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Fethiye yacht charter

Fethiye Yacht Charter

We make your yacht holiday dreams come true with our Fethiye yacht charter models of all types. Fethiye, with its touristic facilities, is one of the important tourism resorts that can offer the highest level of service to the hotel and yacht sector demands. It is one of the tourism centers that has become a brand in the world with Oludeniz. Oludeniz has been awarded the world’s best beach many times, and is also the world’s best parachuting center. Sailors who prefer Fethiye yacht charter, should definitely see Oludeniz, which makes Fethiye a brand. With its marinas, historical places, natural beauties and transportation facilities, Fethiye is one of the lifebloods of the Turkish tourism market. It is the safest blue cruise area in Turkey with its natural structure surrounded by mountains and its settlement in the gulf. It is the location where rental models are highly sought and you will come across many Fethiye yacht charter models when you go to the bays.

Fethiye yacht charter season is very busy between March and November. If you want, you can rent yacht models from Fethiye center or from Oludeniz. You can rent a yacht for 2 hours, 4 hours or all day with private rental yachts. Fethiye yacht charter prices vary according to model and duration of the rental.

Fethiye Yacht Charter Models

The city center, surrounded by mountains on three sides, was built along the coast. Just at the exit of the sea that opens towards Gocek, there is Sovalye Island. There are small accommodation facilities and detached villas on the island. Thanks to its geographical location, it is sheltered against winds and storms. For example, when a storm hits Marmaris or Gocek, Fethiye has a very calm weather. It is two and a half hours away from Antalya and forty five minutes away from Dalaman airport. It is an hour and a half away from Gocek by sailboat. Our guests who prefer Fethiye yacht charter can reach Gocek before the end of the day after check-in. The eastern side of the harbor, which reaches a depth of ten to thirteen meters, is quite shallow. Care should be taken when crossing the area marked with 2 shallow lighthouses. Sometimes the boat keels even got stuck in the mud floor. Buba Marina is located right in this area. You can moor your boat here and reach the coastal part of the city immediately, and taste regional delicacies from the restaurants along the coast. Although Fethiye is a district, it is a region that is larger than Mugla and has all kinds of opportunities. With its big shopping and entertainment centers, bazaars, vegetable, fruit and fish markets, banks, hotels, marinas, hospitals and pharmacies, the town responds to every need in the most modern way.

Fethiye yacht charter - Oludeniz
Fethiye yacht charter – Oludeniz

Aksaz Bay is located at the end of the harbor by following the Paçariz cape. The bay, which is quite crowded on weekends, is full of picnickers. The bay is also frequented by yacht owners or renters who want to stay anchored with its sheltered structure. Bottom holds anchor very well thanks to its muddy bottom. It is the shelter and anchoring place of yachts in winter. It has a completely protected natural structure.

Marinas in Fethiye

Fethiye, which hosts three private and one municipal marinas, is also an entry and exit port. There are customs and foreign entry and exit procedures or official customs procedures related to boats can be made. The port authority is located opposite the municipality pier and transit log operations can be done. Fethiye municipality marina was built as a concrete pier for rental boat models and generally provides mooring services to gulets. In addition, ferries making Rhodes voyages dock here. Customs fuel transactions of large motor yachts are also carried out from here, thanks to tankers. Many world-famous mega yachts carry out fuel transactions from here. Thanks to its deep structure, the marina is suitable for berthing of any depth boat. Passport procedures and controls of tourists coming from abroad by ferry are carried out by the customs police located here.

The municipal marina, which provides mooring services to 120 boats, has electricity, water and fuel services. It almost has a movement where commercial, excursion, diving and minibus boats dock and depart daily. Behind it is a beautiful quay road, a bazaar center, a shopping and cultural center. Fethiye Archeology Museum and Antique Theater are located right across the marina. Although the statue of Martyr Fethi Bey was here before, it was moved and placed in the newly built park. Businesses that sell all kinds of yacht equipment and provide maintenance and repair services are located around the marina. Our guests who take a Fethiye yacht charter can easily find service for all their requests. Our rental boat models can be found in marinas. You can reach our boat models from Fethiye center. At the same time, you can contact us for rental boat information. If you are in Ölüdeniz, we also offer you a rental boat option. At the same time, our Ölüdeniz sea taxi is waiting for you.

Ece Saray Marina is the largest marina. Located in Karagözler, a five-minute drive from the center, the marina can accommodate yachts up to 60 meters long and has a capacity of 460 boats. It provides fuel service with electricity, water and the fuel station inside. Many boat agencies are located here. The marina also houses the Ece Saray Hotel. The 48-room luxury hotel also offers sauna, pool, restaurant and bar services. You can meet all your needs, except red meat, from the Carrefour shopping center in the marina. When you come to the marina for Fethiye rental boat, Mod cafe offers three meals a day and drinks. Marina showers can be used free of charge. There are laundry, boat supplies stores, boat sales and rental agencies, technical workshops in and behind the marina.

Yacht Classic Marina is located in the second Karagözler district. There are also several rental boat companies in the marina, which also offers hotel service. Russell Crowe stayed at this hotel during the filming of The Last Hope and Daniel Craig during the filming of James Bond Skyfall. You can see his signed photos in the hotel lobby.

Fethiye Yacht Charter Season

Fethiye has a very long tourism season from April to the end of October. The region, which reaches its maximum capacity with the holiday times, is very crowded in the summer months. With the increase in the number of vehicles in the city, the parking problem arises. In fact, while vehicle owners who want to go to Ölüdeniz form a queue to the city center, entrances to Ölüdeniz can be stopped. There are facilities and businesses that serve almost every sector of tourism. One of the reasons why Fethiye is one of the important tourism destinations is that it has many historical sites and ruins. Fethiye castle, Rock Tombs, Kayaköy, Telmasos are important historical places. In July and August, the temperature and humidity are very high. Our guests who will prefer Fethiye yacht charter will be able to rent air-conditioned boats if their budget is appropriate during these periods. Apart from these, you can check our page for Fethiye sailboat charter. Do not forget that considering the intensity of the season, if your travel plan is certain, do not leave your rental boat rental plan for Fethiye until the last days. If you think that we will do it when we go, you may not find a rental boat when you arrive.

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