charter

In some yacht destinations in Europe such as Spain and Italy, it is possible to charter a motor yacht without a skipper. There is generally no such practice in Turkey and Gocek. Motoryachts are chartered on a weekly, daily or hourly basis. Our skippers and reservation team will plan the route according to your preferences. Our skippers know the region have high experience. Thus, they will take you to the most beautiful bays of Gocek and the best places to anchor and swim.

Motoryachts also offer more entertainment than sailboats and catamarans. Large motor yachts have water toys such as water skis, ringo, jetski and canoe. Some motoryachts are offered with fuel included, while some have extra fuel. If you want to eat and drink, you can do your own shopping. If you want, you can request a shopping list from us. According to the list, our team in the region will load the materials on the boat. More luxury motor yachts can be rented with the menu included. Our chefs will present the unique tastes of Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine to your liking. You can contact us and get information about all the extras and inclusions. You can get the best Gocek motor yacht charter prices.

Gocek Motor Yacht Charter Prices

Several factors affect the price of a motor yacht charter. The size and construction year of the motor yacht, accommodation capacity, equipment, service type and class are the factors that determine the price. Prices increase in high season. It would be wise to book early and take advantage of early booking discounts to avoid high prices. Also, prices will vary depending on the itinerary and rental period.

Luxury motor yachts also have an APA procedure. Motor yacht guests do not want to be busy with small payments due to their high budgets. They want to enjoy every moment in the most luxurious way during the whole tour. For this reason, by making APA payment, they leave the extra payment work to the agent or the responsible person in the area. It will be sufficient to contact us to get complete information about all Gocek motor yacht charter prices and Turkey motor yacht charter.

APA – Advance Provisioning Allowance is an advance payment of 20-30 percent of the charter price used to cover yacht preparation, materials requested, port, mooring and other legal fees, diesel and fuel, communication costs. Crew tips, extras and services, itinerary, food, drink, etc. Payments are made from this allowance. If the APA is not used completely at the end of the cruise, the remaining is returned to the customer. Additional charges may be requested from guests if the spend exceeds the APA. All payments are invoiced or documented to the customer.

What Is Motor Yacht?

Motoryachts are boats that provide speed and luxury on the sea, with cabins similar to suite hotel rooms and luxury equipment. With their powerful engines, lightweight fiberglass or aluminum hulls, they cut the waves like a knife and provide fast transportation. Despite their high speed with the developing technology, they are extremely stable and safe on the sea.

The average cruising speed for motor yachts is 20 knots. As the motor yacht speed and size increase, the fuel consumption capacity increases. Today, just like in automobiles, electric boats have started to be produced. Motoryachts offer spacious living spaces with large decks, cockpits and flybridges.