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athens yacht charter

Athens Yacht Charter

Discover the unique beauty yacht destinations of the capital Athens with our Athens yacht charter models. Our expert team offers you a happy sea holiday in Athens, as in every charter destination in the world. We offer you the most suitable yacht models for your budget and demand. We deliver all the contracts and documents prepared on your behalf for the yacht you have decided to rent. During your tour, we are ready for all your problems with our technical team 24/7.

The number of people who use sea transportation and those who benefit from Athens yacht charter service is increasing during the summer months. Those who want to enjoy the sea air and spend most of their vacation on the beach are looking for private yacht options to realize their planned vacation. Especially when it comes to motor yachts, there are many different options and it can be difficult to choose the most suitable yacht for the purpose. The number of people who will rent the yacht, renting a large or small yacht will create many disadvantages or advantages. After determining the size of the charter yacht, it should be decided whether the yacht will be a non-motorized or a motor yacht. Both yacht types have advantages and disadvantages. Motor yachts offer more speed thanks to the powerful engines they contain. Yachts are generally divided into three as motor yachts, sailing yachts and gulets. The features of these yachts are:

Motor yachts: Motor yachts are more comfortable and convenient than other types of yachts. A classic motor yacht offers ample seating. The cabins of motor yachts are almost like a suite hotel room.

Sailing yachts: They are one of the most preferred types in blue cruises. With suitable weather conditions and suitable wind speed, the journey can be continued by turning off the engines.

Gulets: Gulets are handmade wooden yachts. These yachts are usually built to order. Depending on the company, standard gulets and luxury gulets are offered as options for gulet charter in Athens yacht charter service.

Athens yacht charter
Athens yacht charter

Athens Yacht Charter Advantages

Athens yacht charter is one of the most convenient ways to get around the unique bays and beaches of Athens. You can relax in the bay you want and enjoy the view with the warm sun, cool sea and peaceful wave sounds in summer. Benefits of chartering a yacht for a tour of Athens include:

  • Chartering a private motor yacht is preferred by those who value speed or who want to go to the bays or the island as soon as possible instead of spending most of their trips at sea. Motor yachts can move much faster thanks to the ‘High Speed’.
  • Since the speeds are not dependent on a variable factor such as wind, the motors are on them and maintain their constant speed.
  • These yachts usually have a crew option, but if the charterer has a yacht license, the option to charter without a crew can be preferred.

So whether you have a license or not, you can take advantage of Athens charter yacht services and enjoy your holiday.

Motor yachts are more advantageous than other yachts. Chartering a yacht is a great alternative to turn your holidays into a unique memory. Using a yacht can be considered simple. However, motor yachts cannot be rented unless a licensed captain is available to operate the yacht. This is both the principle of yacht charter companies and the precautions they take to protect their customers from possible accidents. It is not possible for those who drive on the highway all year round to adapt to the changing sea conditions in a short time. For this reason, yachts should be chartered in the company of experts.

Yacht Options

Before you can take advantage of Athens yacht charter services, you need to review some of your criteria. Determining how long you want to rent, your expectations, your roadmap, the comfort and features you are looking for makes it easier for employees to assist you and helps you meet the features you want. Compared to shorter charter periods, Athens charter yachts are a much more affordable option for longer charters. At the same time, whether the yacht charter company is professional or not is an issue that should be well investigated. Likewise, it is very important that the personnel of the company meet the required qualifications. For this reason, after the criteria are determined, the company to be chartered should be researched and other alternatives should be considered. Thus, you can enjoy your holiday without wasting time and money.

Yacht charter prices in Athens may vary depending on the company to be chartered and the model of the yacht. While ultra-luxury yachts are much more expensive to charter, luxury yachts have a more affordable price range. If you have a license and do not need a captain, prices are determined accordingly. If the crew is not wanted, the prices are more affordable. There are many companies that offer yacht charter services, and since it is not always a logical option to go cheap on these companies, the choice should be made as a result of in-depth research. Most yacht companies prioritize their customers and customer safety. For this reason, you should stay away from companies that do not give you confidence or that offer options that will lower your criteria despite specifying the features you want. You can refer to our Athens catamaran charter article to tour with different yacht models on other blue cruise routes in and around Athens.